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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sup Buah : Fruit Soup

A lovely hearty summer drink..
sip it, enjoy it...

it is not a soup like what we think,
it is a fresh fruit salad in a sweet liquid from milk and sugar syrup.

I never fan to drink something icy, 
but these hot weather has been inspire me to make some fresh, cold, sweet and relieving drink.

Sop Buah (Fruity Soup) is a popular beverage in Indonesia esp Java island.
Contains of many kinds fruits in cubes, Jelly in cubes, Cin cau (grass jelly), Sagu/Sago/Pearl Sago
with sweet condensed milk and rose syrup for the liquid.

when we had in restaurant,
they will give us more than 10 kinds of cubed fruits, and another "accessories" sooo many..
but here I only use Mango, Apple and Pear for fruits,
Grass Jelly (Cincau), Plain seaweed jelly (Agar-agar) cut in cubes too..

You may add dragon fruit, jack fruits, pineapple, honeydew, water melon, papaya.. anything you wish to put in except DURIAN

for the liquid i use soy milk, water ( 1 : 3), couple spoon rose syrup.
If you feel want to make the drink extra sweet, feel free to add sugar syrup or honey.
I love my drink less sweet.

Let's go swimming...!!!


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