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Monday, 30 April 2012





Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Lazy Sunday...

Great I don't have class today,
and great I cancel my trip to Penang.
Double great with the mate goes to climb Mount Everest till 14th May.

I am totally alone at home.
Nobody to jogging with, running with, or just shopping around with.

Today I give myself totally "ME" time, where I do not meet any human in Kuala Lumpur.
Also not went out, we have some silly demonstratrion in the town causing roadblock everywhere.
Walk down with my sliper and short, no shower needed.
Brought couple ringgit on my hand, and I went to Chawan restaurant downstairs.
Really hungry, coz I haven't had my dinner last night.

My Lontong Sayur,

arrived in OK form,
just the bowl and the portion way too big.
Its like a face sauna bowl rather than food bowl.
Taste good though, just my brain concern too much about the coconut milk.

Sure I can't finish it (wasted, yes)

Roti Jala and curry..

thin pancake made in a net form, jala = net.
served with curry gravy (another coconut milk added)

Taste OK,
but chewy..

Beef Rendang,
came in incredible greasy
(Isn't that suppose to be? rendang is always greasy..)

I feel regret somehow,
I should eat boiled plain beef, Hamster food (muesli and sun flower seeds), and sparkling wine..
Instead of chewing greasy food and gulp a big cup of teh tarik (tea with condensed milk)

Oh well,
It's a day off. What you could do better beside of eating and running?

Chawan CafeAddress: G2 – 66, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603-6411 6488

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saigon Weekend Getaway 3: And What I Did Most of Weekend..?


watching this...


watching that...

munching this...

munching that...

reading this...

eating those...
(pray hard they do not catch the fish from Saigon River)

eating that...

eating this...

the cameras idle most of the time...

What Goes Around, Comes Around

So Stop Being an Asshole.....

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Welcome May

Thank You April....

I am able to short my life crap off and catch up with my study,
so far all in order and submitted on time...
(not sure about the quality though)


From my list I only manage to checked in at Telok Cempedak Kuantan,
still lot of thing to do, and lot of place to visit.
Hopefully I can check them all before the year end..

busy eh...? ^_^

Hello May....

My BFF will have a camp trip to mount Everest for 12 days and will get me Tibetan Guy  a cute fridge magnet.

My Highschool friends will come and visit me in Kuala Lumpur, and sure they will get me lot of Balinese tiny lil thing (one of them is shopaholic)

Closer to August, where we will go to Perhentian Island..
(another place to checked)


yes, its cool..

Life is not that bad... 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Saigon Weekend Getaway 2 : Jaspa's Restaurant

Walk across in a very familiar road.
(I know where I am)

I know almost all part of District 1 in HCMC.
I can walk easily and find what I need.
It feels like I am in my 2nd home sometimes.

landed in Saigon. 
Walk on their street,  slurrping their cheap noddle soup or munching spring roll.
Drink the local iced coffee, or 333 beer always give me different feeling.
I really feel I am very connected with Ho Chi Minh City.

I never falling in love with a place at the first step like I love Saigon.
Here in Saigon District 1, I can spend my whole early morning till lunch hour to walk around
just to breathe the pollute air and get burned skin.

Now I start think where I going to settled when I am retired.
Buy some land in Batam, and build shipyard there...
Buy some land in Bintan, and open diving centre there... ( I know who I have to hire for scuber)
*can I call it a guy/girl doing scuba diving as a scuber?
Or Living in Vietnam and spend my days drink 333...?

tough plan..!
this place is so homey to me...

Behind the taxi parked,
on the green (or blue) sign
there is Pho-24
the new outlet.

I will go there next time I am craving beef noddle, for cheaper price (USD 2-3)

keep walk, and stop just next to Grand Hotel
(Lunch here also cheap.. USD 7 for buffet and free wifi)

but I will cross the road.....

a very familiar restaurant,
in a very catchy colour...

I like to sit on the balcony at the top floor,
drink my beer and watch the traffic

Jaspa's owned by white family (I think Germany or Dutch)
Served food and drink in proper way, with a proper manner.
Waitress very polite and everything served clean.

yes, C.L.E.A.N...

under this umbrella

tried hard to smile
(when my heart fucked...)

beer for two, me and my friend..

food is OK here, 
actually quite good.
we had steak for dinner and not bad.
I just don't like the way they mashed the potatoes and mixed it with shocking washabi-taste like.
explode my nose.

