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Friday, 23 June 2017

Kuey Teow Seafood Soup

Menu yang menurut saya termasuk menu MEWAH

Kenapa Mewah..?
Udang bukan mahal sangat pun di Malaysia, unless kau nak pakai Tiger Prawn ke Lobster hik hik..

Mewah karena diperlukan masa yang spesial untuk basuh udang dan sotong,
belum lagi bersihkan kitchen dari segala bau seafood...

**kita beli udang dan sotong yang siap kemas boleh??


Kuey Teow Soup
2-3 porsi

6 pcs udang segar, kupas kulit.
1 Sotong, bersihkan kulit, potong2
6 fish ball
2 fried fish cake, iris tipis

2 cekak kuey teow segar. Siram air mendidih, tiriskan
2 batang Sawi Hijau 

2 liter air
kulit udang
2 butir bawang putih
sedikit halia/jahe iris tipis
1 batang daun bawang, iris halus
1 sdt minyak goreng


Rebus kulit udang dengan 2 liter air, saring dan buang kulit udang.
Tumis bawang putih, halia/jahe hingga harum.
Masukkan tumisan bawang putih ke dalam rebusan kaldu.
Bumbui kaldu dengan merica, garam dan taburan daun bawang.

Masukkan sawi, udang, fish ball dan sotong ke dalam kaldu.
Masak selama 30 detik saja (jangan lama-lama, nanti alot/bergetah)

susun kuey teow, sawi, fish cake, udang, sotong dalam mangkuk.
Siram dengan kuah.
Taburi dengan sisa bawang daun.

Terus Makan dengan cili padi (cabai rawit) dan kecap asin...
peeerrgghh....... ingusan 

Makanan ini tidak menggemukkan karena kuey teow di buat dari beras, bukan terigu seperti mee lain.
Senang nak hadam (senang di cerna)
tiada lemak apa kecuali 1 sudu minyak goreng.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Because We Are Cool People

When we got into trouble

We are panic like you, but we hide it well.
We are scared just like you, but we hide it well.

We want a friend to share, of course... Just like you.
But we don't want any judgement or criticism cos it make us even frustrated.
We become very selective in telling our problem. 
We edit as much as possible.
We need to make sure the person we share with do not judge us, nor try to lecturing us, or make us feel criticized.
=> but then it make us looks like LIAR

We used to go to sleep when we have problem.
That is the only SAFE way to runaway from it compared to alcohol or food.

We will wake up,
try to solve.

Then when the problem gone, only we will start talk to people what had happen to us.
*dan cerita itu pun dah jadi basi......

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Resep Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam aka Chicken Noodle 

is a very common Indonesian street food which almost everyone love.
A bowl of piping hot noodle with stewed chicken bits in light soy gravy...
Served with bowl of clear soup and couple bits of meatball.
awwwh.... sedap dan mengenyangkan.

But living far from the hometown is not easy when you crave for bowl of it.
Also I am currently having 1 years old plus a bit who is now very curious with every single food I ate. Which make me always think twice if I want to buy food.

Lucky for us living in google era.
Where everything is google-able, and there will never no-answer for anything.
I found very simple recipe of Mie Ayam and having step that easy to follow.

Resep saya bukan 100% autentik, tapi mengalami modifikasi karena masalah (ahem... kesehatan...)
mencoba kurangkan lemak, dll.

Membuat mie ayam ni memang sedikit leceh, banyak step dan langkah.
Selalunya saya tidak akan membuat serta merta.
Hari ini buat minyak ayam dan tumisan ayam, masukkan tupperware.
Separuh masukkan fridge, yang separuh masuk freezer untuk lain hari.

Bakso (meatball) saya buat in advance, masuk freezer.

Jika nak makan Mie Ayam, tinggal keluarkan bahan dari freezer, buat kuah ayam, rebus mie kering dan sawi. Semua siap dalam masa 15 menit saja ")

Tumisan Ayam
2 Buah dada ayam / chicken breast
2 batang daun bawang / spring onion
1 bawang bombay (bawang holland) / yellow onion
3 butir bawang putih (garlic)
=> potong kecil-kecil.

