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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Thank You and Good Bye

365 days have run very fast
Way too fast than I realized

32 years old very soon...
OH NO...!!!!

Basically not many stories happen in 2014 because I am too busy

Kita pun tak boleh yang cakap tak payah kerja, and just enjoy the life.
(nanti tak kerja, tak ada uang untuk enjoy life kan salah pulak....)
Tapi kalau dah tiap siang-malam, isnin hingga ahad dok fikirkan masalah kerja je
macam ini la... 

We are too busy working till we forgot to say thank you for every happiness God sent to us.

Kerja je siang malam, nak bersyukur pun tak sempat...

But once in a while,
We sit silently and think back what have been happening in my life.
Does it match with my yearly target or I  just life follows the flow with little surprises in between

However, I managed to count couple things that I really grateful in my 2014


Something that everyone in Malaysia already have but not me.
Yes, an online shop.

I feel proud of myself that I able to build my own mini "shop"
My own creation and my own passion.

The most important is extra income *wink


A small handsome little creature has arrived in the world.
Super duper handsome, healthy boy add to the happiness.
My Nephew 


Something delay is finally finished.
One of the long debt of life is finally paid off.
I closed the chapter of education 
(well... it doesn't mean that I stop learning ya... There still plenty thing in the world we don't know. Don't ever think that when you earn Master Degree, means everything in this life getting easy)

~ Easier to find a job  => NOT REALLY, 
I still have to send like thousand resume and attend loads of interview. Yet, I am still here...  At the same place doing the same thing, earning the same  figure.

~ I am a great businesswoman => TOTALLY WRONG
Instead, I learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, trick and tips from my junior at the office. A person who study engineering, not an MBA at all.
I am the most clueless person in doing online business.

~So the expensive time spending study is useless? => DEFINITELY NOT
I have never seen education as warranty to get an easy job with plenty salary.
Education is the place where I build my mentality, the way I think, and
the way I see the world.

By the end of the day, getting a job is about our luck and how good we sell ourselves to the company.


My best friend's wedding.
We study together, we make an assignment together.
We roam around looking for binding place together.
Whining, complaining, crazy-ing and everything


Road trip accros South to North Malaya Peninsula.

Yes, we had a plan-less, money less, booking-less road trip From KL-JOHOR-KELANTAN- CAMERON HIGHLAND - KL.

It was unforgettable moment.
Yes, I want to repeat again someday (WITH BIGGER CAR AND BIGGER ENGINE PLEASE)


Another handsome baby pop-out to this world.
Such a healthy boy. He is my one-and-only sister's son.


My great lost and deep condolence to everyone who their family fly with Air Asia QZ8501 last Sunday. My biggest condolence and its really heart breaking for me and my family.
(Air Asia is our main transportation to bring us everywhere, yet we never really trust any other airlines except KLM)

2014 is become part of my life's story with bit here and there to remember.

Thank you 2014
welcome 2015

plenty list waiting

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Day Off

It is a rainy Christmas day off,
The weather is  cool, cloudy, and friendly


I must be the most awful person you ever meet,
When people is busy to get crazy and party for New Year, I am too busy hiding in a quiet place.

When last year I was too busy taking care my thesis on New Year party,
This year I am too busy hiding at home for doing nothing lol...

I just way too exhausted from my office work which I got no extra energy to spare to do anything. Work is getting crazy and out of control. 
Everyone work for their own name and their own convenient. Just like in political party.

I am way too tired, till I can't even able to meet people for social (In a tired mood, I prefer to stay at home rather than meet people and complain about everything)

The 2nd reason is that there is a natural disaster in Malaysia.
Yes... Flood is everywhere. Cover almost every part of Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu and Perak. 

I just can't understand how people keep cutting the trees and turn them into palm plantation, or company harvesting the soil, sands and rocks from the hill. Make the surface getting flat and flatter. When flood arrives, no place for them to evacuate.

It is very sad and heartbreaking...
And I don't feel having a party is necessary when people I knew getting cold and wet.

I choose to forward my party budget to get them a relief.
Send the money and a couple boxes of dry food and medicine to the local collection.

I feel like I had the best party...!!


Not much thing  I did

packing some simple gift and writing cards for friend and family.
Ran to post office at the very last minute

Spread some old towel and took my favorite thing out...
I got my tea,
Nivea body cream
and a pack of traditional Javanese body scrubs my mom sent me a while ago

It is a powder scrub,
Just mix it with rose water or even just cold water till it turn into
a paste

Rub the paste all over the body,
Leave it half dry, and rub them in circular motion...
I smell like curried meat and I look like marinated chicken ready to cook.

after all....
I feel fresh and super clean afterward.