Price are OK within USD 10-20 each dishes.
(almost same with Chili's)

I wonder what she eat,

look good too...

**should stop travel to Saigon, before I am too deep in love and too attached with this place.
could be dangerous and very costly...

Monday, 23 April 2012

Big Dinner

Take away from Kohinoor

Exam : Failed
Presentation : Awful
Mood : Fucked Up
Body : Tired
Assignment : A pile of
Work : Came like tsunami...

Stress : Yes (but I got no choice...)

What I want to do now is soak myself in a big big big big bath tub with lot lot lot hot water and bubble.
Drink barrel of chilled white wine...
Followed by watch Discovery Channel (Hang On, Soccer tonight... nobody can touch the TV for MU game)
OKE LAH......

Food is always another good way to pamper the feeling after bad bad bad bad bad week. And we have Indian food tonight...! yeee heeee......
I love the way Northern Indian cook their food, tasty but light.
Not greasy like how mamak or southern Indian made.

Cauliflower curry,  Briyani Rice, Chicken Tandoori, Garlic Naan,
Lamb Curry, Pickled cabbage (sauer kraut), papadum (Indian crackers) in one plate.

Do I look greedy? hehehehehhe.... YES, I am awesomely greedy!

How much the calories...?
A looooottt.....
but so yummy...
I have a very hard option...

lie down on couch, relax, wine, and watch some silly movie tonight?
Very relieving...!

Friday, 20 April 2012

When You Are Sad

when you feel sad and down...

may you need to ask yourself again,

what is the purpose you are living in this place...

when you feel the most important person in your life forget you..
may you ask yourself again,
very slowly..

May you forgot that you have so much work to do,
family to take care,
kids to feed.

lot of human and not human still think that your existence is very important.

May you forgot that you need to visit many places you've pinned up, and so many years you wait.

when you feel sad and down,
caused of the most important person in your life forget about you.
may you think again,

you have long list about the "not so important person" who really appreciate your existence in this world

rather than

spare your feeling

to sad and mourning....

 when  "the most important person in your life" forget about you,
may you think again,
 the forgetness of "the most important person in your life" is a sign that "that person" is not so important to sad about.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mont Kiara Equestrian Park

Pissed Off = Angry = Hungry = Take Day Off = Go Roam Around =


Blackpepper Beef and Rice

Cantonese Fried Noddle and My sister

Beer and Vietnamese Spring Roll

I have more important thing to do rather than entertaining this crappy-stupid-macam babi-game...
Geram kan..? Baik pergi makan dengan kawan...

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Last Supper...

Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Lower Ground

A swiss-style steak house restaurant,
first time i ate cheese fondue and bread here on my 28th birthday 2011.

And this restaurant steal my heart..
I repeat again for the last night before they tear down the hotel and closed for two years, 

Equatorial will shut down for at least two years.
They tear down all the building, and build a new stronger-higher-taller with better quality.

I am here....

Just here,
same seat.. same butler,
I was thinking I will met same singer and band will sang for me,
but not (bit sad...)

wide range of wine...
choose what you want..!!!

the welcome sign.. 

table for us

too small for three

cute butter and the cute butter top

fresh baked bread

my steak..

my friend steak,
traditional English braised etc etc etc
(I don't even know how to pronounce it)

The other friend's steak

I was too busy smiling when I had dinner,
everything look so fun,
so happy,
so nice..

they sang all the song I want
- Besame Mucho
- Amore
- Pretty Woman

I expected they will sang Santa Lucia, one of my fave too.. 
but they can't do without the lady singer. I wonder where is she.

I always love this place because of its live music.
Some questions arrive, why I insist to came and have dinner at this oldies place just because of it has live music. And why this place, plenty other place have live music too...

ha ha..
No..! not those crappy band playing crappy song.
With low skilled drum and keyboard player, behave like rocker-wanna be, poor sound system
and sang out of the line...