1/4 sdt ketumbar
1/4 sdt merica
pala seujung sendok (nutmeg)
1 cm kunyit (turmeric)
=> ulek halus

5 sdm Kecap manis
1 sdm saus tiram
daun salam, daun jeruk purut, gula, garam,  

1. Tumis bawang merah, bawang putih, dan daun bawang hingga layu, Masukkan bumbu ulek. Masak hingga harum.

2. Massukkan Ayam, aduk hingga ayam setengah masak.
3. Masukkan Air, kecap, saus tiram dan bumbu lain.
4. Masak hingga ayam empuk, dan kuah menjadi agak pekat.

Kuah Ayam:
1 Liter Air Mendidih
Tulang Ayam secukupnya
Daun bawang sedikit
Garam, Merica bubuk.
Bakso (resep akan di tayangkan pada postingan berikutnya), atau beli frozen.
Rebus tulang ayam dengan air mendidih, masukkan bahan-bahan lain.
Rasakan, kemudian saring.

Minyak Bawang:
5 sdm minyak goreng (saya pakai sunflower oil), minyak biasa pun boleh. asal minyak baru.
3 siung bawang putih, iris tipis
3 sdm lemak ayam/kulit (saya tidak pakai)
=> panaskan minyak, goreng kulit (jika pakai) hingga kering, Sisihkan kulit.
=> masukkan bawang putih kedalam minyak, goreng hingga garing.
=> tumbuk kasar bawang, masukkan ke dalam minyak semula.
=> simpan dalam balang/tupperware.

How to assemble
1. Rebus mie dan sawi, tiriskan.
2. Campur mie dengan 1 sdm minyak bawang.
3. Tuangkan tumisan ayam.
4. Tabur dengan daun bawang.
5. Sajikan Mie Ayam dengan kuah bakso.

Baby took a part in enjoying Mie Ayam.

Love it...!!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Today's Lunch Box: Banana Pancake and Bakwan Mie

another easy food on-the-go idea.

When you have over-ripen banana lying around on your kitchen table, and noodle from last night dinner. What else we are going to do but re-purpose them and create totally new food.

Banana Pancake
Selai Strawberry
Susu Kotak
Kellogs Honey Star Cereal
Bakwan Mie
Nasi Putih
Sayur Bayam
Susu Kotak.

Banana Pancake:

2 big over ripen banana, mashed
1 egg, beat
2 tbs flour
pinch of salt
1/4 cup milk
1 tbs butter, melted.

Mixed all ingredients except milk. Add in milk little by little until it create thick consistency.
Heat up pan, ladle in batter.
cook until it create bubble on surface.
flip over.

served with honey, jam, jelly, etc.

Bakwan Mie 
*Noodle Fritter
Bahannya nggak pakai ukuran ya, agak-agak sahaja ikut kata hati :)

Any blanched noodle (I use Mee Sua)
salt, pepper, minced garlic
1 tbs flour
bit of water

mix all the ingredients, 
pan fried one spoon at a time.
flip over
drain on paper towel.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Today's Lunch Box: Fried Spaghetti with sausages

Today we plan to play and lunch in the playground.

I made a very simple lunch for both myself and my 15 Months Baby. Basically she ate whatever we eat, except her portion usually less salt, no sugar, and no spicy.


Spaghetti Goreng is today option,
We were plan to make fried noodle, but we don't have any. We use pasta instead :P

Dry spaghetti, boil as per direction (7-8 min)
Frozen peas, blanched couple second in boiling water.
1 egg

Olive oil
Salt, pepper (bisa dihilangkan)

=> Heat up cooking oil / olive oil, sauteed garlic until almost crispy.
=> Add in noodle, salt, pepper, Quickly mix and stir.
=> Add in beaten egg and peas.
=> Ready to serve :)

untuk cemilan, saya tambahkan brokoli kukus, kacang panjang kukus dan apel.

