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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Home Cooking Fried Rice.. woohoooo

Chicken Shrimp Fried Rice

This is my 2nd time of cooking fried rice, myself...
*with lot of inspection of course..

I was offered myself to cook for last night dinner,
to give him a "day off" for rest and watch TV.
After office we went for grocery to decide what we going to put inside.

we had :
- tiger prawn
- chicken stripes

the vegetable cook separate, stir fried style..

The white version,
no sweet soy sauces but I add in oyster sauces instead.
taste better and  we just need less salt.

Taste : almost perfect.. the tester said : this is good fried rice  *cing...  ;-)

First version,
we put in :
- Chicken
- Tiger Prawn
- Peas
- Corn
- Carrot

more colourful but I was too creative and add in BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and tabasco,
taste..? ho ho ho ho ho ho
don't want to say...

look good right...?

lot of prawn and chicken bites,
but I cook the prawn too long make it very chewy and not easy to eat


not bad cooking

I improve my skills a lot, hehehehehhe....


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Menu For Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Hari Raya Qurban,
Qurban / kurban = sacrifice
is a celebration where the muslim all over the world, who has extra money to do sacrifice..
they will slaughter 4 legs animal and distributed the meat to the poor.
Not any 4 legs animal ok... but animal we used to eat (Cow, Camel, Lamb, Goat, Buffalo)
No Elephat or Kangaroo slaughtered for hari raya...
And other part of muslims go to Mecca (in bloody saudi) for Haj
I wonder why God have to put the holly city for prayer in Saudi.
Doesn't he understand they already rich from the oil,
why we have to go there and give them lot of money from visa, hotel, food, airlines, souvenir
plenty things..!!!
(don't bother me... I am bad, lol.. complaint about anything)
We are lucky this year Hari Raya is on Friday, means we have long weekend
continue with Friday, Saturday and Sunday no class...
Awesome isn't it...?
From the beginning we do not plan to have some vacation because I am way too tired to do anything.
Add in my body let me caught by fever and I have to sleep for the whole Friday.
So we just stay at home and take everything easy.
But still, we try to cook some kampong dishes to get the Hari Raya atmosphere in the house
in a very simple way

our brunch on Hari Raya Morning

Chicken Rendang
1 Kg fresh cut chicken (got it from wet market) clean it, discharge the excess skin and fat.
5 bird eye chili
1/2 packet coconut milk
Garlic & Onion
2 packet of ready to cook rendang spices  =P
**cook according the packet direction



Fried Tempe
is a must
high protein, low calories,
make you stay young

stir fried tofu with black pepper and oyster sauce
an experimental cooking which tur not bad

stir friend kailan, bean sprout and minced beef

Bihun salad with spicy peanut sauces...

Good Village Food..
 Taste?  too blend or way too strong for outsider tongue
Sometimes the ingredient are just too strange  heheheheheh..... I understand that...
if you are new to Indonesian food, I will suggest to have Nasi Padang where most of the way of cooking bit similar with Malaysian curry just bit more spicy.
 easier in our tongue..
a fresh cut pineapple from downstairs to cleanse the throat
 and relax..
with bubble tea, dessert and Food channel
GOOD DAY OFF, NO...........?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Never get enough : Home BBQ Dinner

Home Cooking Dinner...

When we try to be healthy and savvy,
We clear up the kitchen and make another mess..
To created a great quality home cooking

Thanks to Mr for the effort, to feed me a good food every time I feel hungry
*well, I always hungry..

Jumbo Italian Sausages (beef), mashed pumpkin mixed with potatoes, steam veggie and baked bean.
(Baked bean, I don't like)

I like the way mashed potatoes mixed with pumpkin.
It makes the mashed softer and sweet.
I can even eat it just like that..

Mr taught me many times how to  make a good mashed :
Soft boiled potatoes, Soft Roasted pumpkin,
Salt, pepper, butter and milk
Mashed when it still piping hot

but I still fail whenever I made myself... hiks :'(

Grilled Chicken Wing, Potato Wedges, Steam Veggie and Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob:
Boil sweet corn until cook.
Wrap into tin foil add in salt, butter and pepper (hmm.. Im not really sure, I only noticed Mr put butter)
Roasted 200 Celcius until you feel bored...

Grilled Chicken:
Heinz BBQ sauces, tabasco,  ketchup, garlic... (the rest I can't remember)
mix all  with the meat, leave it rest at least for 1 hr
Half day marinated in the fridge will make the taste even better.
don't forget to cover the bowl with cling wrap

 You can grill on the grilled iron or roasted in the oven...

