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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Clean-The-Drawer Tuna Pasta

any short shape pasta with tuna bolognese sauce

an extra lazy weekend, 
I don't want to do anything but sleep and study..

the office work has destroyed my sleeping pattern.
while I'm sleep, the barge, the dredger, the crane... follow into my dream


runaway to home in the late afternoon, 
pretend to be deaf with the phone keep ringing...
was exhausted with work and end up with ignore the phone..

oh well,
Saturday evening, should I keep answering phone where all about stupid questions?
call for emergency case OK
stupid questions about work on Saturday evening : go to hell, use little part of your brain buddy..!!

Since I read some random blog about cooking, written that eating pasta is better than eat white rice.
Pasta made from whole grain while extra polished white rice are not...
I don't know whether it's true or not, but her statement makes me feel less guilty eating pasta very often. 
Now almost everyday I ate pasta,
I am too lazy creating some fancy food.

 That was stupid excuse, in fact i had lot of time and shopping around with Yana my office mate and went to groceries.

But again, what i picked up was two bottle pasta sauce.   errrrk.....!

Only after reach home i wandering why i choose pasta sauce while there are plenty option to buy.

checking cabinet, clear up all the dry stocks and all bottom line of jar.
I manage to made myself  tuna pasta bolognese (Bolognese al tono..? maybe..!)

no recipe it just mixed of canned tuna, half jar of pasta sauce (I use kimball, cheaper) and sauted garlic in oilve oil..

good, filling up...
now sleep...!!!

FAD*** you not allow to call me after 6pm, especially on Saturday!!!!!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Olio Beef Spiral Pasta

I hope i give the food name correct

What are you doing when it is Monday night, you already half worn out from work,
additional having night class
followed by long hour taking bus to go home..


can't think about something else, but rushed home - hot shower - light food - warm tea - fresh made up bed,
and panda's cuddle..

Since my panda is not here, so i cuddle my laptop.
Yeah..?   Y.E.E.A.H..!!! cuddle the laptop..!!!

Learning IELTS become more interesting now,
not just to get high scores but I learn how to write in a proper way. Not just talk rambling and out of topic.

In this IELTS stuff, I still struggle try to get my scored higher. 
Still with my weakness in reading section,
but lucky me...
my College friend lend me lot lot lot lot of his IELTS book from his previous test.
And willing try to find extra book if I need more (thanks... really appreciate that)

I really need to keep myself sober for the rest of the month until test day.
Focus on study,
do not tainted the brain with this vacation, that vacation... party here, party there...


only after that, I will swim into red wine in bath tub..
until whole body turn into purple...

OK, enough with all silly imagination.
After reach home, having shower and brew some tea.
I keep thinking about having aglio olio pasta for my lunch tomorrow in office.
The easiest food I've ever able to figure out after instant noddle.

Simple, Light, and easy to combine with any kind of protein sources..
from Seafood, chicken, sausages, and now..i created with beef

with Aglio olio base,
sliced of blackpepper steak, and served with freshly cracked pepper.

Get the recipe here

easy - cheap - good - healthy =>  survival food

But I don't think I will ever buy any kind pasta in a fancy shape again.
This spiral pasta taste not really nice on my tongue. 
Gooey outside, aldente inside. 
or al dente outside, still hard inside..
(or maybe just my psychology about the shape)

I love the conventional spaghetti, fettuccine, and Linguine.
They are look sexy at the time when we eat it. Rolling the fork over the plate or spoon,
and make a bit sucking noise to make whole long part of noddle go inside of the mouth,
only by then we chew it slowly.

Totally different with this short shape fancy pasta,
I only drop my spoon, dig them deep and load it  in the mouth. 
I feel like crane barge loaded by mud rather than human eating fancy pasta.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Shrimp Congee (Bubur Udang)

a masterpiece in a sober weekend

I feel this is the best weekend i ever had on July.
First weekend failed with I got poisoned by painkiller, 2nd weekend wasted.. (don't want to tell anyone why)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, I said NO to everybody invite me join them roaming around or hang around near "dangerous" temptation.

Just stay at home after English class, went out to met Julian pick up some book school.  And met classmate to pick extra IELTS book.

thats it.....

rest, I stay at home.. pamper myself with long hours sleeping, cooking , and proper shower.
Oh yes, I'm study too.. ^_^
not so much... I keep feel i waste too much time play around with PC, chat online, browse rambling stuff rather than practicing my English.

I should focus more on my IELTS preparation. Band 8.0 is not easy to get...!!!!!

3 weeks left. I should keep myself sober and being a good girl.
Stay in the room, making hot tea, and study... (eewwkkk.... )

I know it's ewwwk, but I've choose this.
So i have to responsible with create a good score.

and today.. I manage to cook something fancy

i've been follow PATY'S KITCHEN blog.
This blog give me lot of inspiration to cook something.
I love the recipe she has.
Fancy, delicious, but simple and easy to follow.

