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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chicken Rice Balls

One of Melaka famous local delicacy..

My first experienced eat chicken rice balls in Melaka.
When normal chicken rice shop give you a bowl of garlic-ginger-brothy rice to served with steamed or roasted chicken. Melaka give you a ball-shaped of rice.
*I just wonder how many hands been touch the rice before I eat, do they use a gloves?  do they wash their hands? or not?
Or they pee on the street without wash and straight ball-ing my rice (like what happen in Vietnam street vendor served my banh mie)

But it taste good.. haha...
and I didn't see how they ball-ing the rice, let's pretend it's nice, clean and awesome.. lol

Sorry for being over-sarcastic,
but honestly the chicken rice in ball shape is unique and taste good.

for RM 6.50 I got half breast of steamed chicken and five rice balls.
It was bit sad at the beginning, 5 balls looks very small to me and I was ready to order my 2nd plate.
But don't get tricked by the balls. They were really filing, I can't even finish it.

Nice clear soup,
not so greasy
just the portion is too small

This good food perfectly match with teh tarik (bubbly milk tea)
A good option if we want to eat out which is not curry.
Not enough veggie though...

Friday, 24 August 2012

Nasi Dagang

B.I.G Grocery
Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

RM 16.90++ per portion
(mahal gileeer)

Selamat Hari Raya to every muslim in this world.
How was your Idul Fitri celebration? All great..?

Not bad here in Kuala Lumpur,
we were happy the road were empty..
shopping mall bit empty

Bit struggle though, bus services from Jalan Duta is off till next week..
I have to go anywhere by taxi #pwweeewwww...
**told you to learn to drive a car..!
when everybody eat traditional food to celebrate the festive season,
so do I..
When I read Catz's post about how nice nasi dagang for breakfast..
ho ho ho.. I am drooling around..
But craving nasi dagang would bit annoying if I have to cook myself
(how to cook lah....)

But glad, BIG grocery open some stall and sell traditional Malay food.
(Well actually plenty traditional Malay restaurant in Solaris Dutamas, but I will way too confuse when I saw an open table with 40 different tupperware filled with 40 kinds of delicious lauk, ikan, fish, curry, chicken, beef, eggs, in a different way of cooking.

So yeah, choose the simple one.
Pick stuff from B.I.G where I only have two option. Nasi Dagang set, or Nasi Campur set.
(I can't choose, so I pick both)

Nasi Dagang is Traditional Food from Terengganu,
where the rice is mixed from normal rice and glutinous rice (If Im not mistaken) it cooks with slices shallot and spices.

When the first time had this, I felt confused and complaint to the seller said that the rice is not cook enough.
The lady in food stall explained to me, nasi dagang is meant to cook firm and bit sticky from glutinous rice.
For me,
Wasn't  a nice experience to eat un-cooked rice.

But something not nice, doesn't mean you don't want to have it again.
Nasi dagang is addicted..
You want it again and again.. lol

Served it warm,
with any side dish you want..
(if kurang panas, put in microwave for 1 minutes)

Fresh Acar
(fruits and vegetable pickles)

and Beef Rendang

(where is the gulai ikan / fish curry..? )

Ribena, Beer, and TV

I had pampered tummy tonight...

Burp.... :-)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Tony Roma's

Sorry for the poor quality picture,
phone camera is awfully bad..

Every person has their own way to release the tension.
Some went karaoke and sing like a broken excavator,
Some went party and drunk, and end up slept on toilet,
Some find someone to listen their story till the ear bleeding,
and I always end up in some meaty restaurant munch too much food... then creates a new tension (increase weight..)

Just like tonight,
couple minutes after I submit my report, print my thumb...
I ran away from office as punctual as I could without proper direction...

Bus-ing, monorail-ing, walk-in..
40 minutes later I end up in...

this random restaurant..


flip around the book menu, and I choose a random food after couple minutes.

Appetizer number 1

Appetizer number 2

Main Course

And I still hungry,
but too shy to order one more food... :'(

Thursday, 16 August 2012

WeekendBy The Beach

Cherating Beach
Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur

we went to Cherating Beach last weekend..
It was fun to drove around from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan.
It took about 2.5 hrs (add-in got lost, Mc Donald, and Petrol stop would be 3.5 hrs)

stay one-two night on a small chalet,
relax on the beach, ran with barefoot along the sea side..
wander around,
collecting some shell for craft,
Eating seafood in local restaurant..

share the picture later

tonight will too busy think about Hari Raya...

hope you guys have a great weekend plan ahead :-)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hari Raya Countdown (kuih raya)

Fasting is only couple days left,
now we start counting to Raya...
when all tv, shopping mall, radio play Hari Raya song
It just give a different feeling to a muslim community :)

Like another religious festive season,
Hari Raya means a lot of food.. laugh.. friends and family around.
Where everybody are relaxed, do nothing and eat everything.

All about happiness

This Raya I am not lucky enough to spend with my family in Indonesia.
(hopefully next year)
where I will just spend the day off in Kuala Lumpur with my sister.
Here is several cookies and kuih we prepared so far.
Kueh kapit, bahulu, and kerepek pisang is not arrived yet.

Cornflakes and honey cookies
order from officemates

Butter cookies
this one too

pineapple tart

Chocolate Moist Cake to Die For...
made by my officemate

mini cupcake

mini chocolate roses
with almond inside

I guess I am the laziest person in celebrating any festive season.
I don't even make any special shopping, or special cooking.
All the Raya cakes and cookies ordered from officemates and some local stores.

It doesn't matter where I am, with who I celebrated with
Hari Raya  would never change...