Hidangan murah untuk ibu dan anak :)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Short Trip To Lombok Indonesia Part 2: Kuta Lombok Beach

Travel to Lombok and Bali, many of them offer car with driver for both one way trip or hourly rent. However I found that having driver to send me around make me feel bit uncomfortable (probably because in all my life I never have any driver except.. ahem, Marcella's Dad haha...
The rest I travel with taxi and buses.

So yeah, having driver who send and wait kinda awkward to me.

Looking at Lombok's road which tend to be quiet, we decide to rent scooter to move around.
It cost us USD 6/day.

It was feel weird having two giant and one giant baby on a tiny bike, but we get used to it. Not bad, in fact it was very fun...

We ride around South Lombok, toward Mawun Beach.
A very wavy and sunny beach, clean and stunning water.

Lombok Island has its bugging seller which is super annoying.
Leave me no privacy and it makes me constantly worry to my belonging.

Kuta Lombok Beach

Marcella enjoyed her expensive fried tempeh after swim.

one landmark with so many people queue for selfie

2nd landmark

Bye Lombok,
See You again next time...

Monday, 17 April 2017

Short Trip To Lombok Indonesia Part 1: Villa Bau Nyale, Kuta

We found cheap ticket in Air Asia Free Seat sale.
We are immediately choose Lombok for our destination, just because we never been there.
And we never seen any cheap ticket to Lombok or Bali before.

So yeah, we count it as very lucky deal.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lombok is about 3.5 hours,
and Lombok have similar time zone with Malaysia. 

We stayed at Villa Bau Nyale, in Kuta area. Its about 30 min drive from the Airport.
 Hotel is picking us up for IDR 150,000/way.
Our hotel cost us IDR 500,000/Night not include breakfast.

At the first time when we arrived, we are bit sad and disappointed because the hotel located deep inside of the kampung lot, far away behind and hidden between local houses instead of on the main road. 

However after one day of observe we are actually lucky. The Villa is not far behind, just 2 minutes walk to the main road. And it has very quiet and peaceful.

Marcella love the path, she like to walk up and down like catwalk :P
Our porch having fish pond which giving me too much trouble try to keep my kid away from the fish.
She will jump and dip herself, and play with the fish whenever she got chance.

in 5 second of blink, I found Marcella in the pond giggling.

The room is nice, just (for me) still not enough natural light.
There is a big glass door and private garden too, however the vegetation cover up almost all the natural light. So it still dark (next time I will ask them to chop everything off and replace it with just nice grass and small Frangipani :P heheh...

We love to spent our hot afternoon around swimming pool. 

I love the idea of outdoor toilet and shower. I give a very fresh air all the time.
There is no soggy, humid feeling in the bed room because someone have steaming hot shower.

However these extra experience of outdoor shower and toilet become more incredible when the rain comes. You feel like you are in different world.

Food in the Hotel is not bad at all, somehow I found that the food in Villa Bau Nyale taste and have better price compared to other eating place on Kuta Area.

However the chef/waitress always get my order wrong.
When I order noodle soup without spicy. no chili at all => they still put chili slices, so that Marcella can't have any of my food.

Fish Finger and Crispy Popiah was good RM 10/portion

Fried Rice was good, Fried Noodle was good, Soto Ayam was great,
I am more than happy had my breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel rather than messing around in Lombok area and get myself bad tummy :)

Will I stay here again: Yes, if they provide minibar and kettle, coffee/tea set.
Price: Very good value.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Another Stationary Arrived

I have some weird addiction to collect all of those cute stationary, especially related to paper.

Start from sticky note, journal, diary, planner. Its always give me some different happiness feeling. Looking at the new pages for me ready to write on, piles of colourful pen, highlighter, cute sticky note I can put on my fridge for reminder.

Ahhh.... I can stand for hours in MPH, Border or Popular in stationary area just to touch, feel, choose, smell the paper and finally bought couple pieces journal.

But I dont have to do it anymore, 
Cos I found online shop which sell all the product with similar offline price (other shop sells in triple times of price).

