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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Marcella's 2nd Birthday

My little Bunny turn two last week and (like usual we don't have any exciting plan about it)

Thanks to her Aunt, who insisted a trip to celebrate and to have something to remember.

Having 24 Months Old is a new things for me. She has lot of new skills which often amaze me.
She is now able to sit still and focus on something interest her (not gadget or device, I'm talking about something else).

1. Our friendship become much better, she seems understand our conversation better.
2. Learning about empathy toward other feeling better. She understand hurt, pity, sympathy better.
3. Hands on learning on daily chores and quite useful for me.

4. Still no sign of scissors and knife cutting skills (it will be much better in couple weeks).

Ice cream is her fave thing (one particular brand which made from coconut milk with purple yam flaavour)
Ais Potong Satu Malaysia

We drove to Cherating for one night stay because she has her appointment on Monday.
We stop at Telok Cempedak Beach, my all time favorite place to spend my weekend.

Lunch at Mee Tarik Warisan

And another 30 minutes drives via beach road to Cherating. 

We stayed at the same apartment, Samsuria Beach Resort. I wasn't sure whether the wet and rainy weeks or just the less-cleanliness that make the hotel bit sticky and less pleasant to stay.

Overall mostly are nice and fine.

Something you always need when you visiting east coast Malaysia,
they are super small, almost couldn't see. Swarm on your skins without you realised.
And the next day I will have hot-itch all over my body which usually last about one week.

We brought couple pieces of small cakes and presents.

Lady Bugs Cupcake and candles to blow

another cupcake, another candle and another birthday song.

After blowing candles, we went out to have walk on the beach to collect sea shell.
The weather was a bit friendly too...

Having lunch at Pak Su Seafood restaurant in Balok.
It was a great food, I love them and insist to take away the left over so we can have it for the next day lunch (ahaks....)

On the next day we just make a trip to IKEA to buy this children table.

She loves it a lot.
And now almost everyday we use it for meal, painting, playing, drawing, colouring.

In the afternoon the present from her Nanny just arrived far far away from the UK.
awww.... paddington book and paddington Bear.

Happy 2nd Birthday my dear...
Lot of works  and adventures awaiting ahead..