Crispy Potato Wedges:
 Boil the potatoes until aldente.. (how long..? dunno...!!!!)
as long as its cook, but still crispy
cut in wedges..
put on tin foil, sprinkle with olive oil, salt + pepper (fresh cracked Jamie Oliver black pepper give you better taste than anything)
Roasted for about 30 minutes

you get crispy, healty potato wedges.. :)

Lamb Kebab, Roasted Corn, Steamed Veggie, and Roasted sweet pumpkin

Spinach, butter, salt, pepper, crushed garlic
mixed together and heated
(in the pan, around 10 minutes. Microwaved : 1 1/2 minutes)

Stir well, ready to served :)
how much vitamin inside..? don't ask me..

ready to buy in BIG grocery..
RM 10 per skewer

BBQ Chicken Wings, steamed broccolli and mashed potatoes.

never get enough with home made BBQ chicken...


Grilled peri chicken, corn on the cobm halfed chicken burger, herbed rice, fries..


this one ordered  by mistakes.. ha ha

Lesson Of The Day

Wise old men said that we should be nice to everybody even to a person who hates and doesn't like us.

I guess the messages is not relevant anymore....

When you met that those particular person with bad attitude, bad personality, and
love to talk something bad about other people..

Just remove them from your life list, and do not get involved with anything related to her.
Don't help no matter how sucks her life currently..

Lesson I learn this month,
It doesn't matter how much kindness you gave to those person.
If they are bad, they will still doing bad thing to you..
Instead of saying thank you, they will created another story just to make yourself look even worse...

Good lesson for me to be more careful with people I hang around with...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Carb Dinner with Carb Side Dish...?!?!?!?

Hungry for no reason...

Rainy season in Kuala Lumpur,
almost everyday all road and building soaked by water.
(Really soaked, which is mean flood in some low area)

So yeah, you can imagine 
A big swimming pool in the middle of the highway
with lot of car swimming around.
exciting view...? =D

Raining = hungry
where its also makes me lost of ideal dinner arrangment from Carb + Protein + Veggie,
into Carb + Carb..

Are you sure......??!!?!??!

but this is what I got when we back from downstairs

Lasagna as main dish and pasta-pesto salad for the side....

*carbo lauk carbo..?

I guess I've been out of my mind....

Friday, 19 October 2012

Pho : Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Publika- Solaris Dutamas

I know.. I know... we've promised to eat at home.
We've promised to consume good quality- healthy- home cooking only
But.. but.. but...
Both of us caught by flue since last couple days,
and we need to get some brothy-spicy-soupy to clean the "canal" out..
(*read : snot)

Seems like unfortunate for us,
in a hot-afternoon, after Mr pick me from office. We drove almost all over Kuala Lumpur.
Look for decent Vietnamese restaurant just to slurp Pho.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.
Start from Little Saigon, in Jalan Imbi => closed
Another Vietnam kitchen in Changkat => closed
Pho Hoa The Curve => can't be bother with the traffic
Finally we give up and back to the start... Restaurant downstairs..
The Social just open couple weeks ago in Publika Square.
same area with our fave place : Ben's
We just decide to give a try for beef noodle here.

we have The Social here,
we don't have to drove around to Bangsar, fight with traffic jam and get mad look for parking lot.

same menu.. same price..

they have stuff I like...
(hopefully taste same..!)

and Food we look for

Finally we had beef noodle which is not so Vietnamese,
but the taste was similar,
and very good too.

The broth is rich with flavour but not so greasy (mean they use lot of lean meat and bone instead of
fat and some "irresponsible" animal spare part.

Different with Vietnamese Pho which has clear colour broth, Thai style has brownish which is mean they sauteed the ingredient and spices before boiled.

Taste : 90% similarity

was a nice beef noodle soup

Gyoza for side dish..

I think this is the fifth time I ate this Japanese dumpling.
And I still don't like it.
It's too garlicky and Gingery...

Chinese style dumpling (wantan, siu may , dim sum) taste better in my tongue..

I guess I forgot why we were here,
once I saw Nachos on menu I will just happily order it.

Taste same with Nachos in Social Bangsar Village.
Love the coffee and ice lemon tea too 
(well, our home-made lemon tea taste better...!)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Heart Shout of The Month

New semester has started about 3 weeks ago,
and like other 3rd semester students everything work so tough and miserable.

I gamble with myself,
put my health, my work, my GPA result and my SANITY as a bet (not sure which one will win, which one will lose)
I take 4 subject this semester + 5 1/2 working days a week.

Crazy I know,
some people don't believe that I have to work on Saturday morning, leave office at 12.30pm
Bus-ing + monorail-ing  + taxi-ing from my office to reach the Uni.
Sprint lunch, just swallow on whatever I could, gulp gallon of water and sit in the class.
Tried to catch up whatever I missed during morning class.

Everytime I do this, I just pray hard I won't get any heart attack cause of never ending panic.
After 6 pm, then I have to rush home to continue whatever assignment, slides, or practice for Sunday presentation.

Another repeat whole day class on Sunday....

Sunday after class is always the best time ever, Mr will pick me or wait me at home and we went to shopping, dinner out, or just evening beer. Followed by movie, wine and lazy couch....
No book need to touch on Sunday night :-)

Wednesday night, 
two more days to two crazy group project. 
My body feel awful, same feeling like I just hit by truck or excavator.
My back pain killing me,
But I have no choice but stare at my old laptop and keep searching, thinking, typing, arranging..

