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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jakarta Trip 3: We off to Bandung

It was 9:30 am when we reach there and the train departed at 10:50.
For Malaysia time it is considered early, but here it is a quite late time.
5:30 am in Jakarta is already bright like 8:00 in Kuala Lumpur.
I must be the most uncivilized people where I keep expecting everything like in KL.
We had some coffee to kill the time and wander a bit around Monas (National Monument).

The business class we took wasn't that bad. Not a super comfortable but it doesn't kill me or makes me feel "eww". The airconditoning work OK, it worth for USD 7 ticket price.

Trip to Jakarta - Bandung took about 3 hours with plenty view of the Jakarta slump area and greenish beautiful village in the West Java. Damn my murky window makes me can't take a good picture.

Along the way the view is quite amusing. It's remind me with my college life with all the green and nature.

Stunning Green View

We arrive in Bandung at around 13:00 hrs and straight attacked by illegal taxi. I call it illegal because they use their family car and offer you a ride with some pay. We got quite a nice driver and send us to the hotel. It was cost us USD 6, for about 1 hr ride to reach Dago area.

When I search in Internet about the cool area to hang around in Bandung, many website talked about Dago. A lot of cafes, pub, and drinking place around. I kept thinking about an area like Kuta or Seminyak area where mini pub and drinking place are spread along the road. But I guess I translate it wrong.

Bandung Railway

I book a hotel in area Dago Atas (upper Dago) which more to traditional village in the highland where I should look for a hotel in Dago Bawah (Dago lower land).

For the beginner who never touch down to Indonesia especially Java island, you need to be understand that nobody control about the level of noise so call it noise-pollution. People can put their music on loudspeaker as loud as they wish at the time God-knows.

The Village view around

In Malaysia the government won't allow people to make a noise at certain level include Asian (prayer call), they still manage it at low-reasonable-volume. In Indonesia you will surprise how loud they are.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter to me since I am half deaf. I still can sleep or do my activity with the noises.

After we check in to the hotel, we look for lunch nearby. Stone cafe was the nearest, and it's selling beer too. With the concept of Sundanese style of Saung, a noise from crazy motorbike, and cold from the rain, we enjoy our lunch here.

Saung at Stone Cafe

On the evening we just hang around the hotel, watch tv and nap. Nothing really in Dago Atas. Such a village with not much thing around but people and their overprice cafe.

In the evening after prayer call we went out to get some dinner. The first place we visit was Laos Cafe. The building look good but not really impressive, so we walk further to go to Congo Cafe. The sign-board said that the cafe only 300 meters from the main road, so we decide to walk.
Actually it much more further than we think. We have to walk round the golf course, about 3KM. At night, quiet, along the jungle and bushes.

super tiring walk to Congo Cafe

Nothing really impressive here, we decide to go back after dinner and watch TV at the hotel. I kept thinking I must be grow too old, I can't take any activity too far from my bed at night. I don't feel safe or something. We slept early cos we need to get up early for city tour tomorrow morning.

TV and Sleep

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Jakarta Trip 2: Jakarta in My Point of View

The last time I landed my feet in Jakarta was in 2006,
Picked by Intan my good old mate to join her work before we went to her house.

How I familiar about Jakarta..? Zero..!!
What is my opinion about Jakarta..??
When you don't have money, its a HARSH PLACE to live.
I just can't stand watching myself drink a cup of coffee where the price is the same amount with someone's whole day wages work in a grocery store or wet market.

Anyway, after 3 hours flight we were landed in Sukarno-Hatta International Airport.
Very big airport (accordig to me).
We are at terminal 3.
With help from some collegue he lend us his driver to pick and send to the hotel.
It was massive traffic jam with crazily thing around.
Where finally we managed to reach the apartment at 5pm.

Along the road's view was quite interesting these periods because we are the Muslim is going to celebrate Hari Raya Kurban (Sacrifice Day),
many goat and cow tight just on random trees or the road divider waiting to slaughter on Hari Raya.

Things I like about Jakarta is the taxi.
They are at least Vios or Honda-city.
Not an old rustic smelly wage which you don't even want to breathe.
The taxi driver also wears a decent shirt, showered and have a pleasant look.
Not half-drunk uncle or some grumpy man whom no bother about everything but money.

Tips: get a bluebird or gamya taxi as they have the most reputation compared to other.

Another view that amuses me is the number of food stalls on the road. 
Different with Malaysian style where road stall more like pick-up van, plastic chair and umbrella, Indonesian style is more like a mini-wooden cart pushed by an old man.
They will either stand somewhere or just move along the road.

These pushed cart have every single food I want to eat: Siomay, bubur ayam, empek-empek, satay, tahu goreng.. Owh My Weight...!!!

We went to plaza Semanggi for dinner. Was meant to have "dining in the sky" but I guess its not a successful version. Most of the restaurant are close. I guess because the price of yhe food is very high for local rate.
Yes, on my opinion food here is  bit expensive (or it is because I am so stingy).
Most of the food sells at minimum RM 15 per portion.

Not allow to order western food tonight :-P

The dinner was good by includes a couple of Indonesian food Mie Ayam, Capcay and some fried rice.
Thinking to go to the pub for a drink but I wasn't really keen.
Jakarta style of drinking place as I know is a noisy club for people to dance and drink.
My old-kampong-soul can't take it.
I would rather sit in an anti-social quiet lounge or pub to chit chat or blogging with my tab.

I know it must be a weird way of travel. Most of the people will roam around to explore the city but I end up with just bought couple can of beer and some lemonade to take to the apartment.
Watch Dr. Pol in the living room and sleep.

