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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Marcella First Birthday: Picnic in Taman Layang-Layang

Last Sunday,
we had a birthday picnic for Marcella in Taman Layang-Layang Kepong
Its a big park where people came to flying kite mainly, jogging, cycling, picnic and sometimes wedding party

Nice clean air in the park,
with a big lake

A lot of people have picnic just like us, carrying mat, food and umbrella.

we load our cool box with lot of drinks, juice, cheese, salmon, cut fruits and yoghurt.

everyone are busy with their task.

Marcella had stir fried baby noodle with sawi, zucchini and bell pepper.
And boiled eggs. While the adult had sandwich and salad.

My sandwich

What is that Daddy? So colorful
Wait until you see...
I can't wait.. I can't wait..

wow its flying..

for hour or so I watch them ran around under the sun.
Lucky you two have fair skin, you don't need any whitening. Just sunblock..

Play with us Mummy..
Nah... nanti Mama hitam..  >.<

Bought new snacks for Marcella,
some rice crispy to keep her busy while I munch my chips.

Well, after a while I realized how not good those stuff is.
Its not about the content, the content are fine they are organic chips, all natural and safe for babies.
But I don't want Marcella learn to enjoy chips too fast (like me, chips junkie) so I hide those chip after that and we back to steamed broccoli and carrot for her snacks.
*sorry kid, I don't want you end up like me..

Hot and thirsty after ran around chase the kites,
we enjoy chilled fruits under the shade.
Ini Melon memang banyak manis la... yummm :)

Nice place to lean and relax.
Nice place eh Daddy..?
Yeah.. enjoy your Melon.


Santi Dewi said...

senangnya main layang2 sama daddy :) Anak saya juga lagi senang main layang2, tiap hari pasti ada jam khusus buat main layang2 :)

Mrs said...

Iya mba, pertama kali main layang-layang sampai jatuh bangun guling-guling hihi.
Wah, tiap hari ada jam main layangan? senang sekali..... disini cuma bisa weekend, itupun kalau nggak hujan. Salam kenal mba Santi... aku follow ya blog nya.

Yuni Marliasari said...

Lanjalan ya marcella, onty ko engga diajak sih :) Happy Belated Buzzday ya anak cantik ...

Mrs said...

iya ini lan-jalan di lapangan sebelah rumah aunty Yun... yuk kita ajakin, nanti ditraktir nasi lemak sama ayam goreng :)

Mike Daniels said...

Cute baby! Happy Birthday Marcella!

Nurhafizah said...

Kat sini kena booking or free ya?