I just hope I can stay on the ground with my own feet till the end of the study,
and able to move faster.
On my age which is almost 30 (counting week ahead) I have no valuable investment under my name.

No shares, no stocks, no currency, no gold bars, no farmland, no island, no yatch, no car,  not even tiny kancil or saga.
So far I only have my camera and facebook account as my lifetime treasure...
worth alot NO?  

keep me writing and searching,
and print a good cases report...


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cherating : Turtle Sanctuary in Impiana Cherating

Impiana Hotel
Cherating, Pahang

we drove around on evening to check what Cherating up to..
end up in Impiana Hotel where we suddenly found some crowd on the shore.

people stand in the line,
pointing at something
and one guy start talk on the loudspeaker..

was thinking maybe there were Christianity baptism ceremony
but I am wrong
how excited they are
poor turtle...

dead shoe-horse

new hatched turtle ready to release

they walk (or crawl) toward the sea..
If nobody see me, i probably will pick him up and bring him home.
keep it as pet. live in bath tub


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Perhentian Island 6 : Beer in Chinese Restaurant

PP Chinese Restaurant
It just next to coral view island resort

Terengganu and Kelantan is a place where the islamic law applied
more strict than other state in Malaysia where we can't really find a place to buy alcohol.

Also Perhentian Island, where some of the resort not even served alcohol.
Tourist here seems very understand and respect the law where I saw nobody tried to drink alcohol
in the place where they put sign "Please no alcohol"

Me and MR went out to afternoon walk and we saw a Carlsberg Banner  waving around from one
old, shady, dirty wooden house.
We thought it going to be very expensive but the heat, the sun, the humid, the waves and the vacation
air was tickle us too much and we got no choice but give some try out
with promised if it expensive then we only buy one can each and walk away.

BBB : Beer, Book and Beach

view from the restaurant toward our chalet

The food price is exactly same with the food price in every resort and hotel.
it doesn't matter how good  or simple the place is.

seafood not really cheap even its an island with plenty sea around


because we are in conservation area where all the creature not mean to catch and eat.
All the restaurant who want to cook seafood has to ride motor boat to Kuala Besut and buy from fisherman there.

a very simple counter area but become the most favourite place in the area

for sure they stop for beer and cigarette only. So far I didn't see people eat here.
(I checked the kitchen and toilet, horrible.. lol)

simple plastic chair and some uneven table by the sands..

so yeah, this place is happy enough to drink beer in the afternoon. But not for meal :)


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Perhentian Island 5 : Tuna Bay Restaurant

Restaurant belong to Tuna Bay Island Resort
Pulau Perhentian Besar

Tuna Bay located in another side of the island from the place we stay.
We took about 15 minutes jungle trip from the beaches across  forest and pipe to reach here.

I could reckon Tuna Bay area has more people than the resort we stay.
More party happen and plenty young and old wore speedo walk around
(not a good view...)

the reception include the restaurant.
on the left side should be a bar, but when we went there they were still close.

So we happy sit on the deck and watch sunset

nice peaceful view

update facebook (is a must..!)

enjoy the sky change its colour

we were tempted to eat BBQ here,
since everything look fresh and yummy

but we afraid of thunderstorm
 we decide just have light snack and some drink

the changing colour
it just simply peaceful my crazy  mind

this spring roll add in extra peace

pipping hot deep fried spring roll

RM 12++

not bad

chicken satay and pita bread..

I like the satay, but don't like the bread..

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Laksa by Bens

Ben's Cafe and Restaurant
Solaris Dutamas

Another eating out at Ben's
I know we should start cooking at home,
but tiring week and weekend after whole day class. We can't be bother to cook...
Both of us tired and exhausted,and tomorrow will just another hectic Monday.

We just take everything easy on Sunday evening.
Just stay outside,
enjoy the evening.. watch kids play around near the park,
and read some book (I read facebook)

Mr enjoy his cold beer and I enjoy my own thing.

my nice latte..
with flower draw on it :-)

this is how I like my coffee
just like how I like my man

brown, tall and rich :-)

they serve my drink in a pasta jar..
cute and creative

remind my childhood where I like to shake my soda and ice
coz we don't have bartender-like shaker

Pasta swim in pesto sauce
RM 19++

Generous in amount of sauce,
generous in amount ofbasil leaves and cheese.
creamy but not too salty

everything came in a nice shape and makes me very happy..
The portion is huge enough to fee two adult

There is an option to add in some roasted chicken, chicken stripes or seafood in the
pesto but I like my pasta plain just like that.

Curry Laksa
Rm 25++

the most expensive curry laksa I ever seen in Kuala Lumpur

The gravy is very very very rich,
not sure how much the cholesterol, transfat and all of those bad stuff.
But believe me.. it is very yummyyyy.....

oh well,
it's weekend and we can add in extra centimeters in waistline I guess..

sleep early tonight :-)