Ha ha..!
I don't have to make journey, taxiing, carry baby, choosing, and tidying (cos Marcella really like to make a mess in a book shop too) >.<


Total damage in my (husband) wallet: RM26.20 free delivery to my doorstep.

If you ADHD (which I will write more in other time), Have messy brain, disorganized or just simply stationary addict like me.. go visit shoppee apps and check eshopspree 

Unlike another shop which deliver the item from overseas (take about 30 days or more), this shop based in Malaysia. Delivery time is shorten to 1-2 days.. yaiy..!!! 

When other suggest buy incense, aroma oil, and meditation.  To start have and write journal is my better therapy ^_^.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sop Sayur dan Tetelan

In Singapore they call the dish as Sop Jawa
In Indonesia they call it Sayur Sop

Makanan yang simple dan seger di untuk lunch in the lazy day :)

Sayur sop is the simplest dish I've ever learn in my childhood and always become one of my fave.
The clear broth from boiled bone (chicken/beef) or sometimes it just water based soup.

Compared to super rich Malaysian soup with lot of herbs, seasoning, and spices. I prefer this simple soup with only used salt, pepper, garlic, and spring onion for soup base.

1 1/2 liter water
2 beef/chicken bone

1 garlic
bit  of salt, pepper

1 spring onion
1 batang daun sup / seledri / chinese parsley

1 carrot, kupas potong
1 potato, kupas potong
1/2 broccoli, trim

Rebus tulang sapi/ayam dengan air hingga mendidih. Buang buih yang timbul.
Masukkan sayuran yang telah di cuci dan di potong, masak hingga setengah matang.
Masukkan bawang, garam dan merica, kemudian rasakan.

Jika sayuran sudah lunak dan matang, masukkan daun seledri dan daun bawang.
Matikan api.

Sajikan sup dengan nasi panas atau bihun yang telah di seduh.
*Saya pakai dua-duanya, biar karbo-nya makin nendang, biar makin gembil, biar makin semohay ahahahah.. 

Sedikit cerita di balik para ibu yang memiliki food blog.
Selalu kita lihat dalam blog/instagram mereka memiliki foto yang cantik, adem dan menyelerakan.

Sebenarnya untuk menghasilkan foto-foto seperti ini, diperlukan perjuangan yang (agak) melelahkan... haha.
Bukan sekali cekrek terus cakep ya bu-ibu... :) Apalagi fotonya pakai hape dan dibantuin dengan asisten yang sangat kreatif.

Beginilah foto-foto dibelakang layar yang biasanya akan masuk tong sampah.

Apa tu Mama..? Mamam... hmmm enak..
No No No..!! Wait wait wait...
*kecolongan daun seledri

That is my broccoli, how come its in your plate Mama..?
Borrow lah... sekijap.. >.<
I should take it back, that is mine

Mom, that is my broccoli
*berebut piring

Marcella, no no.. pecah ini nanti pinggan..!!

Yes, I got it.
This is mine...

Marcella, put it back.
Mummy just borrow
*Mama ambil kembali broccoli tu, masukkan balik ke pinggan.
Sedia untuk shoot gambar

Kuah pun sedap Mummy,
srup srup... let me drink it from the corner.

Haishhh.... sabor je laa....
Amik amik amik... jom makan...
Take your chair.
*Ibu menyerah

Tapi memang seger sih...
apalagi dimakan di hari panas.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Tahu Isi aka Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu

Bahasa Indonesia = Tahu Isi
Bahasa Sunda = GeHu (tauge isian tahu)
Bahasa Malaysia = Tauhu sumbat goreng
Bahasa Jawa = Tahu Pong, Tahu Susur

one food with thousand name 😍😍😍

Basically its a tofu stuffed with stir-fried vegetable, dip in the batter, and deep fried to crisp. Is a very common afternoon/mid morning snacks among Indonesian.
If you mentioned "tahu isi" to Indonesian, I am sure all of them knows what you mean.

