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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Gonbei-San Japanese food

Starhill, Bukit Bintang
 Kuala Lumpur
(a restaurant with bamboo gate behind Louis vuitton)

A fine dining Japanese restaurant which makes me nervous.
You have to sit on the floor, fold your legs nicely. And because I wear pencil skirt, that is exactly any guy or girl who sit in front of me can see my spareparts if if do not sit properly.

And you become more nervous when you realize you don't really know how to use the camera.

My lil sister asked me to buy this particular camera, sony a350 with reason that the screen are foldable..
while it here, I was think to borrow before she pick it.
quite smaller than my D3000, and lighter..

but then I just realize that I don't know how to use it...!!!

all the pictures start having blood-ish colour (vivid) (sunset) whatever the name...!

baby octopus and boiled edamame for appetizer.
Boiled edamame remind me with my childhood where my mother often force me to eat boiled soy bean (and of course not edamame, but the same bean we use to make soy milk and soft tofu)

she always said
 " the best protein, will make you grow tall but not fat"
" make your skin glowing"
etc etc and all of her propaganda.

didn't buy me at all... Now you know the reason why I'm short..! lol

salmon sashimi..
fresh and nice (just the portion too small)
I need three portion of it

stir fried bean sprout,
taste so-so.. nothing special
(now I wonder why they charge me soooo damn expensive for this bean sprout)

the best dish matched with my tongue,
beef teriyaki in cube cut..
Love the way they cook and served with crispy fried garlic

my wine,

I tried the warm sake. But the taste chokin my throat.
it's like combination of Jinro (korean wine) mix with chinese cooking rice wine, and tapai.
burn my throat.

so yes,
I stick into my old-not-fancy-lifestyle.. 
hard for me to sit on the floor, tatami, tiny pillow and fold my legs nicely.
And try hard to do not spread the legs in any single moment, 
yet I have to do eating race with two other people.. and take picture..

nice edamame, 
tired eating but can't filling up my stomach..
*frustrating.. ('.'!)

the food spread, and my colleague hand..


taste not good at all...
plain.. oily and cold..

remind me with Styrofoam or my beach flip-flop.. 
once you bite it, the oil squirt out from the tempura

(cengkodok pisang near pearl International hotel taste better) 

i feel regret i order this..!

grilled Cod meat,
taste awesome..!!!

love it...
the fish just melt into your mouth when you eat.

my testing shoot...

getting better

and look realistic now...

hey look...!!!

sneak out to take picture cute Japanese guy on the next table.
Can you see his sexy legs? lol

I bought the environment rather than the food itself.
And myself who used to eat in mamak stall, in a big portion of tasteful food
totally can't translate about the concept of fine dining
(I'm bragging)

Nice place to eat, just too costly for me.
If you bring your colleague here, make sure the the company pay the claim. Not worth to take the money out of your own pocket. 

nice.. quiet. You can eat, and talk slowly.. drink slowly.
waitress are very friendly, and familiar face ( the hotel rotate into different restaurant i guess)

Nice place, but the food not that nice...


BuzyBugz said...

aq mauuuuuu...yg jappaness guy nya..wkwk:p

Kelley said...

you can have the Japanese guy for you... haha,
both for you