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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sampai Ku Menutup Mata

no relation, but i want this working dress

Embun di pagi buta
menyebarkan bau asa
detik demi detikku itu
ini kah saat ku pergi..

oh Tuhan aku cinta dia
berikanlah aku hidup
tak kan ku sakiti dia
hukum aku bila terjadi

aku tak mudah untuk mencintai
aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
aku tak mudah, mengatakan... "aku jatuh cinta"

senandungku hanya cinta
tirakatku hanya untuk engkau

tiada dusta,
cumpah ku cinta sampai ku menutup mata...

the expression of mixed blue feeling without reason :
1. Messy house without idea how to organize it
2. Found a working dress i want tempt to buy, but I have no $$
3. Missed someone far away from me

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Life is Good...

a pict which is not related with the story,
I just show off

been tired shifting to new house,
I worn out like an old jeans...

But I'm happier, life is far better.
Shifting to better building with better swimming pool and proper gym.
Higher floor (but not highest)
Proper security card and civilized neighbour.

Checking the balcony,
I'm thinking to have a little garden there and maybe small fish tank to create "living"
one or two puppy dog will be great, but.. I can't be bother to have my heart broken if I loose them.

I will be very busy after this!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Iced Lemon Tea...

wash my throat down....

I love a beverage that involve brewing activity. 
Tea, Coffee (and beer) are the nicest kind of drink to pamper the throat in any weather.

Tea and Coffee are very easy to mix and match with some flavor.  
Serve hot, warm, or chilled as per "mood" 

Always Good.......

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Langkawi Weekend Trip

A great weekend getaway...
very relaxing..

this is what I love about weekend.
Two continuously days off..  WHAT A LUXURY...!!!!!!

Runaway from Kuala Lumpur..?  OFF COURSE!

Go to quiet beach and do nothing except lie around on lazy chair bring some useless book...?

Silent the phone or even switch it off, 
pretend there is no signal so you don't have to answer any work calls..? HA HA, GREAT IDEA...!!!

I heart beaches.. sands and clean water
but I can't swim here, there is a sign "beware of jelly fish"

I will swim not in a place got those kind of sign.
I saw people die got stunk by Jelly Fish on the sea (did I watch too much Discovery Channel..?)

I kinda proud of myself, because seems like I'm being very good girl nowadays.
Less roaming around for no purpose, save money for school, take care of myself,

I went nowhere on June except one weekend, 
even go locally...

What a big improvement..!!

morning after breakfast,
where I got myself too lazy to walk around.
I spend my day in Chalet's porch playing "Angry Bird" and read book.

took couple snap of myself..


I noticed my skin getting lighter (fairer, whiter, brighter **awh, whatever the name!)
as indication i play less under the sun..


and again..

Everybody else been roaming around after breakfast, to explore the island.
I don't really get interested to join them. I need to give myself a real rest and "lazy-holiday" feeling where I won't feel worn out when I back to KL.

** It used happen to me. I'm being too active explore about anything, any food, any places. 
After vacation, instead of feel fresh, I end up taking medical leave because i was too tired.

not today please... I want to be as lazy as snails..

bored with my porch, I walk down and "another sitting point"
continue my -Uncle Tom's Cabin-

watch the kid swimming in another side..

and checking the BBQ side, 
if they are ready to serve me something.

walk on another part of the deck

get silly,

sneak shoot?

cold, warm or hot... 
any season, any weather..


have a great weekend...!!!!

Q & A about me

Q : What is your favourite Food ?
A : Steak

Q : 2nd Favourite food ?
A : All meaty food

Q : 3rd Favourite Food ?
A : Tempe

Q : So you don't like Vegetable?
A : I Like

Q : What vegetable you like most?
A : Broccoli, Carrot, Sweet Corn

Q : Vegetable you hate most?
A : Fresh Cabbage

Q : Why Cabbage ?
A : Smell so cabbage

Q : The rest ?
A : I will eat if you cook them for me :D

Q : What Fruits you love most?
A : Orange

Q : Why Oranges?
A : Easy to eat and carry

Q : How about other fruits?
A : I will eat if you peel and cuts for me

Q : What Authentic food you love most?
A : Western

Q : Why?
A : A lot of meat there

Q : What food you don't like most?
A : I never hates food, except very sweet food  and bizarre food

Q : Such as?
A : Balut, A Philippine's famous food. Where you eat boiled un-hatch  chick.. It's like eating aborted  
       baby. very cruel

Q : What is your favorite drink?
A : Something involved with brewing

Q : Such as?
A : Such as..?!?!  you never see something brewed? Tea, Coffee, beer, wine

Q : No Soda?
A : Never love soda

Q : What you like to do on your spare time?
A : Something involved Physical movement

Q : Why so?
A : I need lot of physical activity so that I can travel more.

Q : How come?
A :
When my body tired, I can sleep well. Then I don't have to go to doctor for prescription (Save $$ no. 1, doctor bill). When I sleep well, I feel fresh and less angry. When I less angry, I eat less (Save $$ no. 2, food expenses). When I eat less, I don't have to buy lot of health product and visit fitness centre (Save $$ no. 3, slimming tea and gym expenses).
When I slashed all those three expenses, I can register myself to some travel package.

