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Saturday, 25 May 2013

No, You Don't Have To.....


You don't have to acknowledge something you don't want to...

You don't have to expose, something you want to hide...

You don't have to give a name something you don't even know how to describe it 

I don't want you feel embarrassed later...
I also never wish people to do something just because I wish them to do...

I learn from my past,
no lesson missed....

~ ~ ~that doing something with hope will make other happy is just sucks when the return is not like what we expected~~~~~

we never knew who we meet,
something looks like an angel, but  it just some hidden anger...
sometimes people, sometimes hassle.. 
sometimes love, sometimes shithole..

you may learn it from my lesson.
repeat it no need...

you may do it, only because you  feel you want to do it
you may acknowledge, only because you feel it is worth to count on it
you may announce it to the world, only because you feel its too good to hide..

* apparently.....................................   
   drown on stupid emotion give me nothing,
   drown on my thesis draft will give me something. 

   Well... if it doesn't give me better career and money, 
   at least I will have a paper wrote my name on it to wipe 
   my ass off  => statement I receive when I enroll 
   my master in Malaysian University

wasting time eh...????

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


after wasting so much time to go round here and there

reality coming


Individual Report

Hantu Thesis

Final Exam

Moving House



no more travelling until end of semester..!!!!!!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Trip To Melaka

On the last weekend before my mom back to Indonesia

Simple trip and not much thing to tell,
just enjoy the picture

Meatball soup at Melaka  Sentral bus station

Dutch Square

Somewhere near Jonker Walk

Jonker walk too

River area

we were too busy taking picture

yes we were..!

the place is just too good to miss without snap of picts

every single corner

even in cendol place

still taking picture

The trip didn't take too long.
Just one hour bus from Bandar Tasik Selatan (RM 11.50) 
followed by local bus no.17 @ RM 1.30 per person.
The journey took around 15 min from Melaka Sentral.

We just roam around for 2-3 hours include lunch and cendol.
Then back to KL coz of tired.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mothers Day

A cheap, locally Jalan - Jalan around Melaka

as typical people from kampung (Village)  
we don't really care (or don't really understand) the concept of mothers day.

But we are grown up and adult now, 
we just want to spare sometimes to bring her out since she is fit enough to roam around.

When I told her to get ready, 
she asked back  "For what...?"

Me : " We celebrate Mothers day for you lah... let's go jalan - jalan"
She : "Today..?"
Me : Yes, today is Mothers day. We celebrate for you
She : "Ah... I become your mother 365 days a year for 30 years so far. You celebrate the day of me being  a mom once a year? that is sad... "

Me : Get ready, and we go..!
She : We shopping too..?
Me : If you want to
She : Wow... cool...

where do you think we are?

a short, cheap, relax Sunday trip

Happy Mothers Day to every mom in the world..

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bali Trip, Dinner at Hotel's Restaurant

The night after we had Leech in our dinner we repeat our dinner at the hotel because of:
1. We were upset cos of the Leeches
2. Can't deny we are still hungry

It was already late, so we decide to just have supper next to hotel.

At least they served us right

Tired with  the food option,
we can't really trust with the steak quality here too
so, we just order the food we quite understand what is that

Fried Rice,  Chicken Satay and Soto ayam..
not bad.

We repeat the menu on the last day before we fly back too.
The price is not cheap for us the Indonesian and Malaysian,
because we know the cost of making those food.
 But I guess If we look at the USD
it's not that bad..

Total damage was USD 18 include 2 bottle of beer.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bali Trip, Dinner at Ristorante Italia

Ristorante Italia
Legian, Bali

After a good lunch by the beach in Kuta,
we look for another option to have a good dinner by the beach too but not at the same restaurant
(Well, we can't really see the beach though)

Ride motorbike along beach road is very pretty and peaceful
No need to think about work, assignment, exam, politic, general election,

all about spending money, have fun,
and calculate the damage cost later

complaint 1 : I don't want to appear in your blog again...!!!

After couple times eating nasi goreng, mie goreng and satay,
we decide to eat something smells like pasta.

Roam around along the beach road, and we stop to this "looking nice", affordable 
Italian restaurant by the beach

Seems lot of people inside means the food are reliable ( I guess)

Another "Bintang" for every session

I like the environment of the restaurant.
Full of people but doesn't feel crowded at all.

The waiters seems fully understand with what we need or want.
Nobody came to repeat the order,
and all the food come in nice shape  (no frozen food, no leeches)

good food overall

Pizza and Spaghetti Vonggole to share between two of us,
yeah.. I ate in man portion, so now you know why..

While we enjoy our food and drink,
the restaurant give a nice live performance for us.
Start from modern dance, magic show,
fire dance, cabaret, up to traditional dance.

one of the performance

Quite entertaining,
I guess I can stay here longer  to watch the show and order another food.

