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Friday, 30 September 2011

SWOT yourself


do I look a threat for you beibeh... or I look an opportunity... *WINKKKKKKKKKKKK


If you are MBA student on first semester,
the first day they will force you to take Marketing Business.
And you will notice the lecturer keep repeating the same words





SWOT... baby... swoot... swooot Forest... swot...
(it's more like scene when Jennie asked Forest Gump to run, lol)

Ok, back to SWOT
S : Strenght
W : Weakness
O : Opportunity
T : Threat

If you more to Real SWOT analysis for business or anything, please google yourself.
Because I won't talk about business here...

My blog is rambling stuff, we don't talk about something in a high quality texture...
messier is  better,
crazier.. even better...
stupider... => this English is wrong..

when Prof.  XXX, my lecturer repeat the words SWOT for zillion time

"Understand the factor.. Understand.. Find it.. Find it.. Make a list
what make the company look better, and what make them always fell over"

(okie.. the rest i create the sentence myself) and my brain poisoned by swot words.

so, when he said about SWOT company,
I keep thinking how about SWOT ourselves.

to know what is our strength, weakness, what opportunity might good for us,
and what are things from outside that always become threat for us.. that always make our life awful or sad

I tried to SWOT myself, and wrote it


- I know how to cheer up myself
- Not easy give up
- Don't really give a crap to small matter
- Im smart (oh well, I feel I'm smart... but you are the best judge..)


- can't stand on ticket sales
- never able to say NO for travel
- Easy distracted by good looking guy
umm.. not really,
I never really get interested on appearance.
smart guy with XXL brain who can talk about everything attract me more than just appearance.

I know my other weakness, but not good to tell in public eh.. :->


- this is my problem, I never good catch opportunity...
always too stupid and waste too much time taking care and "drugged" on my weakness until i missed the life opportunity


- Air Asia Zero Ringgit Sales
- Sales on Kylie Lang, the Executive and Triumph
- Good food, cozy couch and Animal Planet

I think by understand myself, I can describe myself better...
and know how to handle me when i got problem...

How good you understand yourself...?
make a list and SWOT yourself ....

rambling-nonsense post huh...?
Can't help it..

this topic is too interesting to leave behind

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Penang 3 : Sick In Hotel

Rain everywhere...
too lazy to go anywhere..

really sick in the room..

I thought I am pregnant
 (yaiy.. I have baby, can play around at home, no need to go to work..!!!!)

unfortunately not..!
I got sick because I ate too much curry and all of those delicious spicy street food
the night before.. 
ewwhhh... you blow out my dream..!!!

look how chubby I am...
I thought it was another sign of getting pregnant..

unfortunately, the chubby cheek is the sign of EATING TOO MUCH...!!!!!

I feel I look awesome in this kind of look..
glowing skin,
full of happiness...
 (dreaming huh)

I need to rest,
not in the good mood...
not in the good feeling

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Penang 2 : Murtabak

Murtabak and Roti Telur in Penang has their own style

heat up the thick dough before add in with meat, eggs etc..

lot and lot, and lot of Onion...

Fish Head curry..

sounds very yummy, but to be honest I really don't know how to eat Fish Head.
I can't find where the yummy side is. Too much work and effort need to get those little "yummy" feeling.

The guy in blue polo-shirt,
I am Jealous with him, he got privilege to eat in front of the Periuk and Kuali..
he can choose whatever he wants, as much as he likes

Maybe he has "Hameed" membership privilege

our drink..
one glass each not enough, I want to order one jug.
But they don't have..!

here is Murtabak Ayam, Murtabak Daging (Beef), and Roti Telur..
with plenty curry and onion pickle to serve with

Roti telur,
different with what I expected.
I thought it will like what I had in Kuala Lumpur, thin pancake with plenty eggs inside. 
Here I have thick pancake with plenty onion and eggs.

I'm not a fan of Onion..

Murtabak was OK,
but not win my heart...

overall : no more eating roti telur & murtabak in Penang..
not match with my tongue 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Penang Short Trip

Pulau Pinang Malaysia

Visit Penang is not complete without eating street food,
sneak out from office and runaway to Penang..

It just took 4 hours by bus,
and the trip was not bad at all...

pasembor a.k.a rojak penang

is an Indian salad with a thick, sweet and hearty gravy.
You could ever find pasembor as great as this is Kuala Lumpur...


Ice kacang top up with ice cream => not for me...

mie goreng mamak...

Char Kuew Teow AWESOME.....

nothing like Penang street food...

and a "soft drink" to wash down..

