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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Grilled Tofu

After a long time I do not touch kitchen..

finally I did...

Been couple months I didn't touch my kitchen for proper cooking, except cup noddle and coffee.
School has ruin my cooking mood. I always think, with cooking I've waste my time where I can use it to
do some report or read some study case.

But today I tried to make my brain "relax" and cook something to eat.
Even-though just a very simple dishes, grilled tofu with shredded carrot for my lunch.
served with sweet soy sauced mixed with chili powder.

yumm..? Not really...
I would rather choose nasi lemak + teh tarik for my breakfast,
or mixed grilled with poached egg and half frozen beer for lunch,
or plain cucumber sandwich, cheese and crackers with red wine for afternoon tea (yes, red wine for afternoon tea.. ha ha ha ha #NOT FUNNY...)

with excuse "I want to eat healthier food" makes me eat this sad food..

hopefully I can back to slim after I eat it...


Klita said...

slurruuupp..kelihatannya enak..ini dipanggang atau gmn?

Kelley said...

aslinya digoreng maksa (pelit minyak), kucurin sambel kecap...