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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nice Porridge : Feast Restaurant

Sheraton Beach Resort
Langkawi Island

There is a breakfast promotion when we visit Langkawi,
me and my friend went there to "see" what  they really offer. Drive from our chalet to Sheraton is not that far, it took around 5 minutes by car.

Meet the reception, ask about promotion,
cut this, cut that.. we only have to pay RM 44 nett per person (Compare with Westin KL, Breakfast is RM 95++ per person)

Don't asked me how much Marriot cost, I never seen any Breakfast / Lunch Promotion in Marriot Hotel.
(but again why bother to eat in hotel, where Pavilion and Lot 10 give a wide spread fresh breakfast and lunch everyday)

here is the restaurant..


Japanese corner..
spread of cold shoba, cold ramen and sushi 

the cold noodle doesn't tempt me at all..

spread of garden salad..
doesn't tempt me at all

was thinking in this corner they have minute steak like another hotel. But they don't..

omelet only

well, acceptable. I ordered Cheese-Turkey-Sausages omelet Double size
and top up with beef bacon

that's my food..
match with black coffee

Rice Porridge here was awesome,
the bowl size also awesome..

I just need to fill up with whatever I like, no need keep back and forth.. :-)

my 2nd Bowl of Porridge,

I took one slices century eggs (I am not sure whats that food made from-and how) it taste awful and weird. 

So i put it aside, and stick on my style with sprinkle of fried shallot, salted eggs, fried anchovies and a bit soy sauce.

now you can see how big the bowl is..

slices fruits for dessert,
The choices also not that much.. 

Conclusion : Choices, Not that much. For bread and pastry lover, you have all what you need. Meat-Lover will turn into very skinny if stay or eat here.

Price : Without Promotion, going to be 65++ and I won't get much option for my stomach,
Next time I won't have breakfast there. I will go to Telaga Harbour and eat a big size of steak.

Environment : Awesoooooomeeee....
OKEH... Let's back to chalet.
I back to sleep, and she went to look for something (cowok i guess)

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