Batu Ferringhi,
not as happening as before..
three cafe are close down and only Ali beach bar left behind, beside of some mamak stall and food court selling steam fish

Jamie and his wife still work there..
Ali Guest House which is burn down last couple months, now build up in a same shape but all brand new furniture (so yes... very clean and cozy)


 hunting the best roti canai and murtabak...
but we couldn't get it

the weather was really sucks.. cloudy and full of rain.

pose and give my hungry smile

one or two coffee...
to kill the time


and a place to sleep
resting.. and get myself ready for walk around tomorrow

view from the room window..

very unique with old shop selling lot of nice street food..

nice short holiday :)
we heart Penang

Friday, 23 September 2011


I MISS YOU.......

can't life without you...!!!

i don't know if you understand that..

Thursday, 22 September 2011

An evening conversation

Marriot lower ground,
drink sangria and eating cup noddle

a conversation between Kelley and KFC,
watched by Alan the chief who always sneak out into guest' table

"I think I'm done with this...,
If this is not work out, I will be a lesbian..
Just buy rubber d**do, and problem solved. 
I can't handle broken heart,
too sad for me,
No more broken heart pleaseeeee... "

"What you going to do with your plan having kid, if you have imitation product"

Alan : 
I'm a gay and I don't have plan to have kid like you,
but still.... I don't like imitation, 
I love handsome man.... oouuww...

Me & KFC : 

"I think I'm going to go to Damansara fertility centre.. so that I can pregnant and have baby in 2012"

"How..? Eww... you mean....?"

"Yeah.. they will give me the history on each categories, include race, height, education, IQ, EQ, da..da..di..di.. so I can choose the best breed I want. I just pay, and they will injected to me"

"Insemination? Breed..? Like a cow!!?!?!?  My cousin sister turn into cattle breeder than human I guess.." 

KFC watch me with a hopeless pity face to me, 
gulp the rest on his glass without chew the fruits, and order tequila shot soon afterwards...

"oh, shut up Klaus... your imagination is disgusting"

Alan watch me with this kind of face  =.=

"oh, you too shut up and do your work..."

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Jealousy kill creativity..
and it is poisoning..

Now I believe that phrase.

When my man was away, suddenly jealous bugs bite me..
Leave me in curious feeling,
haunted, angry, upset, nervous, feel unsafe, hungry, thristy, hungry.. etc.
(ok, hungry feeling will always there... in every kind of mood)

I should've done my tax business 1st assignment rather than waste
my energy to drink and wandering where is he, with who and how..

and now I got no idea what I'm going to do for my paperwork...

ewwww   @_@

Friday, 16 September 2011

If I were a boy

i'd listen to her
cause i know how it hurts
when you lose the one you wanted
cause he taking you granted
and everything you had got destroyed

if i were a boy
i wouldn't turn off my phone
tell everyone is broken
so they'd think that i was sleeping alone


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Gonbei-San Japanese food

Starhill, Bukit Bintang
 Kuala Lumpur
(a restaurant with bamboo gate behind Louis vuitton)

A fine dining Japanese restaurant which makes me nervous.
You have to sit on the floor, fold your legs nicely. And because I wear pencil skirt, that is exactly any guy or girl who sit in front of me can see my spareparts if if do not sit properly.

And you become more nervous when you realize you don't really know how to use the camera.

My lil sister asked me to buy this particular camera, sony a350 with reason that the screen are foldable..
while it here, I was think to borrow before she pick it.
quite smaller than my D3000, and lighter..

but then I just realize that I don't know how to use it...!!!

all the pictures start having blood-ish colour (vivid) (sunset) whatever the name...!

baby octopus and boiled edamame for appetizer.
Boiled edamame remind me with my childhood where my mother often force me to eat boiled soy bean (and of course not edamame, but the same bean we use to make soy milk and soft tofu)

she always said
 " the best protein, will make you grow tall but not fat"
" make your skin glowing"
etc etc and all of her propaganda.

didn't buy me at all... Now you know the reason why I'm short..! lol

salmon sashimi..
fresh and nice (just the portion too small)
I need three portion of it

stir fried bean sprout,
taste so-so.. nothing special
(now I wonder why they charge me soooo damn expensive for this bean sprout)

the best dish matched with my tongue,
beef teriyaki in cube cut..
Love the way they cook and served with crispy fried garlic

my wine,

I tried the warm sake. But the taste chokin my throat.
it's like combination of Jinro (korean wine) mix with chinese cooking rice wine, and tapai.
burn my throat.

so yes,
I stick into my old-not-fancy-lifestyle.. 
hard for me to sit on the floor, tatami, tiny pillow and fold my legs nicely.
And try hard to do not spread the legs in any single moment, 
yet I have to do eating race with two other people.. and take picture..

nice edamame, 
tired eating but can't filling up my stomach..
*frustrating.. ('.'!)

the food spread, and my colleague hand..


taste not good at all...
plain.. oily and cold..

remind me with Styrofoam or my beach flip-flop.. 
once you bite it, the oil squirt out from the tempura

(cengkodok pisang near pearl International hotel taste better) 

i feel regret i order this..!

grilled Cod meat,
taste awesome..!!!