Making peanut butter cookies in the afternoon while watching a rain pouring down 
Such a nice weather and peace my mind off

The not so consistent peanut butter cookies. Couple batches came in a huge size 
and I bake them too long.
Taste yummy tho... :P

A less sweet but crunchy, soft, chewy and moist peanut butter cookies

I can eat them and having a lazy nap all day long 

In the boxing day the cleaner arrive,
they start doing spring cleaning just because I am too lazy to clean the house myself
(Well, usually Mr and me team up to do cleaning, but today I am single fighter)
 so, I took day off too :P

Enjoy my dinner,
in my shiny house
in a quiet peaceful evening...


Happy Holiday Everyone... :-)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ayam Cah Jamur

Ayam Cah Jamur Tahu 
(Chicken with Mushroom and Soft Tofu)

Another childhood food to share.
My mother is kind of person who loves 30 minutes cooking. 
Until now she is never fancy to make rendang, gulai, curry, or any dishes that required hours of cooking (even though we love those dishes so much)

when I asked her, why she very seldom cook curry or rendang for us, she will have thousand reasons to answer :
1. Gaz and electricity is expensive
2. Cook too long make the food loose the nutrition
3. Stay too long near the heat damage my  skin
4. I am very busy, I got plenty thing to do rather than stay in front of stove

and on... and on... and on... LOL love you mom... :-)

One Sunday morning, on my regular walk around the complex.
Again, I like to say and keep repeating that walking is just so relaxing and stress relieving.
It doesn't really burn so much calories like run but (who cares...)
I just walk slowly, enjoy the surrounding and think about what to cook for dinner.

Ayam cah jamur is kind of less than 30 min cooking,
you can change and mix the ingredient as much as you like

the key ingredient is just: onion, garlic, white pepper, oyster sauce, and corn flour..
the rest are just follow what you have in the fridge :-)

200 gram boneless chicken, cut in a small bites
10 pcs mushroom, slices
1 carrot, peel and slices
1 pack soft tofu, cut in a small bites

1 yellow onion, slices
4 cloves garlic, slices
1/4 tbs salt
dash of white pepper
1/2 cup hot water mix with 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 tbs corn flour mix with 1/4 cup water

fried the onion and garlic,
add in chicken and carrot.
add in 1/2 cup of hot water, oyster sauce and cover until the chicken cook.

5 minutes before served, add in tofu, corn flour, salt and pepper.

Served with hot steam rice :-)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Maggi Kawin, ko ado....?

Inspired by advertisement in the Radio

Whenever I took a taxi, or even just listen to radio on my morning jog, 
I often hear this advertisement about a student who mixed two kind of instant noodle and 
turn into new-incredibly yummy food.

Lol, That is Maggi mee advertisement.
I keep hear it over and over again.

So tonight I give it a try,
I choose the most familiar noodle which both can accepted by our tongue.
(Instant noodle with tomyam and laksa flavour is forbidden in our place)

I choose Maggi Curry and Soto Mee

Boil 3 cups of water (1 cup less, so the taste would be saltier than usual hehe)
add in sliced bird eye chili and bok choy, and egg

add in noodle

stir slowly for 1 minutes

Add in mushroom and frozen peas

Enjoy it :-)

I love the gravy, it's richer than normal Indonesian instant noodle but lighter than megi-kari.
The combination of curry taste with kefir lime leaves from soto is giving a nice hint too

And mt craziness of cili padi (bird eye chili) never stop,
I add them in almost every dish I want to eat

Finish in couple minutes 
Everyone loves it :-)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Intan and Simon In Kuala Lumpur

One of thousands wonderful moment,
when my best mate fly to Kuala Lumpur to meet me



Simon and Intan were my college friend in Indonesia.
Simon is now work in Pekanbaru, Indonesia while Intan is in Jakarta.
There were came for different occasions but they manage to squeeze the time and catch up with me.

Intan brought me lot lot lot of product from Korea,
a nice cream and lotion from Skin Food and L'Occitane

it is a supply for one whole year at least :-)

We catch up in Toast Box KL Sentral,
a nice small eatery who gave me plenty food I like when I miss home

Curried Tofu puff and chicken

Lontong Sayur
(rice cake in an Indonesia style yellow mild vegetable curry)
not easy to find around this home food, but I can always come to Toast Box when I want it

Nice thick less sugar teh tarik

on the next day Simon can't take any Malaysian food anymore,
so we look for something smells like Indonesian food.

