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Friday, 28 March 2014

Tanjung Rhu

Looking for... 
Better quality 

Totally no inspiration to write

I just want to lie down lazy

and looking at something pretty

Like this

Or like that

No office stress, nobody shouting or yelling

Not bad word

Not hearing anything that let me down and feel like a runaway

Just be happy .

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Langkawi Short Trip



Well, it's actually not that short trip.
Took me couple days try to relax my mind.
Work and pressure from the management really almost make me send my r*******n letter.

Yes, the feeling is something I couldn't describe...
People only live around me and listen to my daily thing understand how asshole the politic is. 
You could be blamed and yelled for something out of your power just because you are the admin, the outsider, the foreigner, the worker, the monkey, the slaves and the person paid.

Enough complaining...
My own fault, I still stay at the same place and did nothing.
After back to my hometown, I let myself stop over in Langkawi to pick a fresh air and some duty free.

Thanks to firefly 
You gave me plenty cheap ticket almost everywhere

From a very convenient airport.

there I will unwind my mind
and my sh*t

Lunch at little Mexico
Pantai Chenang
nice Nachos, but bit expensive

Dinner at D'Khas
Not good at all

but the veggie is very fresh

so yes, I eat it

fave breakfast

Fish and Chips at Tanjung Rhu

English Tea in Pantai Chenang

Satay and fried rice from submarine
The old place of Oasis, but now they split into two

one oasis, one submarine

enjoy afternoon by the beach
Eat Pringles drink my coconut

Lovely sunset


totally different with KL face


Monday, 24 March 2014

Coconut Lime Scrub

New product made by Lulur Bali Malaysia

I testing their sugar scrub product (for free),
I quite Iike it.

I love the fresh smell of lime juice and lime zest all over my body.

The base of sugar scrub is Virgin coconut oil and sugar. I guess they add more thing like almond  oil, vitamin É, and other moisturizer.

I applied on my wet body and give soft motion to let the sugar scrub do the job.

Leave for five to ten minutes and rinse with warm water.

- The product is 100% made from natural ingredients
- Sugar scrub is soft enougo to exfoliate face and lips.
-The moisturizer from almond and Virgin Coconut oil leave the skin soft, smooth and hidrated.

- Sugar scrub is made from sugar, it leave the shower messy , sticky and slippery the residue invites many insect i.e : Ants etc .

- I am not patient enough to wait up to 10 min before shower.
- The container made from glass-jar, not easy to bring during travel.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


On my 31st birthday dinner
31 tahun... Sudah tua yuolls 

We had such a nice dinner around
The house

Been looking at their menu anytime we walk pass by

never ending menu,
Way too many food...

I dare you eat fish 


Unagi rice

Unagi = eel

the big pot


let me show you how to cook hotpot

our hotpot

Yes we love sushi

Thanks for the great dinner
And I had a great trip afterward

Friday, 7 March 2014

Lulur Bali Ratih

Living in Malaysia is not really easy to get lulur (traditional body scrubs), it is way different with when you living in Indonesia where almost every single shop having it.

Yes, lulur is essential part of our life.

After happily use Ovale brand, I explore myself to tried a new one. Bali Ratih is kind of new product to me, but then I realise I've been using then for long time.

The previous brand was "Sekar Jagat" which I've been using for long time.

What I like from Bali Ratih is the aroma and the power in remove the dirt from my skin without crazily scrub.

While other lulur is giving a fresh traditional aromatherapy fragrance to your body, Bali Ratih is leaving fresh fruity aroma to us.

Some more Bali Ratih also completed the package with Body Butter, body lotion and body mist.

Here is the link:
Instagram: @bali_lulur_my
WHATSAPP: +60163886553