love it...
the fish just melt into your mouth when you eat.

my testing shoot...

getting better

and look realistic now...

hey look...!!!

sneak out to take picture cute Japanese guy on the next table.
Can you see his sexy legs? lol

I bought the environment rather than the food itself.
And myself who used to eat in mamak stall, in a big portion of tasteful food
totally can't translate about the concept of fine dining
(I'm bragging)

Nice place to eat, just too costly for me.
If you bring your colleague here, make sure the the company pay the claim. Not worth to take the money out of your own pocket. 

nice.. quiet. You can eat, and talk slowly.. drink slowly.
waitress are very friendly, and familiar face ( the hotel rotate into different restaurant i guess)

Nice place, but the food not that nice...

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Pasta and Wine

hearty food at home..

I am officially back as student..! yaiy,
yes yesterday was the registration day. I spent whole day in Uni's hall for this and that.
I was think to join straight away to Tax Business class right after registration done, but then..

You know, when you relief from doing all of those stressful stuff,
only by that you feel really-really tired. Then I change my mind when I was in taxi, 
and told the driver
"Ok.. go home..."
then sleep from afternoon till evening..

the good story was,
I was the most pain in the ass person who keep calling and follow up my application.
Suddenly I feel everybody knows me
"ah, you must me Diyan"
"oh, you are that Diyan"
that was fun, everybody notice me.. I feel like famous people, lol

very relief, and sweet with 'lil celebration afterward..

pull out some wine glasses, allow us eating some butter,
and cook hearty pasta with plenty sauces..

we have 'lil celebration at home..!
for "Congratulation, you able to enter back to Uni" and "No more whining-moaning-complaining"

*well, of course.. If something bad happen, the nearest person with you are the one who has extra ear to listen all your daily complain.

they relief now, haha

the last bowl is salad and bread for side dish

our Bolognese Pasta..

this wine is quite new to me, never had before..
not really easy to drink

here is our extra simple but great recipe....
Now I can sleep tight, no more stress about 

Sunshine, really sparkling and bright..
Kuala Lumpur's weather are very friendly
and all feel beautiful..

have a great weekend...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Beef Parmigiana

a new food on my menu list...
love it..!!!

I love a good food with a good wine,
I love to pamper my tongue especially when I have unstable hormonal condition (read : period)
I always run into food and drink.

But.. if I keep follow my feeling to eating out,
definitely i will run broke by middle of the month and I can't pay my school fee (eewwwk...)
This is also one of the reason I start learn how to cook food I love to eat.

Wayne is the one who taught me how to make beef parmigiana,
but then i tried to make it myself in cheating way
recipe is here

his sauce is Napoli sauce made from scratch, mine is prego-red-sauce in jar muahahhaa...!!!

the beef were same, 
just his were smuggled from Australia last Christmas, where mine is bought from Carefour..

He : Roasted them properly on the oven, 
Me : I steam first to make it soft faster, then slightly roasted together with the beef patties (save my electric bill)

Beef patties,
He : covered the meat with homemade bread crumb
Me : Quaker oat..!!!!

We have same taste on wine,
we choose almost same wine..

Nice and healthy home cooking food,
worth an effort

Monday, 5 September 2011

Beef Curry

nice curry in a cheating way...

defrost the meat properly (in slow way)
do not put in microwave like me => it created a tyre alike meat.. chewy and pull my teeth off

but still taste OK...

I use tomato puree in can for the curry base,
no coconut milk or real milk involve...

it is lighter, but still delicious..
find the recipe here

easy to follow isn't it? 

Private Emotion

hope the pic appropriate, i desperately need vacation

Every endless night has a dawning day
Every darkest sky has a shining ray
And it shines on you baby can’t you see
You’re the only one who can shine for me

It’s a private emotion that fills you tonight
And a silence falls between us
As the shadows steal the light
And wherever you may find it
Wherever it may lead
Let your private emotion come to me
Come to me

When your soul is tired and your heart is weak
Do you think of love as one way street
Well it runs both ways, open up your eyes
Can’t you see me here, how can you deny

Repeat chorus

Every endless night has a dawning day
Every darkest sky has a shining ray
It takes a lot to laugh as your tears go by
But you can find me here till your tears run dry

It’s a private emotion that fills you tonight
And a silence falls between us
As the shadows steal the light
And wherever you may find it
Wherever it may lead
Let your private emotion come to me 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Weekend Lunch

when you are alone and lonely,
and you really don't have any idea what to do..

cooking is the answer to kill the boredom..
ah yeah...

is it too much for one person lunch?

just enough for me (I ate double size than everybody)

stir fried mixed stuff i could find in my fridge..

and beef curry...
(in cheating way)

damn I still feel bored, 
now I don't know what to do...


recipe is tomorrow...
I'm going to read the book I just download.. :)

bad weekend..!