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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Q & A about me

Q : What is your favourite Food ?
A : Steak

Q : 2nd Favourite food ?
A : All meaty food

Q : 3rd Favourite Food ?
A : Tempe

Q : So you don't like Vegetable?
A : I Like

Q : What vegetable you like most?
A : Broccoli, Carrot, Sweet Corn

Q : Vegetable you hate most?
A : Fresh Cabbage

Q : Why Cabbage ?
A : Smell so cabbage

Q : The rest ?
A : I will eat if you cook them for me :D

Q : What Fruits you love most?
A : Orange

Q : Why Oranges?
A : Easy to eat and carry

Q : How about other fruits?
A : I will eat if you peel and cuts for me

Q : What Authentic food you love most?
A : Western

Q : Why?
A : A lot of meat there

Q : What food you don't like most?
A : I never hates food, except very sweet food  and bizarre food

Q : Such as?
A : Balut, A Philippine's famous food. Where you eat boiled un-hatch  chick.. It's like eating aborted  
       baby. very cruel

Q : What is your favorite drink?
A : Something involved with brewing

Q : Such as?
A : Such as..?!?!  you never see something brewed? Tea, Coffee, beer, wine

Q : No Soda?
A : Never love soda

Q : What you like to do on your spare time?
A : Something involved Physical movement

Q : Why so?
A : I need lot of physical activity so that I can travel more.

Q : How come?
A :
When my body tired, I can sleep well. Then I don't have to go to doctor for prescription (Save $$ no. 1, doctor bill). When I sleep well, I feel fresh and less angry. When I less angry, I eat less (Save $$ no. 2, food expenses). When I eat less, I don't have to buy lot of health product and visit fitness centre (Save $$ no. 3, slimming tea and gym expenses).
When I slashed all those three expenses, I can register myself to some travel package.

Q : Stingy..!
A : Oh well, why should I spent my money on something doesn't makes me happy? Isn't it better to spend it on vacation?

Q : Another favourite activity?
A : Thinking and planning

Q : Planning about?
A : What should I do to fill up my spare time.

Q : What you like to do on your spare time (back to Q before)


what a rambling conversation...

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