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Monday, 31 December 2012

2013, I am ready for you.......

after all..
It wasn't so bad :-)

After whining, complaining...
Stress around about anything that couldn't done before year change....
I guess I can sleep well tonight (partly)..

I have to put down all the invitation for New Year Drink, New Year Dinner,
New Year camping, and all of those drooling BBQ thing just for study

Sounds sad, but actually not at all...
finishing my RM statistic calculation, report and slides
is the best deal to end my 2012 in peace..
I have bigger, tougher, yuckier year ahead..

I am nervous, but I am sooooooo  ready for you..

**dah macam poyo kan..?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

My Christmas Day Off

Festive Season....

open a present... lol
yaiy.. I have new slim laptop now,
back pain no more
I can even work with two laptop at one time

one - two shot while we think what we going to eat..

Stuff my mouth with plenty food of course...


lamb chop

the best char koew teow ever
**only in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia

nom nom..

the officemate join us afterwork

Sup Hameed for breakfast

Penang famous mutton soup

slurp the bone off

Walk around in Gurney Drive enjoy the afternoon and dream around

"Bila agaknya saya nak kurus ye......"

some silly style

 it's getting dark
and I don't like to walk around in Penang after dark

Holiday finish..
time to go home and finish up the assignment.
Get ready for exam too...

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone...
Selamat Natal..

I have a simple but nice Christmas day off this year...

a proper rest and sleep help me recharge my body

and a quiet day (very very very quiet) to do my first project

A simple trip to Penang, catch up with my sister
(leave Mr. alone in KL...)
sorry darling...!!!!

and have some nice walk around near by

will upload more,
and share more later....!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Morning Thought

Pictured myself as a  gardener who grew plenty vegetable in my balcony,
they are  community who don't even look at the dirt I am messing around with right now..
Never give me chance to watering my plants,
Never give some kindness to contribute a little effort of seeds,
soils, or maybe some cheap fertilizer..
Pretend that garden is never exist in this community

Do I need to give them some onion  if they want to make beef stew...?
Is it fair if they expect me to give them some of my garlic, strawberry or bean sprout for free...?

I don't think so...

If they never acknowledge me or give me positive help to raise my gardens,
Let's just pretend that garden never exist,
and nobody should expect any fruits or harvest.. or even sprigs of herbs..

I will only do what they acknowledge me doing it..
no extra....
there is no extra think or strategy need to expect from me..
because they never help me trough my study...

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Souled Out Ampang

 Souled Out
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Good medicine for sore throat
the bubble have shooting effect,
cool down and relaxing

better effect than yoga, meditation and aromatherapy

I spot my fave food


Friday, 14 December 2012

Don't go too soon...


Please don't go too soon..
Don't give me new year too quick....
I haven't finish my current part yet..

Don't make me open new book before I close the old one...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hello December

Hello December,

I am insanely mad...

December should be the most festive season to most people
The weather start become friendly, less hot.. more cloud, more rain
Discount and Year End Sales filling up every department stores,
Peaceful Caroll sang everywhere, nice decoration spread around,
Everybody always look forward for dinner at home, at decorated dining table
Warm chocolate at night or simple Red-wine while watching TV, 
under the darkness of  "switching off" everything and 
just rely on moon, stars and neighborhood's light.
Spread blanket, cover the feet and feel asleep on couch



I WISH.......!
December this year is the craziest time in my current life.
I have all report and study assignment need to submit before end of the year,
Exam on Christmas, and another Exam on New Year Eve... 
then another exam after New Year

Really look forward to finish my study and relax
Sip my tea without worry what and when is the deadline submission

I am so over with my current situation..

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Classic and Cool

sunny afternoon, peaceful cafe, cool drink..
and a book to read

~super classic~

In the story or film we used to see one or two scene people sitting in cafe, 
enjoying afternoon breeze.. have some drink and read book (usually novel).
Then their friend came, give cute kiss, sat together, having a chat and laugh...
Good scene isn't it...

Then a same questions came across to me, what I did while I sit in cafe with cup of drink in front of me.

what I can remember if I sit in cafe, soon after I order drink  I will order food too I will busy look for power plug. 
Then open my laptop and do my assignment, read travel blog, browse cheap ticket, play with my phone
Or if I don't bring my laptop I will read my study case followed by :-

- Order fries and munch it
- Take picture of food or drink I order
- Play with instagram
- Upload food picture on facebook, foursquare, twitter any social network I can register.
- Have chat messenger with my sister

If I start bored with whatever keep me busy, I will start stare at people walk around
or even the waitress. Tried to find their mistakes and start make a joke about them.

I can't imagine what I'm going to do if someone ask me to try to be like that, with cup of latte and novel on my hand.
No smartphone, no laptop, no iPad, no tablet, and no friends to talk with.
What I'm gonna do....????

Sit nicely, sip coffee slowly and concentrate read book..

could I...? LOL...

I guess I am way too misbehave to be classic and cool like that.

Talk about reading book or novel, there was a time where I also spent lot of time read book and novel.
But then I start stop read them slowly, because my curiousness kill myself and totally not good for me.
Once I read book and get involved with the story, I would not stop until I get them done.
Doesn't matter how thick that bastard is, I will keep read until I know what happen.
I can read 10 cm thick book in two days.

Worse is if the novel have series 1-2-3 -4 and so on..
I could buy the whole series, just to get to know whats next.

too much money invested on not so cheap paper
too much time invested just to know what's next
and I lost lot of time to enjoy other thing..
way to nerd sit in reading room, headache and sore eyes drugged by book 

now I stop touch thick book,
except my study book (but that is not interesting at all).....

how you try to kill your addiction...?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent Calendar

an exciting way to count December from one to twenty five...

Mr got me this advent calendar to open one each day..
The one from BIG is cute, 
I have to tear ONLY ONE pocket each day, then I will find different discount coupon to redeem


waiting to next 24 hours to know what inside of the next secret box turn me mental..

only after 2nd Dec, 
I went down to BIG groceries,
get extra advent calendar for myself..
and open it ALL PAGES..

then go sleep...

curious no more... 

tomorrow will buy different version, I hope I can hold the temptation and stop abuse the calendar..