The filling of tahu isi are never really same from one area to another.
Some are stir fried cabbage, bean sprout, carrot, minced meat/chicken, seafood, or combination of all of them.

Tahu isi always delicious to served with fresh bird eye chili (cili padi / cabai rawit) or chili sauce.

10 pcs tauhu pok / tahu goreng berkulit
1 mangkuk taugeh
1 carrot, iris korek api (mancis)
1 cili padi
3 bt bawang merah
1 bt bawang putih
merica, garam secukupnya
1 sdm minyak

Bahan pencelup:
1 sdm tepung beras
2 sdm tepung terigu
garam, merica bubuk secukupnya
*campur jadi satu semua bahan dan aduk dengan sedikit air

minyak goreng 1 cawan, untuk menggoreng

Cara Membuat:
1. Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih, Cili padi diiris tipis. Tumis dengan sedikit minyak hingga naik bau.
2. Masukkan carrot dan sedikit air, masak hingga setengah layu.
3. Masukkan Tauge, garam, merica, dan sedikit gula/penyedap jika suka. Angkat, sejukkan.
4. Tahu digunting salah satu sisi seperti poket/kantong dan masukkan bahan isian.
5. Celupkan tahu isi ke dalam adonan tepung, dan goreng dalam minyak panas sehingga tepung pelapis matang dan renyah.
6. Sajikan hangat dengan cabai rawit atau saos cili.

Kalau udah bunyi tahu isi, 
sepuluh bijik pun Mama boleh makan... haha
sila hitung allowance kalori masing-masing ya....
kalau terlebih, jangan marah ke saya :)

Selamat Mencoba

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Lazy Egg Sandwich

Makanan di kala malas melanda

You must be have "those kind of day" too I bet.
When we totally got no mood and energy even to slices an onion and turn the stove on.
The only way I did at this period are:

1. Microwaved jarred baby food (which Marcella never really like, she will spray the food all over the floor. I have to clean and mop, and make a new fresh baby food for her *with lot of veggie please mom, don't forget my sawi)

2. Dah alang buka dapur masak bubur untuk anak, kita goreng telur sekali.
Goreng manja-manja je, dah tak sabar tunggu masak.

3. Cari apa-apa yang boleh dimakan di peti sejuk.
Lettuce, Cheese yang dah entah berapa lama kat situ.
Taburkan garam dan blackpepper sedikit.

Susun sekali, potong diagonal. amik gambar cun-cun pakai iPhone.

Look yummy aint they?
ahahahahah... kena tipu la korang...

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nasi Dagang Terengganu

When the first time I came to Malaysia, my housemate introduce me to Nasi dagang for breakfast. I found it weird food almost cant eat it. It was feel like eating confused rice. The mix of three different kind of rice give me sensation like I ate half uncooked rice mixed with cooked rice.

However after one week having unpleasant experience in nasi dagang, I start missed it. Somehow the confused mixed-up feeling in eating the rice quite enjoyable.

Later I understand why nasi dagang giving those kind of sensation because it made from three different kind of rice: normal jasmine rice, red rice and glutinous rice which having different cooking time and end result.

In Terengganu or Kelantan, we can found Nasi Dagang everywhere from roadstall to expensive restaurant. But in Kuala Lumpur, we have to go to restaurant which served "Hidangan Pantai Timur" or East Coast Meal.

Pain in the butt and expensive :(

Here is the copycat of Nasi Dagang which far away from the original haha... 

Nasi Dagang:
1/2 cup Jasmine Rice
1/4 cup Red Rice
1/4 cup glutinous Rice
wash, rinse and soak the rice mixture for about 20 min

2 cup water
2 shallot + bit of ginger, finely sliced
1/2 tsp fenugreek seed
1/4 cup light coconut milk
pinch of salt

Put all the ingredients in the rice cooker, and cook till done.
Fluff the rice a bit with fork/spoon, and leave them in "warm" mode for at least 10 min

Normally nasi dagang would served with gulai ikan (malay style fish curry), acar (cucumber-carrot-pineapple pickle) papadum/kerupuk ikan, boiled egg and other side dish.

