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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ginger Tea

A natural body relief after long-tiring-trip

Ginger has been one of my important list in my life.
It's a great body warmer and light comforter when I feel too tired and "hate my self" (read : cough, fever, tired, upset stomach, sore muscle, morning sick, bloated)

That also one reason I feel gratefull born and grow in Tropical Country where I don't have to rely on chemical for body comforter. Nature give me plenty good stuff to support my life balance.

I was on the heavy trip last weekend,
my little sister wedding party. Where as a party owner we did the whole things. Prepare the whole things, and clear up the whole things (***Me bragging, actually the catering and their personnel clear up their own things, we just watch and pay)

So, back to topic
I enjoy the warmth of Ginger tea soonest I reach home. I brew instant ginger powder i found in my mother's kitchen cabinet mix with slices fresh ginger.

Tips : to remove the bitter taste of fresh ginger, oven or heat fresh ginger on top of fire for couple minutes until the skin bit dry.

Nice, warm, relieving drink..

I guess, it's early night tonight.

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