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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Malaysia Africa Business Forum

Putrajaya International Convention Centre

It's an Business forum where the Malaysian govt try to expand the business to Africa which is not South Africa (again).

**i think so..

What I understand as South East Asian (Like most Malaysian too) has a view that  African in Malaysia (Except Ibra and Ousmane from UTM) identical with Trouble

Is it all the African in Malaysia are trouble?
Is there any other African who came here for real study, real business and a real opportunity?

I was really curious about this and make me end up sitting in this forum.

Travel to Putrajaya is not that hassle, I just jump into ERL from KL sentral and stop at Putrajaya central,
followed by taxi ( I should able to come by nadi bus) but too lazy to choose.

Taxi in Putrajaya Sentral is using coupon, no cheating opportunity..!

the booth from Kenya High Comission

all the guest

I just can't help,
this lady has a nice dress... 
so i sneak out took her pic when everybody sang Malaysian National Anthem

I wasn't really understand what is the purpose I'm sitting here for our today's business,
because I am not the main role in my company.
But what I know by sitting here quietly, listen to them talking about world and all the accessories will give me extra input to widen my mind.

Also meet lot of important people.

Ahh.. this is the stuff what Ibra always talked about.
We have Marry brown, we have corn cup, but we don't have Mc.Donald in Uganda etc etc etc.
Which is actually the issue are very popular. 

The African tried to attract foreign franchise to open more their business there.

when everybody busy listening,
Mike Tyson talk to the wife about tonight's match..

World start become very quiet when this old man start talk...
Ah yes, I love the way he talk.
He explain every business thing like our professor in University.  SIMPLE BUT CORRECT..
Easy to digest..

He mentioned to crowd : 
When a man success doing their business in a Country, government doesn't have to worry about everything.
- Money to Govt will come itself from tax. 
- Job opportunities for people will come itself without headaches
- No demonstration or rebellion (because people will be too busy working)

So, it is wrong when Government in some country make a lot of difficulty to open and run their business there..

Listen to what he said, i feel sad about my country.. :-(


then no more frustrated jobless sad Indonesian has to go to other country just for little money to pay their kid's school

Ousmane, running around and asked me to take his pic with Dr. Mahathir

Ibra too...

Me..? I don't really want to take a pic with him. I love listening his speech more.
knowing what inside of his brain, and try to understand what is big world about, how behave right to face the world challenge, how to see which is right which is wrong.. 
He is a great old man, Malaysia should grateful has a chance to lead by him.
(where other leader might too busy talking about spending 1.8Million ringgit to build facebook fan pages, owww wooooo......JOKE)

(Talk about taking pictures, I would more excited to take  a pictures with Rita and Siti.., my spoon and my cookies)

and he doesn't want to move after one shoot.
Not enough Ibra..? move on, everybody also want to take their pics..

the corporate lunch,
here we got a chance to exchange our business card (where I didn't do) in purpose...

there several African business-man asking my business card, but i didn't give. I tell to Ousmane that I don't want to give because I know they will contacted me for other purpose which is not business.. HAHA.. they agree

Next time I attend this kind of forum, I will bring Mr Boss, business card.
You want to gatal... go menggatal to my boss, haha..

me, try to behave myself.. do not eat the whole food there

Ibra with.. I don't know,

I think he is successful businessman who brought Syme Darby to Liberia and build the palm plantation there.

I think so, maybe.. I don't know..
I don't asked..

Photo-shoot session,
my feet really sore wearing those bloody fully-covered shoes..
sore at front, sore at back, sore at the sole, sore at the heel.. I wish they let me wear my running shoes..

Ibra was soooo excited meet his big guy in his country...
try tell him bout everything, hope he doesn't forget that He wants Mc Donald in Uganda too...

Mr. Vice president,
Nando's is not enough... We want Mc. Donald too... please make the business license to open restaurant easier for us..

Photo session,
everybody happy..

I remember the guy in Orange uniform 
(I hope he is not the bodyguard, watching me with a weird look)

Left to Right,

Ousmane from I don't know.. he is Dr. Lai 's faithfull student. He keep sit on his class even he already pass his paper.

Ibra, my classmates.. from Uganda

and, I don't know guy.. from Guinea (Find it on google where Guinea is.. not Papua new Guinea OK)

==> then OK, I change my view a bit 'bout being so suspicious with African in Malaysia ,
not all of them are trouble.. I met lot of serious people who really want to study, build business and try to develop their country.

Salute for them....

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