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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Langkawi Weekend Trip

A great weekend getaway...
very relaxing..

this is what I love about weekend.
Two continuously days off..  WHAT A LUXURY...!!!!!!

Runaway from Kuala Lumpur..?  OFF COURSE!

Go to quiet beach and do nothing except lie around on lazy chair bring some useless book...?

Silent the phone or even switch it off, 
pretend there is no signal so you don't have to answer any work calls..? HA HA, GREAT IDEA...!!!

I heart beaches.. sands and clean water
but I can't swim here, there is a sign "beware of jelly fish"

I will swim not in a place got those kind of sign.
I saw people die got stunk by Jelly Fish on the sea (did I watch too much Discovery Channel..?)

I kinda proud of myself, because seems like I'm being very good girl nowadays.
Less roaming around for no purpose, save money for school, take care of myself,

I went nowhere on June except one weekend, 
even go locally...

What a big improvement..!!

morning after breakfast,
where I got myself too lazy to walk around.
I spend my day in Chalet's porch playing "Angry Bird" and read book.

took couple snap of myself..


I noticed my skin getting lighter (fairer, whiter, brighter **awh, whatever the name!)
as indication i play less under the sun..


and again..

Everybody else been roaming around after breakfast, to explore the island.
I don't really get interested to join them. I need to give myself a real rest and "lazy-holiday" feeling where I won't feel worn out when I back to KL.

** It used happen to me. I'm being too active explore about anything, any food, any places. 
After vacation, instead of feel fresh, I end up taking medical leave because i was too tired.

not today please... I want to be as lazy as snails..

bored with my porch, I walk down and "another sitting point"
continue my -Uncle Tom's Cabin-

watch the kid swimming in another side..

and checking the BBQ side, 
if they are ready to serve me something.

walk on another part of the deck

get silly,

sneak shoot?

cold, warm or hot... 
any season, any weather..


have a great weekend...!!!!

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