I love the idea of making prawn congee (prawn porridge)
and only this weekend I able to copy-paste her cooking idea.

with extra modification to make it extra simple of course ;-)

mine is not as complete as her.
I made with stuff I could find in my fridge..

but still taste good,
get the recipe here

back to study Engrish... Engrish... Engrish....

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shopping List

Made long list to buy,
for whole week food stock...

somebody put tequila sunrise on my cooking list...!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Aglio Olio Tuna Pasta

high carbohydrate food,
calm you down..

that was the theory,
soupy soup works better on me..

do I need to put up the recipe? or just add my rambling story between the pictures...

Still with my IELTS and TOEFL disease,
I just can't get rid of it, the test will held in next 3 weeks. Now I try to force myself to study as much as I could because I can't be bother to get result less than 6.5

The University need minimum 6.5 IELTS scores (eewwkk, feels like am going to study in US not Malaysia). Oh yes, the test is damn expensive too (half of my salary)

Anyway, we sacrifice for good.
There must be some a worthy payback in future.
When I do pre-test myself, listening => good, writing => good, speaking => good, reading => BAD

All the reading is about heavy social science, not just general reading.
When I sat for reading test, I feel like I was sitting in Dr. Lai's class for Strategic Management.

But again, no point to complaint about. No matter how much I complaint, it will still like that...
and will be like that forever.
No option but study i guess :)

freshly cracked black pepper corn, 
the shapes are uneven because I cracked them with hammer and plastic bag  :-D

similar taste still...


fully stomach,

sleep now..

NO...!!!!!   STUDY..!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Asem-Asem Buncis (sour bean soup)

A food for the homesick old woman

the old woman not only suffer from having messy back pain, but she also have stomach pain, and feel homesick where the old woman miss her not so old mother.
**the stomach pain and the never relief back pain due to the old woman is getting old and she is stubborn.

She loves to fall asleep on the floor in front of her laptop instead of spend her evening sit on rocking chair, roll her join and watch sunset from balcony (haha, what kind of old woman is this..!)

I guess nothing we could do except let the old woman grow old faster and let her die from back pain.

when the old woman miss her hometown, she always runaway to food (just like when she feel stress about job, when she broken heart, when she feel mellow, or when she feel angry to anything)

everything has to related to food and eating activity, because the old woman loves to eat.

within these couple days, the old woman keep craving about s spicy-sour-sweet soup in dark broth. 
We call it asem-asem buncis.
Asem mean sour, buncis mean bean.
The proper recipe could find here, where the author using totally broken English (but still understandable)

Don't ask about the old woman's recipe,
her recipe  is always inventing a new-simpler way to create a-look-alike food, :P

this is what the old woman put inside of her pot, 
cooking time approx 15 min include wash the dishes.

Broth :
3 cups water
1/2 cups frozen prawn
1 tsp tamarind pulp

2 garlic, 1 onion, 2 green chili *slices, sauted with 1 tbs cooking oil

green bean, carrot slices 1/4 cup each, 2 green tomatoes
*slices or cut in nice way

How to :
mix all together and boil till the veggie half cook.
add in pinch of salt, pepper, sugar, and sweet soy sauce (2 tbs)

ta da...
God saves old woman from homesick by gave her little brain to think a bit about what to eat.

pipping hot soup perfectly match with hot sad-lipton-tea..
That is the only tea she has at the moment, the stock of her favorite tea not arrived yet.
Or not sent yet, because her mother was too busy with the arrival of new grand daughter..

The old woman can't take cold drink... she is too old,
i think she got osteoporosis too..   *not in her bone, but in her brain

brain osteoporosis because she can't figure out about what to do for IELTS test... hiks.. T.T
p.a.n.i.c    a.t.t.a.c.k
**the old woman start her drama and brag about everything...
please ignore and let her slurp her soup, grumbling about something,
and don't listen her complain about world

she is just an old woman


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Soft Tofu Clear Soup (Again)

Light dinner to reduce body heat (or body fat..?!?)

Been many days i suffer from a messy back pain. 
Where I almost unable to feel anything but pain start from both of my shoulder, down trough my back bone.

I was lazy (or too stingy, or too scared) to go to doctor to examine whats going on with me,
and went to massage centre near the apartment instead.

Oh yes, the Asian style massage was great.
The masseur step on my back, beat me, punch me.. hit me with her fist,
twist my neck, hand, legs, and hips creating a several broken sounds.

It was feeling great after massage, and makes me sleep like dead.
the next day, I just can't feel anything but pain. Now even worse..
I totally can't move my body. It was more feel like you just got beaten by five Indian gangster the night before. Awwfuull....
When I checked on the mirror, I saw plenty deep bruised on my back.. 
So,I give up and I went to doctor seeking a help.

The Doctor said, the caused of my back pain was because my back bone hold too much heavy mass.
I was keep thinking what he tried to say to me, but then I realize and ask him back
"Too heavy mass, is a fat on my stomach you mean?"
The Doctor just quiet and nod his head. Give me prescription, then ask me to go away...