I don't know how was too lazy to make gulai ikan
end up with defrost some of beef curry, made minutes pickled cucumber and microwaved papadum.

It is not authentic at all,
but fulfill my crave without leaving the house.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Labil atau Kemaruk...???

Labil atau kemaruk...??

Jadi ceritanya begini.
Mama Diyan yang setiap hari bangun jam 5:30 pagi dan baru tidur jam 2:00 pagi pada keesokan harinya, merasa hidup ini waktunya kependekan. Kenapa sehari cuma 24 jam, mbok dibikin genep 30 jam, kan lumayan bisa buat nyambi ini-itu, Udah direwangi tidur 3-4 jam sehari, masih ada aja list kerja yang nggak tersentuh.

Orang kalau kurang tidur, biasanya akan makan berlebihan untuk menahan kantuk (begitu juga saya), terus kalau beginian ada 3-4 minggu... beratnya naik, bajunya sesak, pipinya gembil: pengen marah...

Labil atau Kemaruk..?
Pertanyaan ini selalu saya tanyakan pada diri sendiri.
Setelah beberapa hari kecapekan dan marah-marah dengan orang satu rumah (yang sebenarnya juga percuma, marah pun tiada orang melayan. Walhal kita penat sendiri haha). Penat dua kali lah,
Penat dengan kerja yang tak habis, dan penat hati karena tiada orang melayan kita (aka dicuekin).
Akhirnya Mama menyempatkan diri untuk TIDAK cepat-cepat menyentuh handphone ketika anak tidur, dan mencoba untuk berfikir.

Ni gw tergolong labil atau kemaruk duit sih....
Sebenarnya apa yang membuat aku kecapekan sendiri sih, setelah momong anak seharian yang memang menyita waktu, kenapa aku masih juga nyari kerjaan yang bukan-bukan.

Apakah ini semata-mata aku kurang duit, aku ini labil, atau memang kemaruk nggak jelas....?

1. Anak tetangga jadi model pampers
Kita pun mau juga...!!!
Dapat duit wo.... terkenal juga...
Silap-silap anak aku jadi artis.
**dah mulai mimpi
So, mama pun siapkan baju-baju Marcella. Basuh baik-baik, setrika baik-baik, masukkan dalam plastik.

Buka laptop, browse mana tempat casting agency.
Call dan email semua tempat casting. 
Setelah dapat balasan dan appointment => disini kepeningan melanda.

Pergi dengan bawak baby itu sudahlah satu masalah.
Appointment pukul 2 petang, kena start mandi-makan-tukar baju-makeup pukul 10 pagi.
Ditambah order Taxi, anak menangis nak tidur. Anak lapar, minta makan, suap dengan hati-hati takut baju kotor.
=> anak minta sudu makan, Mama tak bagi.
Berebut sudu, garpu, tupperware (of course Mama lagi menang, kuat Mama kan)

Tapi anak jadi nangis la...

KL - PJ - KLCC - Damansara, semua semua pergi.
Penat gilaaaaaa.......
Sampai rumah tak nak masak, Papa biar tapau kedai mamak.

2. Bekas temen kantor jualan di toko online
Aku pun nak juga...
Aktifkan semula Instagram dan Facebook fan page,
cari customer banyak-banyak.
Naikkan follower dengan segala rupa.
Main kutu, swap review, swap like, swap fesbuk, swap komen...
Apa segala jadah-nya kita lakukan, sampai nak kasih makan anak pun kadang terlupa
(Setakat ini dua kali saja Mama lupa kasih makan anak pasal busy dengan swap review, hahahah)

Dah berniaga, tentu dapat customer, dapat pembeli.
Customer dah bayar, kita buat packing. Esok pergi ke post office untuk hantar parcel.
Bawa bag IKEA, berisi 4-5 kilo parcel, bawa baby, bawa diaper bag, duit, makan, susu, tupperware. Berdiri depan condo tunggu bus Rapid
Eh.. kenapa naik rapid? kenapa tak naik taxi?
ye la kakak, mission kita niaga ini kan nak dapat profit. Dah kalau profit kita ambil sedikit, lepas tu setiap nak pergi post office kena naik taksi. Tak ada untung la....