Q : Stingy..!
A : Oh well, why should I spent my money on something doesn't makes me happy? Isn't it better to spend it on vacation?

Q : Another favourite activity?
A : Thinking and planning

Q : Planning about?
A : What should I do to fill up my spare time.

Q : What you like to do on your spare time (back to Q before)


what a rambling conversation...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Captain Grill

Enough being meatless...
can't take it..
I need source of Iron

Friday Night, alone and lonely..
Sitting on the porch,
Enjoying chill wine i got from groceries and some peanuts.
**not entertaining at all...!!!


Now I decide to go out for dinner (alone..)

what a crap huh.. 

soft bread and butter for entree..
I need to watch how many i ate, or end up with sleeping before the meat coming in

my big size food (finally)
medium, tender.. separate sauce
and extra French fries

enjoy the night on the deck..

and sea...

and tasting grappa
(the waiter said, it is a great quality grappa)

ewwwyykkk... taste like Ron 97 (Petrol made by Petronas)
**I said ewyk, but I manage to drank both of them with a help big gulp of coffee

back to my old wine..
better and safer..

wasn't sure what i'm thinking about.
one of them : can I stay on the sea shore forever...?

last bit to gulp down,
it makes the grappa easier to swallow..

oh yeah, I'm tipsy..
but manage to go back safely, 
even able to take picture of myself without blurring it

Lonely Friday Night
Better I sleep early or watch Discovery Channel
** hope I won't be hungry again tonight :'(

Soya Cincau : Jelly Grass with soy milk

Been almost 4 days i am meatless ( steak-less is the correct word)
where I ate very little amount of red meat, in order to avoid increasing of body heat.
Kuala Lumpur as hot as half boiled eggs now, my lips and skin start cracked (for no reason).

As not an Ice cream and totally lazy-to-do-anything person, 
I keep search on internet what dessert or drink I can take to cool down the heat on my body.
and i found this another easy-made drink or dessert for summer..
to cool down the heat of Kuala Lumpur.

Jelly grass is famous to cool down the heat on stomach,
widely used for dessert in Asia.

It's black, It's shiny and it's jiggle..

just mixed ,
ice cube, cubes of jelly grass, pour with soy milk..

source of fiber..!
(I think i can skip my veggie tonight, eh..? )

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nice Porridge : Feast Restaurant

Sheraton Beach Resort
Langkawi Island

There is a breakfast promotion when we visit Langkawi,
me and my friend went there to "see" what  they really offer. Drive from our chalet to Sheraton is not that far, it took around 5 minutes by car.

Meet the reception, ask about promotion,
cut this, cut that.. we only have to pay RM 44 nett per person (Compare with Westin KL, Breakfast is RM 95++ per person)

Don't asked me how much Marriot cost, I never seen any Breakfast / Lunch Promotion in Marriot Hotel.
(but again why bother to eat in hotel, where Pavilion and Lot 10 give a wide spread fresh breakfast and lunch everyday)

here is the restaurant..


Japanese corner..
spread of cold shoba, cold ramen and sushi 

the cold noodle doesn't tempt me at all..

spread of garden salad..
doesn't tempt me at all

was thinking in this corner they have minute steak like another hotel. But they don't..

omelet only

well, acceptable. I ordered Cheese-Turkey-Sausages omelet Double size
and top up with beef bacon

that's my food..
match with black coffee

Rice Porridge here was awesome,
the bowl size also awesome..

I just need to fill up with whatever I like, no need keep back and forth.. :-)

my 2nd Bowl of Porridge,

I took one slices century eggs (I am not sure whats that food made from-and how) it taste awful and weird. 

So i put it aside, and stick on my style with sprinkle of fried shallot, salted eggs, fried anchovies and a bit soy sauce.

now you can see how big the bowl is..

slices fruits for dessert,
The choices also not that much.. 

Conclusion : Choices, Not that much. For bread and pastry lover, you have all what you need. Meat-Lover will turn into very skinny if stay or eat here.

Price : Without Promotion, going to be 65++ and I won't get much option for my stomach,
Next time I won't have breakfast there. I will go to Telaga Harbour and eat a big size of steak.

Environment : Awesoooooomeeee....
OKEH... Let's back to chalet.
I back to sleep, and she went to look for something (cowok i guess)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rojak Buah : Fruit Salad


Fruit was never be my fan..
I always think, how tired i peel, chew, and swallow it never fill up my stomach.
Then after all the effort, i still have to try to find some meaty stuff to comfort the stomach's worm.

Always hungry....

But the heat and the weather, really makes me can't take any heavy food these couple days.
Something greasy, fatty and oily will makes me feel ewwwyykkk for the whole day.
Make my body's heat even hotter.

The result = Angry Easily

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sate Kambing : Lamb Satay

Grilled cubed meat on skewer,

A food that I really missed,
I Love this food so much, but during my childhood my mother keep me eat this stuff on limit.
She worried about me being addicted to Lamb Satay, over-eat, Cholesterol, high blood pressure etc..