HAHA.. off course not. That was stupid joke isn't it...!!!
I got back pain because I swim too much. No matter morning, afternoon after work and evening I went swim. And this place, the swimming pool is too cold for me because its located in the middle of building. No chance for sunlight to warm the water up.

I just can't be bother to have brisk walk, slow run or jogging. Swim..swim..swim..swim... 10 days continuesly. End up with back pain and several light fever (Ignore the fever, it's handle-able)


Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tumpang Makan Rumah Kawan

Emma's House
Bangsar Hill

Emma and her husb invite me to have dinner in their house.
I was thinking Ems will cook something nice..

I hunger myself purposely to make my stomach able to load anything, hoping there will be loaded home-made food.
(actually not hunger myself, but I am hungry. The pain on my body unbearable)

When I reach there.....

this is what I got.. ('.'!)
the food spread...

Samosa, stir fried sausages and potato wedges from the shop downstairs the condo

and Wantan Noddle soup just for me also from downstairs restaurant 

(Actually I have to share with other friend)

Nice Wantan Noddle,

thanks alot Em,
you know that I am lonely, Sick, can't be bother to cook but hungry...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Own Steak

a cheap source when you need protein in high amount....

no Chili's needed, no San Francisco Steak needed,
no Outback needed...

served with fresh carrot and mashed potatoes
(I don't use any butter or anything, just extra virgin olive oil and bit salt)

we banned butter, cream, whipping cream and their brotherhood in our house!

rare (or extra rare..?)

need 30 second each side ;-)

speedy dinner,

now.. back to book and PC.. 
this IELTS test even harder than what I think.
Look, i've been speak English more than average people did,
Still try-out IELTS test and TOEFL test i got awful score..

I should able to get 95/120 for iBT TOEFL
(and my score was 67/120 only...)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

She is

she is a darling for everyone,
she is an angel...

beautiful little baby...

Monday, 4 July 2011

KL Deer Park


I went to this area last time when Intan visit me from Jakarta,

Last time we went here by taxi from pasar seni,
but today i force myself to walk  from 
Pasar Seni LRT - accross road to Kuala Lumpur KTM old railway - National Mosque up to deer park.

I was think it going to be very far,
but not that bad actually. 15 minutes walk with a lot of shades from the trees, and nice noises from  birds, monkeys and cicada.

After couple days I got new-house syndrom, where I feel unfamiliar with my new stuff,
feel un-homy. I think this kind of outdoor exercise are the one I really need. To boost my mood back.

the other entrance

first time i enter the gate, I am unable to behave myself.
I feel my lung shrinking.. my neck choked, and my nose feel almost exploded.
I cough like hell from the smell..
People watching me like want to say 

"Which planet are you from girl..? never seen something like this?.. eh?.."

I know, its embarrassing... ('.'!)
I just can't help it..
I had cow-farm in my home country, where there also lot of organic-waste produce by the animals.
But they weren't smell as crazy as this.
It's like goat farm..

then I realize,
yes.. deer and goat are brothers.

Beautiful deer...

Just took me couple minutes to get my nose used to it.
Walaaa... after a while, i didn't smell anything..

the walk way..
nice, clean, and tidy...

just need to bit careful, do not lean against the fence. It doesn't really stay strong.
If you are too big or heavy, the fence might fell apart and you scared the deers (almost happen to me, I was lucky no security around me. haha)

couple snap of the deer..

another deer...

information about the deer..


the Deer' brothers

why all the pictures about Deer?
Of course, we are in  Deer park..

I spotted a tree I like.. along the way

so, I snap once more

like an old tree in Forest Gump's movie.
It was 13.00 pm when I visit the place, But I didn't feel the heat at all.
Just fun and bit thirsty.
That is one hint, to bring your own drink and snacks, since food stall is not easy to find
(Totally different with Disneyland)

looks like long walk way, but actually total just 10 minutes

Mouse Deer (kancil)

next to deer park, there is Lake Garden
Where people come here for jogging, walking or photo shoot.

Then, I said
This garden is really big. I can't be bother to walk all the way there.

big and hot

I spot a family picnic
(then I miss you all of go home pleaseee, im alone here)

I just can't wait the school start, and finish,
and I graduate...

snap couple flowers

and my self of course :)

wish I had this in my balcony
*but I finished the flower and gardening money to drink with Emma couple days ago.. haha

Next month OK

and Lavender alike

but no Lavender smell at all

can you spot a bee?


another Chrysant

a very common Chrysant

I just realize that the flower doesn't really plant into soil. 
They still stay inside of polybag and just put as they like...

couple days when the flower gone, die, dry..
they put a new bag..

wasting isn't it?

Nice hand made walk pad..

Last snap for the deer before i walk home

on the way out, near National Mosque
there are two car stall selling some local drink, coke, mineral water,
and some snacks

I stop a while to get myself jelly grass drink (cincau)

bring my mood back..
I thank to myself for able to force my ass go out from the cozy house while the weather very hot.
And walk around breathing outside air..

OK i think it's time to go home and nap..
On evening i might check the swimming pool.

Happy Weekend...!!