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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Catching Fish and Picnic in TTDI Park

Craving for nature we said.

Sometimes I wonder is it only me of other people feel the same. I often feel suffocate when I stay indoor too long. 
I feel stressed and its like giving me non necessary headache. 

I must be weird... 

Well anyway... 

I decide to reduce the amount of my 2.4yo attending indoor playgroup and we do our own outdoor nature playgroup (well, just play...) as we don't have any group yet =p

Today we planning on catch tadpole in TTDI Park  however I didn't realised that tadpole is not living in stream. They live in ponds.

There are plenty baby fish instead... 

Many mommies I've approached to join the play was moaning that the park has only one  playground.
The walk from parking lot to the river is far... 
It hot
Lot of monkeys

I know, nature playground is not everybody's cup of tea. 

I love TTDI Park because of the stream itself.
Forget about the man-made playground (where we can find everywhere.. Including in our housing complex anyway)

The park offer more and many activities. 
The stream.. 
The different vegetation we might not see in our housing area. 
The different kind of birds.. 
The sound.. 
The air. 
And the quality of air.

We spend good three hours of catching fish, 
Giving her snacks, 
Collecting some yellow leaves and flowers. 

Watching some birds 

Taste some grass

Feed the turtles with our left over 

Taking taxi back, for home 

We soaking in sun rays and sweat. 

Great happy day 

We  keep some of our catch in small container