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Monday, 26 August 2013

New Travel Plan

Any new place I fancy to travel....??

Not really...

Merdeka Trip is booked

Maybe add in 1-2 weekend in Vung Tau or Cebu but not confirm yet

Suddenly feel tired of move around,
Waht I want to do is stay at home all weekend,
or lie down lazy by the beach..

Am I getting old...? 


Monday, 19 August 2013

Ole - Ole Bali

Hari Raya Day-4

The blogging world is becoming way too slow for me..
It's been one week after Hari Raya and I still haven't finished my updates yet.

My sister is arrived from Indonesia cos she need to back to work too.
On the way, she is stop over in our place to spend the weekend.

Some of the decoration which I can't really take the picture
The waiter keeps staring at me with a very weird look (not sure if my pants was unzipped, or one of my boobs is pop out)

So yes, we just sat nicely waiting the food.
No roaming around till inside of the restaurant to take a pic

Couple snaps before food

Good to have my sister around

Lime Barley and Lime Juice, 
Balinese Satay (minced of chicken and fish, arranged in lemongrass stick) RM 19
Balinese grilled chicken combo with vegetable salad, yellow rice and rempeyek (crackers) Rm 39
Tipat Cantuk (Balinese style of vegetable salad with peanut sauce) RM 15

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Red Bean Bag Cafe

Hari Raya Day-3

Still can't be bothered with cooking or even make a coffee...
On this long weekend holiday, I feel way too tired to do anything (or lazy)

We were planning to have some coffee and breakfast in the Journal (Plan B) Publika,
The place we used to have weekend brunch anyway.
But once we went there the waiter telling us that they don't have such stuff we want to eat.
No hash brown on hash brown set, and no eggs for scramble eggs.
We just leave...

No Social, No Estilo, No Mamak..
No chicken rice... We decide to give a try Red Bean Bag.
It's located near to Publika Square above Dr. Coffee (well, more to next to Mr's office)

Some of the menu offered,
It's a bit expensive compared to Plan B

Dish 1 : Super Awesome Fry Up 
            RM 26++
            Kind of 2 cheap chicken sausage (Ramli, or Nutriplus) , Turkey Ham, Baked Bean, 
            Poached Egg, Hash Brown, Mushroom and toast

Dish 2:  Baked Egg
            Eggs baked on top of 3 types sausages. Covered with melting cheese and served with toast.

We were lucky we came a bit early, and we get our table without waiting too long.
But later on, while we enjoy our food..
More and more people coming and queue to have brunch here...


crowd queuing for food

Yes, they are queuing to get brunch from Red Bean.
I am not really sure what makes them special because the food are just so-so
Nothing really incredible. But I guess people have their own prefer and willingly to wait more than 1 hour for makan.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Happy Eid Mubarak
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri , 1 Syawal 1434 Hijriyah

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri everyone..
The end of Ramadhan, we celebrate with morning prayer and some visit to friends and family.
Like other festive seasons, Hari Raya is always full with food too..
Too many cakes, cookies, and other tidbits which keep you munch and eat.
*I really hope the weight loss during Ramadhan is not just come back within a couple days during Hari Raya just because I ate too much.

Rendang, Ketupat, Tea and Homemade Muffin

Had my muffin and milk tea as a breakfast,
I watch my Beef Rendang still bubbling in the slow cooker, took a bit a give a try..
It doesn't taste so good at all.
It's kinda weird and spicy.

Latte and Pizza instead

We couldn't really eat it since it tastes way too weird, ends up with we had a pizza for brunch.
(Thanks to Modesto which willingly open the restaurant during Hari Raya)

Quiche and Emperor Chicken

The only healthy food we had was emperor chicken, 
It is a whole chicken, rub and fill with herbs and covered in tin foil
Then steamed for two hours.

Seems like the cooking passion for Hari Raya celebration only last for 1 day.
The next day we just eat out in a very quiet place around the house.

Nemo Fish & Chips

A package arrives..

My Hari Raya Present ;-)

My Hari Raya present arrives from Hong Kong,
But we have to pick it from the main Post Office in Pasar Seni.
Was a hassle visit, but OK

I got my waterproof camera to roam around in the beach..
Fish feeding and take their picture.

Thanks to Papa-San...
I like my present soooooo muuuucchh....

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Kuih Raya in The Making 2 : Banana Yoghurt Muffin

Last day of Ramadhan
Tomorrow we will celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
No more fasting, just counting the bless and gifts God gave to us

Today I purposely take the day off since...
*I don't even know why I take a day off. I don't even have to slaughter a cow or lamb to feed the poor.
I don't even have to cook a lot of food for a family feast.
Only me & Mr which the Social and Ben's can feed us well

But I take a day off anyway...
Ah, yes.. I know...
Because everybody takes a day off and went back to the hometown,
I have to have removed myself from the office too
Otherwise.. (LIKE USUAL) everybody's job will migrate to my table and suddenly all become my responsibilities.
Bully...? No more sorry.....

