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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Rojak Buah : Fruit Salad


Fruit was never be my fan..
I always think, how tired i peel, chew, and swallow it never fill up my stomach.
Then after all the effort, i still have to try to find some meaty stuff to comfort the stomach's worm.

Always hungry....

But the heat and the weather, really makes me can't take any heavy food these couple days.
Something greasy, fatty and oily will makes me feel ewwwyykkk for the whole day.
Make my body's heat even hotter.

The result = Angry Easily

to anticipated the "Easily Angry" condition,
I keep myself eat light but often.. (well, you know.. eating plant-made food will make me hungry too fast. The Fiber, the Vitamin, the mineral, the-whatever doesn't really work with my stomach)

So, I brought lot of fruits in Tupperware to office for munching, lunch, tea time and anytime i want to eat something.

I dip into sweet soy sauce to make it less-tasteless (bit tasty)  <= which one is correct..? pardon my English, haha

apple and mango, dip into spicy soy sauce... 

mixed feeling between sweet, spicy and fresh..
and the effort of chewing the fruits... 

The easiest sauce i made :
- 2 bird eye chili
- 3 spoons sweet soy sauce (add extra sugar if you wish sweeter, i don't)

how to:
- Cut chilies into small pieces, you may pound it if you love extra hot (I can't, so i just cut them quarter..)
- Mix with soy sauces
- Pour into cubed fresh fruits you love (anything, except Durian)  **I tried to use this sauce with kiwi fruit, just doesn't work.. this sauce work best with tropical fruits esp Mango and Pineapple.

I keep thinking, if I could hold myself eat this kind of food for whole 2 weeks. 
I think I will be very skinny

don't you agree?

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