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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Life is Good...

a pict which is not related with the story,
I just show off

been tired shifting to new house,
I worn out like an old jeans...

But I'm happier, life is far better.
Shifting to better building with better swimming pool and proper gym.
Higher floor (but not highest)
Proper security card and civilized neighbour.

Checking the balcony,
I'm thinking to have a little garden there and maybe small fish tank to create "living"
one or two puppy dog will be great, but.. I can't be bother to have my heart broken if I loose them.

I will be very busy after this!


BuzyBugz said...

fotonya terlihat sangta menikmati hidup kok..hehhe love it :))

Kelley said...

What to do... life is already hard, feel sad doesn't make it better. Enjoy it in a way we could afford :)