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Nasi Goreng Ala Thai

Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

Been too long didn't update my blog, I was too busy eating, running, and sleeping.
And I have new more interesting thing in my phone.
A nice apps to edit and upload my picture without bother add in writing or review.
But still, blogging is more fun..

Anyway, we have some dinner in Thai restaurant in Publika.
There is a hidden Thai restaurant in the back line where everybody seems don't really see it
(Or maybe I didn't see it)

Was a very quiet restaurant if compare with another.
The waitress seems very free to hang around (off course, no customer)
I was doubt about the taste, I was assume the place must be empty because the food
doesn't taste good.

But I am wrong..

cozy and comfy places..

My Ice Lemon Tea,
fresh squeezed lemon in fresh brewed tea
(no fake F&N tea)

Fresh Apple Juice
No sugar added

Just nice

Pad Thai Mee

I like the mini version of kuetiaw to make this noodle.
It served with chili flakes, roasted peanut flakes, lime slices and sugar.


(I forgot) Thai Fried Rice
very aromatic,
the taste of turmeric are bit too strong

love the cashew nut and raisins in the rice.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Status : =.=.=.=.=.=

What you feeling if your closest friend put you on acquitance and hide their status from you.

Feel curious?
for a moment, of course feel curious.

You want to ask?
Feel like really want to ask why I can't see any update from you anymore.

then I asked myself back :
maybe I like to give annoying comment, maybe my word too harsh, maybe I comment too much, maybe I tag too  many unecessary thing.


maybe too....

maybe not....

Do I really need to ask?
LOL.. nah...
It just a facebook, feel free to hide, show, delete or even block...

I love my real life better than this website..

Only after couple days
I will just forgot that you ever appear in this thing.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bon Odori Festival 2012

Publika Square,
Solaris Dutamas

According browser, Bon Odori is dancing festival where the Buddhist Japanese give an offer to their ancestor. Yes or Not, I am not really sure
but Malaysia been have this festival for several years found by Japanese Expat in Malaysia.

This festival usually held in Matshushita Stadium, Shah Alam.
Where lot of crowd gather to eat, drink, and many things. Too bad I missed the big festival because I went to Melaka.

But lucky when the Japanese expats living in dutamas area celebrated here too.
Saturday evening, after shower we went down for buka puasa and watch the festival in Publika Square
near Ben's Cafe
My camera doesn't friendly to me at all, so I use instagram to make it look OK a bit

How cute they are,
with nice cherry blossom summer Kimono

And the boys with fancy Yukata too...

This  lady wait the crowd to come near the mini stage to start dancing.
How cute her kimono is.

the mini stage with four Japanese ladies start dancing

followed by the crowd

they sell choya and some Japanese liquor.
How excited I am :-P

some places selling Japanese curry, Gyoza, Sapporo (Japanese beer) and some snacks too
(Something like Daisho sell)
Was a new experienced for me to see Bon Odori festival which actually related with Hungry Ghost the chinese celebrated each year.

Hopefully next year they will celebrated the same thing too...

Friday, 3 August 2012

Sunny Sunday in Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur

Couple snap with my phone when we wander around Lake Garden last Sunday

It was sunny Sunday afternoon, when Mr T  say yes to join me out for walkies.
Walkies..?  yes, an outdoor walkies which is not running or work out.
Just relax slow walkies, like puppy walkies.

I think I like lake garden,
lot of trees, fresh air, clean, 
it has running path for work out.

green lake..
would be awesome with add in extra 1-2 biawak, or lil crocs

meant to make a pic like in this pict  but not enough flower.

lot of nice spot to took a pict too..

meant to be a very sweet pict,
but the slipper sabotage it =P

still cute tho..


Was a nice place,
good place to exercise and get close to nature. 
Bird watcher could find lot of colourful tiny birds around 
(if not satisfied, there is bird park within 5 minutes walk),
Orchid park, Deer Park, Planetarium, Hibiscus Park, Mosque, Balai Polis,
Parliamentary Building too (hang on, this is not park)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


when my soul not there

I choose travel than stay..

Ben's Nachos and Pasta

Ben's Cafe
Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

It was sunny afternoon,
Mr ran for almost 10km accross the road.
And I ran only 1km on treadmill,  fully aircond and alarm which is set to exactly 7.30 pm
(puasa ok.., tak larat lari)

I forced myself (even not hard enough) to ran at least couple times a week,
doesn't matter run on the road, or treadmill.
I promise myself to make my heart and lung work better, since I am refuse to diet or
do anything healthy. Run is the only activity to keep my heart work proper.

Anyway, weather was really clear and friendly when we finish shower,
and we decide to have dinner outside.

Ben's cafe is always a nice option to relax in the evening.
I like the outdoor table while we can sip put drink, enjoy the breeze an watch people around.
I dont know how many times we've been chilled here.
Way too often I guess.

Both of us love this place.

Pasta Pomodoro
Pome 'd oro (or whatever the name, but not Bolognaise)

I like the way Ben's cook their pasta. Firm, light and soaked in fresh sauce.
Different with heavy-meaty bolognaise like what I used to expected.
It just light tomato sauces with lot of tomato bits and grated cheese.
*you think I can get myself skinny if I eat this? no?

Nachos as a surpised order,

* awww... how could you know that i love Nachos sooooo much... :)

Nachos here is not that bad,
not enough meat but generous with sauces and chips.
If you compared with Nachos in Chili's or TGI Fridays where they arrange the chips nicely
(around 10-15 chips only)

here they just throw half bag tortilla chips,
top up with sauces
But still, the homemade Nachos always taste better.

ha ha

Nice Dinner, Nice Evening...

Tarawih..? adeeh... malas...