Looking at the pantry counter and I have so many things to cook...
The Banana is getting spotty too..
And a cup of yoghurt that only last till next week.
By copy-paste this recipe I made couple muffin to munch later

Mix dry ingredient and wet ingredient at different bowl

Still with my stubbornness, I make over the recipe
I know there is a risk to be failing when I don't follow the recipe, but at least I won't blame anyone.
I change the vegetable oil with buttercup and add in a bit of warm milk by the end cos the mixture is way too dry for muffin batter I watch on Anna Olson cooking show.

Here is my recipe:

Dry ingredient:
1 3/4 cups flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
sift together until well mix

Wet Ingredient:
1 cup sugar + 1/2 stick butter => microwave for 10 second, and mix with fork
1 cup yoghurt
1 egg
3 bananas, chunked
1/4 cup of warm milk

Mixed with butter and dry ingredients,
add in yoghurt stir together,
add in banana, fold together
The recipe created a very dry dough, more like dough for bread. And that is worrying me.
I add a bit of milk till the batter wet enough before scoop them to the greased muffin tin

bake for 170C for 25 min

I mixed half of the batter with melted chocolate
(Dark chocolate + 2 spoon milk, microwaved for 10 second)

Again, I am too lazy to search for baking sheet 
Can't be bothered to buy a very expensive cupcake paper in BIG downstairs
I fold some tin foil and make it as a cup

Soft, moist and fluffy Muffin

The results...
Chocolate muffin which is totally out from the recipe I found from internet expand very pretty like cupcake in the shop
But way too gooey.....
Too much liquid I guess.

The plain banana muffin is not expanding as much as I expected,
But moist, nice and fluffy

My muffin is ready to serve with warm nice tea later,
and freeze some of them to share with my mate Anis on Monday.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Kuih Raya in the Making 1 : A Very Random Cookies

Aidil Fitri is only counting the finger

yeah, another 4 days to Hari Raya,
The office is being empty, everybody went back to the hometown (or home-country)
Not me...
Not my luck yet... (Hopefully next year)

Cooking has never been my skills at the first time,
Don't expect me to give up to learn cooking ya....
I still give myself a try to cook a new thing to improve my cooking insting.

no mixer needed

To contribute the Hari Raya fever,
I use my Sunday afternoon tried to make cookies (find the simplest, easiest, and no mixer recipe)
I use this recipe but doesn't really follow the instruction.
I reduce the amount of sugar into 1/2 cup instead of 1 cup.
And my hand was too itchy to add in more flour when I saw the dough is too gooey..

Shapeless but tastes good

Should bake on baking sheet, but I end up with bake it on tinfoil... :-P
Should bake for 7-9 min, but I give it  20 min coz I found the middle of the cookies look really wet..
My brain said it's better to be overcooked rather than undertake

Way too hard crunchy cookies instead of gooey and melts in the mouth

Ko ado..??

It's fine though...
Just a first try and the result are still edible lol

Should practice more often *wink

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Estilo Tapas Bar

Celebration of Hospital Discharge

everybody home..
No more in the Hospital


and papa-san say YES..
he wants to eat out too..
just to celebrate the day we dismiss from the hospital

We've been very tired with having hospital business, add in work and Ramadhan at the same time.
It's not about the hungry, it's about ran around from different place at the same time at a very limited time.
So yes, a little celebration tonight...

We didn't go too far,
just somewhere near the house

Lot of Food  => Happy Face

Estilo is a Spanish concept restaurant selling some tapas, paela and steak.
When I saw the main course, everything is served in a huge  size.

So we decided to just order a couple of tapas to share.
Fritata, Cod Fish with cheese, Stuffed sweet chili and random bread

The fritata is good, just to portion is too small (well, its a tapaz, what are you expect...?)
Sweet chili filled with meat and blue cheese sauce is awesome, definitely makes my night.
Fish cod in cheesy sauce is fail.. too much potato inside,I found barely cod
The bread is nice, soft, fresh and fluffy

Lamb Satay, Wine and Caramel apple with ice cream

The lamb satay is tough and chewy (yet very expensive)
The wine is good..
The dessert is kind of confusing, it contains with very high sugar but I can't taste the sweetness.
Just a headache after my first spoon.
Later I realize its a caramel sugar (stupid me..)

makan.. makan... makan... yaiy....

The total damage for two people

Good place to eat out,
Should try the paella rice sometimes