Damage cost for garlic bread, pizza, pasta and 2 bottle Bintang was around IDR 260,000 (USD 26)
We continue wander around Bali with the cool scooter


Monday, 6 May 2013

Bali Trip, Day 2

Our 2nd day in Bali, we really hope that the island will be more friendly to us. Day is very sunny tend to be hot. We need to be a bit careful to play outdoor. Mr had a bad sun burn on both of his hand. And I got all over my back (well not burn.. Burn like lobster, but I turn into darkish)

Hotel breakfast were simple but good. 
I got nice omelette every morning and good coffee. 
In Bali, people like their tea very light, more to tasteless. You need to request to get the tea bag in your
cup if you wish to have thicker tea.

Balinese traditional food....
hmm, I don't really fancy. 
Most of the food are grilled, and seasoned with chili paste, galangal and lemon grass *all in high concentrates.

Today, we plan to not playing around with motorbike too much.  Just swim and hang out by the sea.
To avoid worse sun burn, we get long sleeves surfer outfit.
I can see along the road in Seminyak, Legian and Kuta.. Quicksilver, Ripcurl and Billabong conquer the road.

They have their shop in every 100 meters.

We ride along with motorbike, park in some place and continue walking.

Behind me is Bomb Bali Monument

Take a bit picture along the way too...
Typical Balinese kampong road is not too wide. Most are narrow road which only fit 1 car.
Well, they designed to walk and motorbike actually, but I guess those car are pretty stubborn.

Seminyak Beach with girls baked their skin to brown

After we found the outfit, and some fancy beach towel we went to the beach.
But Kuta Beach is way too crowded and too many people around.
I afraid to leave my belonging here,
scared someone will pick.. then we decide to back to the room, to put all belonging include camera and wallet, and back again just bring enough cash for water and rent some board.

Beaches in Bali have a good waves,
I guess that also the reason why so many surfing school here.
Plenty kids (and adult too) messing around with surf board.

I rent Boogie Board for Rp 50,000 each.
Was really fun to mess around with the waves but it cost me
pain on my knees and ears :'(

We went back to hotel just before dusk. To shower and beer.
I can feel my weight increase one kilogram by sands sticks on my skins, my hair, my bikini and everywhere.
Took me almost one hour to clean the sands off.

Legian Beach

Sunset along the way,
very pretty...
manage to take couple snaps on the way on evening cocktail but I guess I miss the reddish part.

Beach in Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak full with beach bar at night.
Something very common like when we visit Phuket or Krabi in Thailand, and Long beach in Perhentian Island.

Loud music everywhere, compete from bar to bar
Bean bag to sit around.
And tiny umbrella for... ( I don't know what this for...) just for fancy I guess.

Gin tonic, Bean bag and relax

It's a better idea to put just bean bag for beach rather than plastic chair which always stuck by the sands.
We had couple drink before  go to the next restaurant for dinner.
Good relax...

no no, I'm not pregnant at all
I just fat..

don't expect too much

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bali Trip, Day 1

Day 1 we rent motorbike to roam around which the hotel provide to us. 
Rp 50,000/day (USD 5) per day, USD 2 for full tank petrol (bensin). 
Travel and currency is a bit confusing yes, here is the trick : delete 4 zero behind the number,
you got USD. Or.. Delete 3 zero behind the number, then divide into 3 you got ringgit currency. 
Not perfect but the number nearly there.

conquer the island with Scooter...? why not..!

With a very limited direction, we were heading to Ubud. 
To check a good scene, famous rice paddy field and to give a try "babi guling ibu oka" 
the one Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown amaze about. 
Well I don't eat babi, but I am curious really so I drag Mr and force him to try and tell me what his opinion.

Travel around in Bali is a bit tricky even for the local.
Most of the road has no name sign, or sometimes it has a name which totally different
with the name they post online or google map describe
We leave hotel at 11am, filled up the tank and ride the bike to anywhere we like.
We were lost to many road, but we manage to reach the place. Yeah, we found the Babi Guling place
The food order came so quick, park the bike, order, makan and interview in between.

the restaurant branches and my coconut ice

Ibu Oka babi guling is very famous around the world,
*yes I said around the world because most of travel program which visit Bali always promote this restaurant,
and I believe so many people really curious to give some try.

not impress with the food...?

The food came really fast all in one plate.
I reckon it was a cup of white rice with a bit crispy pig skin, a bit of deep fried pig intestine,
a bit of blood sausages, a pieces of roasted meat, some mixed minced vegetable seasoned with
local herbs, and spicy chili sambal.

Here is what Mr said about babi guling ibu oka.
The food is too lemongrassy.. Strong galangal, lemon grass and cikur or aromatic ginger.
The meat is moist, nothing really incredible. The taste wiped off by the strong lemon grass.
It just so so.. For people who really curious, it just not worth to travel that long just to eat over-seasoned Babi where they lost the taste of the meat itself.

