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Saturday, 11 June 2011

We Have Thai Snack's Stall Here

Pearl Point Shopping Centre,
Pear International Hotel
Ground Floor

Yesterday me and Yana walked around Pearl Point after she pay her house bill.
We found this Thai Stall in one of the empty shop lot.

Quite surprising,
These kind of Thai stall usually are non permanent seller. They will sell their food in some festival, fair, or bazaar.

But today we found the they open Thai Stall without any occasion.

I just hope the stall will stay long here, because I love Thai Food soooo much..

Many kind of soupy food,
Tom Yam, Laksa, Bee Hon and I dont know..
lot of big size pot with different gravy inside.

Smells soooo gooood....

a wide range of snacks and sweet dessert
Fried chicken wrapped in screw pine leaves, otak-otak (fish cake), egg wrapped in minced meat (something like Scottish egg), sweet dumpling, Som tam (Thai spicy salad)

I bought 3 pcs spring roll and half bucket fried little shrimp for RM 5.00 (USD one point something) and Yana has her Laksa.

My spring roll are very crispy, 
way too crispy.
Very greasy even the Bee Hon (Rice Noodle) as filling which is should be firm but moist,
also very dry and soaked with plenty cooking oil inside.

I have to squeeze in a kitchen towel to make them eatable.
(I don't want to get sore throat from this RM 5.00 food, the sacrifice is not worth.. haha)

but they taste good....
good enough for hungry baby Godzilla

crispy.. greasy..

i think i will go to the soupy stuff next time i visit the place again.

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