Here they sing slow,
Old songs you like, in a good soft classic quality (according to me...)
*feel like I was in Spanish cafe


my coffee for my dessert..
thick and fresh brew with
a cute coffee companies

Damage cost : A LOT,
but not as costly as Gonbei- San in Star Hill or eating sashimi in Kampachi
those two restaurant banned from my pocket.
Dinner here will same cost with dinner at Chili's or Fridays, as long as you watch what your wine intake and the brand you choose.


I LoVe iT


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saigon Weekend Getaway 1

Ho Chi Minh City

I am in Saigon (again)
yes.. another weekend here until i know most of the corner in HCMC especially around Saigon River.

Tonight I fly just after I finish work.
Half running, half worry, half panic,
still with my working skirt I went to the airport.

Good thing about Than Shon Nhat Airport, HCMC there are plenty Wifi places.

And I have to wait around 2 hours, 
my friend arrived late....

Complimentary fruits and mini cakes
(same like last time)

Local Beer to wash the throat down

**wine should arrive very soon, but I never patient enough and just grab anything I can found in mini-bar..$$$$

Here I always had the best Pho'
lean meat, slurpee and light broth, but rich in spices.
Fresh herbs..

Pho 24 any other Beef Noddle Shop can't beat Pho' from Renaissance Hotel
USD 15/ Bowl ~ VND 320,000++
(In Benh Thanh Market you can use that money to buy 3-4 Tshirt, haha)

Expensive Pho' yes
But Oh well.. I got no option,
I am hungry and can't be bother to go down eat in street vendor at midnight.

Cheese Platter, crackers and fruits..
arrived with wine... **$$

And I slept... can't even bother to take shower...
tired day...!

no need to count how much money you've spent
just after you arrived in Saigon...

think bout that tomorrow..!

good night

Friday, 13 April 2012

Port Dickson : Short Day Off Getaway

We had another public holiday in Malaysia,
The New King inauguration. How cool is that when your country have a King or Queen, not a greedy President who always whining about salary increment.

talk about situation in my home country will only make me feel disguise.
Let's talk about something else which is more fun.

So yes,
we had short day off. And we plan for getaway around. Port Dickson is the nearest Beaches we can sit and drink.
(We have Port Klang Yatch Club here, but how fun if you sat by the sore and watch plastic floating around by the sea. Can't even have picnic)

Picnic... Yaiy...!

1 hour in an open roof car, 35 Celcius, in the middle of Highway.
I am cooked. Medium to well...

sniff..sniff... I smell like a steak

Spread the mat, put cooler box,
open your slipper, sandals, flip-flop, high heel..
take a  deep breath...
and yelled..
"Yaiy... I have Picnic..."

**somebody get too excited and throw their flip flop around the sands.

That is our coleman cooler we bought this morning in some hardware shop.
very handy for picnic
just fill up with lot of ice cube, wine, beer, coke, and water..

next time we bring BBQ pit also

Port Dickson is not that fancy beaches like Tioman, Pangkor Laut or Phuket.
But for short Day Off, its quite entertaining.
Especially for person who always crave for beach, sands and sun,
and always love being lazy like me.

Took 1 hour to drive from Kuala Lumpur, via Seremban Highway.

It's a low tide this afternoon,
the sea is way too far from us. When we took a walk,
I saw lot of black spot like tiny rocks..

But when I got closer..

they are tiny mud crab and sea snails..

lot lot lot lot lot of them...
along the beaches...

I start think about how much those little creatures gives us protein.
Tiny crab chips, tiny crab pancakes,
stir fried tiny crabs,
tiny crabs tom yam soup..

Sea snail curry, BBQ snail,
sweet and sour snails..

Feed me for the rest of my life, If I live here...!

close up...

they are cute

most of them hiding in the hole when we get close to them,
They might get scared a giant human step on and smashed them

manage to catch one,

was think to bring it home for pet..

but I can't :'(

so I have to happy enough to bring their picture home

cute tiny grey ball-shape body with bright orange eyes

another creature..
(I don't know the name)
Crab for the legs, Snail for the house

catches some of them,

but then I have to release back

another weird stuff I snap
Quite Cute..

tired with the animal planet,

We move to take a picture around the beach..

well actually not that bad...

quite fun..

Hide under the shade..

drink my beer and eat my chips

and went home after sun goes down,
for dinner to do school assignment..