Our apartment

In the morning me and my sister went out to look for some street food, While I left papa-san to have his coffee in the lobby.
The food adventure might be interesting, but diarrhea won't be fun.
We bought some bubur ayam and deep fried Tempe.
After one spoonful of the food came to my mouth, I realized how much I miss this kind if life.
Cheap, humble but delicious.

Our humble Bubur Ayam Sukabumi (Sukabumi's Rice Porridge)
Chicken intestine and liver satay



Deep Fried stall in front of the apartment

But I couldn't make it trough I need a cup of coffee to wake me up.
So I am back to the hotel's coffee shop to get one.
Mr was already there and stare at bunch Arabic tourist messing around with the local girl.
Kind of...aaaiyyooooo...what lah you guys doing...

Back to breakfast my sister said that the driver asking a ridiculous amount of money for sending us to Bandung. I said NO.
If I bring a bunch of family Rp. 850,000 for one trip, then the money spent to pay a driver is worth.
But only two of us going yet the car is not even good.
We decide to take a taxi to the Gambir train station and go to Bandung by coach.

Executive ticket was sold out because of public holiday.
We get to business class for 10:50 departure. It was still early when we arrived there decide to get extra coffee to add in body's calories.

Gambir station is the station which departs an executive train from Jakarta to all over part of Java Island. Most of the train is quite acceptable, nothing really exclusive even it said an Executive class.
It's comparable with standard Malaysian KTM commuter from Rawang to Seremban.
We got the business class at price USD 7 per person.

For our 3 hour journey.
Pretty lucky for last minute buying ticket eh.. :-)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Jakarta trip 1: Flight Delay in LCCT

Its a short notice trip when I just decide to do something during long weekend and found a cheap ticket around Air Asia website.

 A quick purchase process ends up with we have a ticket to go around.
 We left the house at 7:00 am with lot of rush and hurry to catch up flight at 9.
Thanks to my silly tummy makes me have to make stop over a couple times before reaching the airport.

Sorry Papa-san, you have to keep wait and taking care my belonging when I ran around looking for clean

Finally we manage to reach LCCT and check-in without much hassle.
Feeling really hungry, I grab some shitty chicken roll which tastes not good at all. FYI, boarding area sell no decent food at all. Even the look-good espresso cafe selling 3in1 coffee at a very expensive price.

 Then we heard announced that the flight delay till 11:45. Yikes.. 2 hours delay?? Seriously?? Yeah, it is a serious. Our flight delayed for 2 hours, we sit in a sports bar boringly. Drink latte made by a proper coffee machine, watch three broken desktops hanging there, write my post use my phone and hoping that they make the flight bit faster.

Mr Bought some book, I was thinking to buy too... But I guess it's going to be heavy.. Nah, actually I can't read the whole novel anymore like before. My eyes way too sore when I saw a lot of letters printed on paper.

Finally the boarding call coming, the day is already bright and hot.
Everybody tired. Lucky it wasn't a full flight, doesn't take too much time for the aircraft crew to get ready.
They give us Mc. Muffin and mineral water for the compensation, which I don't think it taste good at all.

Finally the flight departed, and I feel relieved.
Can't wait to see my sister...!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Detox Water

On my 10th day of no-rice-more-veggie food,
I found an article talking about how to reduce the coffee addiction.

They mentioned that making detox water is not only cleanse the body, but also suppress the crave about something. So I give a try..

My Version

My first detox water made from:
~ Slices of lemon
~ couple stalk mints 
~ 1 pitcher chilled water
Most of the recipes put couple slices of cucumber, and they call it sassy water , and since I am not fan of cucumber so I just remove it.

Chill the pitcher for 1 night in the fridge, and we can enjoy the next morning. I refill the bottle couple time till the lemon taste finish.

Results after drink detox water
1. Reduce my caffeine craves (cos I was too busy to drink this lemon water)
2. Went to toilet too much (maybe with urinated a lot, the body flushed out more toxin no?)
3. My body hydrated better

My 2nd recipe of detox water:
~ Slices of pineapple
~ Stalk of Rosemary
~ A pitcher of chilled water

Where do I get this recipe?
I made up myself  :-)

Mr also join the detox session with his own recipe

His Version

Eating vegetable at home is so depressing and leave me live like a zombie.
I lost all of my life's happiness.
I really miss my beef tacos.
But we didn't go to Chili or Fridays, cos we still want to keep continue the healthy-life-program.

End up with choose random Korean Restaurant in Mont Kiara,
with reason : a lot of healthy stuff there

Korean Dinner  = nobody happy

 It was fine for me, my beef stew is "meaty" enough soaked with plain soy broth.

But overall the food not so impressive,
Just so-so and not worth the money.
We should have gone to Tony Roma's for a better kick.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Breakfast Beauty

A colorful eye-catching-meal

I had this for breakfast.
No Rice Day-4 so far nobody fail yet.
Lot lot lot lot of fruit juice and psyllium husk help to keep my sanity

This breakfast contain of:

1 cup cold soy milk
1/2 cup rolled oat
1/2 cup mixed muesli
1 kiwi 
1 banana
1 cup papaya
2 tbs pumpkin seeds
1 tbs sunflower seeds

Served with coffee

No that bad, 
well.. I can't compare with the yummi-ness of fluffy hot roti-telur and spicy curry to go with.
Or fragant and fatty nasi lemak packed in banana leaf, with sambal, fried eggs, peanut, showered with prawn sambal..

But it is still acceptable to my palate

How long this food can keep you cool?
About 1 hour
I need to munch something else after that

Will I get slim if I eat this kind of food?
Ha ha, I don't know.. *sighhhhh........
If I keep thinking about weight loss I will frustrate when I saw the scale doesn't move

So, I change my purpose.
Improve my health is the right answer..
I force myself to eat more vegetable, fruits and protein