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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Walk in the rain not always bad

Do you like walk in the rain?

thank's for lend me the pic

when you run to meet someone for dates, you don't want to wet your nice dress,
you don't want to mess you hair do,
and you don't want your eyeliner melt making "the crow" face

I like walk in the rain with my tiny umbrella.
Cuz it always remain me with you...!

It was almost 7.00 pm i just reach KL monorail towards his office,
we had a movie date. I remember we watch Thor, some action movie.
I half run because I don't want to be late. I hate late...

I tried to keep myself walk straight, so that my hair and my make up keep on the place.
I tried to keep myself don't feel rush and worry, so that i wont sweat much.

Too bad,
the rain stop me in front of some restaurant. And I don't have any umbrella.
I send messages to him

" I stuck under the rain, i don't have umbrella.. do you mind to pick me?"

he answer
"Sure.. wait me there"

I stop and waiting for him at the front of restaurant, watch people walk half run.

It gonna be very romantic if I can wait bit longer and I have bit attitude called patient.
We will walk under the same umbrella, holding hand.. or hugging to avoid ourselves get wet.
Then we can start laugh, or maybe little kiss for bonus like we watch in Korean Drama.

ouuww wooo.... **BLUSHING

But I didn't..!?!!!?!!! 
Instead of waiting for him sweetly, I bought RM 10 umbrella from the street seller
and start walking toward his office.

We met on the middle of the road, where both of us already had umbrella in our hand.
And the words come out from my mouth was
"Hi.. you have a nice umbrella, can I have it..?"
"Sure, it's from Marriot"
"Do you have $20 for Donut..? im hungry.."
"Yeah, off course. We can have cake and coffee too if you want. It's plenty time"
And I smile widely when i heard his answer..
 ***There you go.., romantic scenario like in the picture  not happen, haha..
even the conversation totally not romantic too...

I should have ask
"How are you,
Nice tie,
you Smells good
You look handsome,
you look great, etc etc etc"

instead of
"I'm Hungry.."
and all conversation regarding stuff to fill up my stomach.

But still,
I love walk under the rain with my umbrella..
I don't mind my feet wet and cold,
I don't mind i have to extra careful watching so that no car splash any water to me.
Because Raining and Umbrella always remind me with you
and all nice moment we had.

Would you please home to me soon...?
I miss you..!

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