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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Short Trip to Indonesia

we made a short trip to Indonesia last weekend,

with a bit pit stop here and there

****Please look at my sweet summer dress only,
not my fat legs...

will share the story later :-)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I cook again : Meatloaf, Banana Cake, Cauliflower Cheese

Still with my cooking frenzy..

Cooking is the only entertainment for the time being, 
well.. at least till end of the month.
Before we off, balik kampung

Still with my experimental skills, I tried to remember back what food might be easy to make but not maggie-me-indomi-ramen-mee based. 
I keep thinking about eating Rolade mashed tofu mixed with vegetable and minced, steamed, cooled, dip in battered eggs and deep fried, but end up confused the recipe with meatloaf.
Jamie Oliver didn't give me a good one, 
So, I mix match myself.

Friday Dinner :-)

My mistakes, I didn't use fresh herbs. Instead mixed dry herbs.
When I ate, I can feel the granuled, stalks, dried leaves on my mouth.
Fresh herbs work better..!
It looks ugly, but believe me the taste wasn't so bad.
Served with last minute salad and Iced-Ribena-Lemon to cheer the days up

Saturday Afternoon

I bake cake on Saturday afternoon after work.
Yeah, after the whole sleepless week from DSP (Design Strategic Nightmare Planning) finally
my assignment creates something nice to submit to my group leader.
(at least not embarrassed myself)

Saturday, after finish work I have free time until night.
After beer around the apartment, we cook again.

Easy Banana Cakes (same with previous recipe)

Mr made this nice Cauliflower Cheese,
Don't ask me how to make it...
Complicated..!!! lot of whisking..!

Definitely better than the one I got from BIG Supermarket

Ribena Lemon for the hot day replaced all the alcohol consumption

p.s, Rempeyek (peanut crackers) I got from my lecturer room... :-P

notty student eh..?!?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Home Made Tacos

A woman can cook too sometimes 
*she just need strong morale support and motivation :-P

It's been a very busy week for both of us.
Me with my crazy final semester has makes me even stress more   fatter.
Its like never ending presentation, study and search something.

My Life will only between Office, University and House.
I count, the last time I enter shopping mall was middle 2012, or earlier.
Can't remember...
Way too long..!

Sorry for never ending whine about my study.. LOL

I offer to cook this week,
besides of to give Mr time to rest
I need to improve my cooking skills which is not noodle-based-food (keh keh keh)....

Inspire from Jamie Oliver I've browse around during lunch hour at the office, I made this awesome tacos for last night dinner.

I don't really follow ingredient, but mix and match:

1 bowl home made chili made the days before (Mr made it, not me)
1 head lettuce finely shredded
4 tbps sour cream
Taco Shell or Tortilla
Grated cheddar cheese

1 cup chopped tomatoes (any kind)
1 carrot julienne => some recipe add in cucumber, apple. I think we can add anything inside :P
1 onion, finely slices 
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup olive oil
4-5 stalks coriander leaves
=> mix all of them, seasoned with salt and pepper. Chilled..

Warm up tortilla or Taco shells as per direction (I microwaved tortilla for 10 second)
Arrange lettuce, chili, salsa, cheese and dollop sour cream.

Wrap and enjoy..!

Pretty easy for weekdays dinner :-)

p.s : actually not that awesome.. haha..
       The Tacos came runny, with lot of liquid from chili and salsa.
       Just funny, in every bites something dripping from the other corner.
       I've should drain the liquid before arrange the ingredients in

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Study, Work, Family

When you are woman, you are work and having family...
and you are such a person who really responsible and commit into it

Continue study is not an easy thing....

it need fully support from your other half and other family member

I have fully support from family who let me study 24/7 without shower,
who let me whine
who accept me grumpy

No support from working place 
(Instead I always receive plenty SHIT look from my superior when I do my assignment during lunch hour)
Or When I have to arrive work late because I need to submit my assignment first

still, work and study when you have family is not an easy thing
But can be done...