Back from "makan babi" we went to Pasar Seni Sukawati
(browse yourself to get more information :-P).
For shopping frenzy, this is the right place to do.
All came so cheap and most of the goods are different with Kuta or Seminyak area.
More option, more choices, and lower price.
 I got myself 3 summer dresses (silly me, should buy 10) but...
We were too tired, we can't be bother to bargain and pick a choice.
Two list been ticked, and we heading back to our hotel for rest.

Another surprise ahead.. We thought we find our way back well.
But we heading to another direction.
Yes, instead of heading to Kuta, we went to Benoa (The Conrad).
Once we realize we were stuck in traffic jam.
Two newbies, wear tank top only, no sunscreen, 6hrs under the sun = burn kaw kaw.
Blister all over Mr Skin, and I can feel my skin turn into orang asli Lol.

Was fun though..
After couple round lost and couple pit stop for beer to kill dehydration,
we manage to found our hotel at 7.30pm.

BUT... The surprise were not end yet. 

Exhausted with what we did the whole day, we decide to went for dinner around the hotel area.
 Me'nu restaurant in Seminyak became our choice.
From the description the restaurant was look reliable : owned &  manage by australian, ice cube made from RO water, dishes washed with hot water, meat checking quality etc.

Beer was sold in good price too, Rp 29,000 for big bottle of Bintang
(most restaurant sell at Rp 40,000 -Rp 55,000 per big bottle.

So we were happy for the first stage, then we order Moussaka and Enchiladas for our dinner.

All the food came in the wrong shape

Beer in the restaurant came nice, cold enough,
but all the food gone wrong.
Moussaka came hot on the top and frozen inside.
To be honest it is actually taste good, just wrong preparation.
My enchiladas came with hot plate but warm food (how it could happen...?) don't ask me!

On my 2nd bite of salad I saw a black jelly-ish creature crawl around on my plate in a very dodgy way.
The light wasn't so bright I have to look closer.
IT WAS 2 INCHES LEECH....!!! ALIVE....!!!!

We didn't argue much, just made it simple.
Pay the drink and leave the food be responsibility of the cook.

we went home hungry that night...
we decide to just back to hotel, eat chips and watch Jamie Oliver.

been a rough day,
hopefully the island more friendly to us tomorrow...

Friday, 3 May 2013

Trip to Bali : An Overview

This is our first trip together to Indonesia,
We got this idea when we found random cheap ticket in AirAsia couple months a go (again, thanks for the cheap ticket AA)

But, choose accommodation in Bali is a bit annoying when the last time you visit there was 10 years a go.
Bali grow very fast, give me totally different brands of Hotel.
(I have very few knowledge of Bali, last time I stay was in Benoa) and all the tour was arranged by
an agent.

But now we have to arrange ourselves (cheaper, yes..)

After couple weeks of searching in add in trip advisor as reference,
we decide to book this hotel : Bali Agung Village

It is 4D3N trip and we are excited...!

The flight is at 6pm, I decide to go to office for half day to finish up some urgent work.
And I still bring my laptop too, to kill the time in the morning.
Yes, even during travel I always wake up too early. 3-4 hours earlier before Mr Wake up.
for 1-2 hours, I can walk by the beach for jogging. But then the next 2 hours I will waste it to play Facebook
on my phone.

Bring my laptop, I could use it to work on my study assignment or write part of my thesis while
waiting Mr to wake up.
Another night activity, if I couldn't sleep I can sit and work too.

Handy isn't it (for nerd like me, yes)

clubbing in Bali..? Night Life? Night club..
ha ha
Nah... I am not into it. I am 30, and I already feel too old for those thing...
Discotheque, club of whatever the name not really interest me.
I have to half yell when talk, and way too many smells around me.
Stress me out..!!

Chill, clean, relaxing, quiet lounge is better for an old woman like me..
Drunk and Dance...?
BIG NO, the one happen in HCMC was the last time I ever drunk like mad.
Feel like shit the next day

OK I talk crap, sorry..

I guess I choose the right hotel this time,
the room wasn't cost us that much.
The location is just five minutes walk from the beach, restaurant, pub, souvenir shop, 
blue mushroom, happy juice, massage, spa, tattoo....  also not so far from the city centre.

All in one...

We might think the hotel would be noisy because it's surrounded by a lot of public facility,
don't get me wrong....

The hotel is very quiet..
with lot of greeneries, tiny swimming pool, and friendly staff.
I feel like in the middle of traditional Balinese Village (with caucasian and weird french lady as my neighbour)

There are confusion between the address hotel provide online,
hotel put in front of it's sign and the road name the local used to know.

The internet mention the hotel located in Jalan Abimanyu, where it is actually is the main road.
The local call it Jalan Camplung Tanduk.

The hotel itself not located in that road, but in another smaller "rat line" call Jalan Sarinande.

The easiest way was to direct the taxi to Jalan Camplung Tanduk,
Stop at Grandma's hotel and turn right.

Again, I talk rambling....
Easiest way is to print the map from google and show it to the driver.

Better I stop writing or my story will go rambling around...