We went to Es Teler 77 in Central Market. Ayam penyet with fried egg, 
and Ikan goreng with fried tofu. It was a good food.  I wish I can eat Indonesian food more often.

After scooping up our lunch, we walk from Pasar Seni toward Masjid Negara and Orchid Park. 
But typical Kuala Lumpur, once we walk rain was pouring down and make us wet like two idiot.

We just laugh and enjoy our afternoon and took couple picture around.

Orchid Park is pretty like usual
with plenty nice flower make me feel I wasn't in the middle of city

Simon fly back to Indonesia the day after, so do Intan.

Gonna miss them a lot, and look forward to catch up with them again.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Stir Fried Kailan

a 15 minutes cooking for weekdays dinner :)

I love vegetable so much, but sometimes salad is just way too bland, boring and never match 
to enjoy with steam rice. 

While cook vegetable in Asian style like how my mom cook  taking too much effort start from 
trimmed the veggie, washed with salt water, slicing, dicing, etc.

But learning to make vegetable dish in less than 15 min from many blog around
(add in couple dish I had while order in restaurant) I found couple vegetable that
actually doesn't need too much trimmed and treat before cook. And the ingredient
is always less than 5 item.

Stir Fried Kailan With Oyster Sauce

1 pack baby kailan, wash with salt water, rinse
1 tbs cooking oil
3 garlic, chopped
2 tbs oyster sauce
1/4 cup water + 1 teaspoon corn flour

heat up the wok, add in garlic until crispy.
add in vegetable and cover with lid.

After the stem bit soften, add in oyster sauce salt and pepper.
couple second before serve, add in mixed corn flour

stir a bit

And Served with hot steam rice

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Jamu Kunyit Asam

an old Javanese herbal drink to ease your period pain

As Indonesian especially Javanese you will very familiar with word JAMU. 
It's a local version of medicinal herbs concoction with variety taste from "OK to drink" up to bitter like sh*t

Kunyit Asam (Indonesian), Kunir Asem (Javanese) came from word Kunyit = Turmeric, and Asam = Tamarind which the main ingredient from this drink basically made from : fresh turmeric, tamarind, ginger and palm sugar.

It is a super powerful herbal drink is consumed for many purposed include:

1. Ease period pain
2. Clean up women's inner part (womb, vaginal, etc) from any infection
3. Reduce body odor, smelly sweat, and unpleasant smells from your period
4. It is work for after deliver mom too...

The fresh Ingredients

2 knob fresh old turmeric (Choose as old as you could, the older it has more turmeric-y taste)
1 knob fresh old ginger
2 table spoon fresh tamarind (I bought a wrong one, mine was tamarind mixed with salt) so I put less
2 table spoon palm sugar (or add more if you want sweeter)

1. Roast ginger and turmeric (I am too lazy to turn the oven on, end up with put them on fire)
2. Peel and slice, you will see the different between old and young turmeric. The young one has less yellowish colour.
3. Pound them
4. Add 2-3 glasses boiling water
5. Add in sugar and tamarind
6. Leave for couple minutes, strain and enjoy

I am enjoying this herbal drink so much...

We can also add some honey to add the benefit

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Padang Merbok

It was a cloudy morning and I feel my body getting bigger, and bigger, and heavier...

I am frustrated cos none of my current clothes fit me.
All tight, all makes me looks like caterpillar... hiks.. :'(

Since the office is getting crazy til I couldn't make a time for exercise. Always home and exhausted.
I guess join some running event will force me to do training (well, If I didn't train then I will faint during the run, that must be embarassing)

the 10KM running track

Bukit Tungku is bloody hilly makes my leg turn into jelly.


I made it...

to the finish line

My finishing running shirt (which I don't know when I gonna wear it again)
and my finishing medal 

The good thing about this run, the organizer made a good effort to gather all the sponsor and give us plenty booth to choose what we want to eat / drink.

I got a bunch of coupons to redeem HE HE HE 
I was excited to redeem all of them, but Mr Said its embarrassing to carry them home.
I guess I need to redeem what I want to eat there which is NONE

sulking all the way home cos I was hungry,
Mr treat me with a nice Pho to die for from The Social