3. Temen kuliah dapat duit dengan cara review product
Dah bunyi duit... $$$$
aku pun nak juga....
Mulai lah buat review yang free (tak dapat duit, tapi dapat free sample)
Karena kita rajin request ke company punya PR, banyak juga product yang datang. Hampir tiap hari ada lah sample masuk dalam mail-box.

Excited tengok product baru, ambil gambar, snap-snap.
Selfie dengan product tu.
Selfie dengan product, bawa anak sekali.

**Bab menulis, baru lah Ya Allah malasnyaaaaa.............................................

Kalaupun tak malas, terlupa...
dah 3-4 hari baru ingat ==> kalau macam ni dah basi, tengok gambar-gambar kat album pun dah not interested. Cerita yang hari itu ada kat kepala, pun hilang bertukar dengan cerita lain.

4. Temen nongkrong punya travel blog makin cakep
Follower makin banyak, bahkan beberapa hotel dan travel agent menawarkan holiday gratis dengan balasan si temen nulis tentang pengalaman tinggal di hotel itu (aka review).
Mama pun mau juga... nak juga.. panas juga. Blog yang udah sawangen  ini pun mulai di penuhi dengan cerita-cerita travel yang "agak" basi.

Karena kami travel too much, jadinya banyak sekali foto, hotel, restaurant, makan.
TERLALU banyak bahan untuk ditulis yang akhirnya si penulis (yaitu saya) malah sutris sendiri.
**yang akhirnya melongo aja di depan laptop sambil ngeliatin online shopping.

5. Kawan buat blog masak
aku pun nak masak

6. Kawan buat entry pasal baby food
aku pun nak buat baby food

7. Kawan beli SK-II
aku pun nak SK-II
**yang ini bukan karena kawan eh...
memang dah lama nak beli jahanam SK-II tu, tapi selalu tak ada uang lebih kat pocket ni 

Dah memang begini terus.
on and on and on....

Till the point yang Mama kepenatan, tak larat layan handphone, laptop, anak, suami, kucing, dan kakak cleaner.

Semua tak terlayan, dan menjadikan Mama setengah gila.

Jadi sebenarnya,
apa masalah aku ni....


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Marcella First Birthday: Picnic in Taman Layang-Layang

Last Sunday,
we had a birthday picnic for Marcella in Taman Layang-Layang Kepong
Its a big park where people came to flying kite mainly, jogging, cycling, picnic and sometimes wedding party

Nice clean air in the park,
with a big lake

A lot of people have picnic just like us, carrying mat, food and umbrella.

we load our cool box with lot of drinks, juice, cheese, salmon, cut fruits and yoghurt.

everyone are busy with their task.

Marcella had stir fried baby noodle with sawi, zucchini and bell pepper.
And boiled eggs. While the adult had sandwich and salad.

My sandwich

What is that Daddy? So colorful
Wait until you see...
I can't wait.. I can't wait..

wow its flying..

for hour or so I watch them ran around under the sun.
Lucky you two have fair skin, you don't need any whitening. Just sunblock..

Play with us Mummy..
Nah... nanti Mama hitam..  >.<

Bought new snacks for Marcella,
some rice crispy to keep her busy while I munch my chips.

Well, after a while I realized how not good those stuff is.
Its not about the content, the content are fine they are organic chips, all natural and safe for babies.
But I don't want Marcella learn to enjoy chips too fast (like me, chips junkie) so I hide those chip after that and we back to steamed broccoli and carrot for her snacks.
*sorry kid, I don't want you end up like me..

Hot and thirsty after ran around chase the kites,
we enjoy chilled fruits under the shade.
Ini Melon memang banyak manis la... yummm :)

Nice place to lean and relax.
Nice place eh Daddy..?
Yeah.. enjoy your Melon.