Monday, 20 June 2011

Brownies Ice Cream

Was the favourite for everybody on the table,
they had it like 3-4 bowl each person.. except me.

Not a fan of this,
I would prefer fill up my stomach with another portion of steak, Briyani, mutton,  and another meaty product than this sweet thing.
I end up with play around with this dessert instead of eat it..

I'm sorry.. pity food..

but not tempt me at all

look moist and nice,

I bite little, not too sweet. Should be eatable for me...
But, it just not me... not me at all...

**give me another Nasi Goreng please...


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Malaysia Africa Business Forum

Putrajaya International Convention Centre

It's an Business forum where the Malaysian govt try to expand the business to Africa which is not South Africa (again).

**i think so..

What I understand as South East Asian (Like most Malaysian too) has a view that  African in Malaysia (Except Ibra and Ousmane from UTM) identical with Trouble

Is it all the African in Malaysia are trouble?
Is there any other African who came here for real study, real business and a real opportunity?

I was really curious about this and make me end up sitting in this forum.

Travel to Putrajaya is not that hassle, I just jump into ERL from KL sentral and stop at Putrajaya central,
followed by taxi ( I should able to come by nadi bus) but too lazy to choose.

Taxi in Putrajaya Sentral is using coupon, no cheating opportunity..!

the booth from Kenya High Comission

all the guest

I just can't help,
this lady has a nice dress... 
so i sneak out took her pic when everybody sang Malaysian National Anthem

I wasn't really understand what is the purpose I'm sitting here for our today's business,
because I am not the main role in my company.
But what I know by sitting here quietly, listen to them talking about world and all the accessories will give me extra input to widen my mind.

Also meet lot of important people.

Ahh.. this is the stuff what Ibra always talked about.
We have Marry brown, we have corn cup, but we don't have Mc.Donald in Uganda etc etc etc.
Which is actually the issue are very popular. 

The African tried to attract foreign franchise to open more their business there.

when everybody busy listening,
Mike Tyson talk to the wife about tonight's match..

World start become very quiet when this old man start talk...
Ah yes, I love the way he talk.
He explain every business thing like our professor in University.  SIMPLE BUT CORRECT..
Easy to digest..

He mentioned to crowd : 
When a man success doing their business in a Country, government doesn't have to worry about everything.
- Money to Govt will come itself from tax. 
- Job opportunities for people will come itself without headaches
- No demonstration or rebellion (because people will be too busy working)

So, it is wrong when Government in some country make a lot of difficulty to open and run their business there..

Listen to what he said, i feel sad about my country.. :-(


then no more frustrated jobless sad Indonesian has to go to other country just for little money to pay their kid's school

Ousmane, running around and asked me to take his pic with Dr. Mahathir

Ibra too...

Me..? I don't really want to take a pic with him. I love listening his speech more.
knowing what inside of his brain, and try to understand what is big world about, how behave right to face the world challenge, how to see which is right which is wrong.. 
He is a great old man, Malaysia should grateful has a chance to lead by him.
(where other leader might too busy talking about spending 1.8Million ringgit to build facebook fan pages, owww wooooo......JOKE)

(Talk about taking pictures, I would more excited to take  a pictures with Rita and Siti.., my spoon and my cookies)

and he doesn't want to move after one shoot.
Not enough Ibra..? move on, everybody also want to take their pics..

the corporate lunch,
here we got a chance to exchange our business card (where I didn't do) in purpose...

there several African business-man asking my business card, but i didn't give. I tell to Ousmane that I don't want to give because I know they will contacted me for other purpose which is not business.. HAHA.. they agree

Next time I attend this kind of forum, I will bring Mr Boss, business card.
You want to gatal... go menggatal to my boss, haha..

me, try to behave myself.. do not eat the whole food there

Ibra with.. I don't know,

I think he is successful businessman who brought Syme Darby to Liberia and build the palm plantation there.

I think so, maybe.. I don't know..
I don't asked..

Photo-shoot session,
my feet really sore wearing those bloody fully-covered shoes..
sore at front, sore at back, sore at the sole, sore at the heel.. I wish they let me wear my running shoes..

Ibra was soooo excited meet his big guy in his country...
try tell him bout everything, hope he doesn't forget that He wants Mc Donald in Uganda too...

Mr. Vice president,
Nando's is not enough... We want Mc. Donald too... please make the business license to open restaurant easier for us..

Photo session,
everybody happy..

I remember the guy in Orange uniform 
(I hope he is not the bodyguard, watching me with a weird look)

Left to Right,

Ousmane from I don't know.. he is Dr. Lai 's faithfull student. He keep sit on his class even he already pass his paper.

Ibra, my classmates.. from Uganda

and, I don't know guy.. from Guinea (Find it on google where Guinea is.. not Papua new Guinea OK)

==> then OK, I change my view a bit 'bout being so suspicious with African in Malaysia ,
not all of them are trouble.. I met lot of serious people who really want to study, build business and try to develop their country.

Salute for them....