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Friday, 29 June 2012

This Week Happiness

June with lot of colour from pink blossom to blue-black.

My Pink Blossom :
1. Exam done, yaiy
2. I start run again, and it's been 4 days continuesly no fail Sat - Sun -Mon - Tue
    Running has lot of meaning to me. Not only just exercise to make me sweaty or healthy.
    But the ability of me to achieve of my daily target makes me feel I win something.
    And it makes me feel good.
    Don't ever think that I ran as fast as Carl Lewis... haha, my fat ass and my laziness make me run
    just like a Walrus on the North Pole.
3. I will go to Penang this weekend, Yaiy
4. A for Technology Management

The Blue Black:
1. Work load like a pile of crap.
     Sometimes I just want to give up. Been swam at the same mud, and no progress at all.
     In fact, I feel exploited most of the time.
2.  Late for short semester registration, all class full.
     Now I have to be an illegal student, attend the class without having mark record.
     And gamble + pray hard, wish that there will some people drop the subject and makes me
     able to insert my name there.
3.  B+ for accounting.. Arrghhhh...!!!!!! I was really confident to get A. I feel I can do everything
     without  any fail. ugghhh.... dammit!
4.  Some un-registered people try to annoyed me asked too much questions, interview me,
     and interrupt my study focus.
     (hey, come on.. better you focus on your business and your crappy relationship, rather than
       too busy talk and create story about me..)

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Alone at Home

I had exam today, Accounting Analysis
Three hours sat and watch spreadsheet is already make my eyes crossed
additional with bunch of case I need to related with the number.
Don't know how many times I've been whining, complaining, mourning, grieving about how hard this month is. And how hard this semester is...
I could only said : Ewwhhh...... Ewwwh.... Ewwykkkkk *puke

But glad it's almost done.
One more exam tomorrow, then I can shut down my mind and have total rest for couple days
and step on my 3rd Semester.

After whining and complaining in every post I upload,
now I feel grateful I didn't give up and choose to register back to study.
Even though it's a repeat, where I have to start again from zero..

Many people around me, include my previous classmates said :
Why Do I bother to repeat the study I've been quit.
Repeat..? what a waste..!
You are almost 30, you should have family, not keep keep yourself busy with study, and study, and study,
you will get old in the school... then too late to have kid, then you grow old alone,
etc etc etc...

I just smile at them,
I have no point to explain to them.
No matter how much I explain, they would never understand.

I withdrew all the money I save, I keep enrol...
and now...

Without I realized, I am on my 3rd semester soon.
And with blinking eyes, I will graduate very soon too....  :)

I am alone at home,
Mr went to run and training,
he will join Penang Marathon next couple months.
After exam I keep stay at home, don't want to join.. I need to save my energy for tomorrow.
(*too lazy to join the training he he he, weather too hot outside...)

So yeah,  
I feed myself with this good looking instant noddle.
Don't ask me how much calories inside, I am super hungry, super tired, and super lazy..

But I am promised to myself,
tomorrow after the last exam, 
When I have more free time..
I will start run and swim again, and watch the food I eat.

I need to shape my body back..

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Home Made Lamb Burger

feed me during my stress weekend :)

no onion, no smelly thing..
just mixed salad and cherry tomatoes

never like mayo on anything,
but mixed mayonnaise - mint sauce - burger bun - lamb

just perfect

melt cheese over the patties...

ketchup on top of them

tiny sprinkle of black pepper..

paired with good wine..

with nice movie we've download before

I've got very great treat tonight...
like usual :-)

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Roti Canai Teh Tarik

Good Morning Kuala Lumpur

Nothing can warm Malaysian tummy in rainy morning like Roti Canai and Teh Tarik.

To every expat who lives in Malaysia or Singapore for many years, and still doesn't know what food is that.
I would say, you are not Malaysian enough to claim yourself  "Yes I am almost local here"  :-)

A simple plain thin, plenty layer, crispy pancake. Served with anything you want :
Curry, Dhall, Condensed Milk, Fried Fish, Onion Pickles, tandoori chicken, godzilla, aligator..
anything you want..!

I like my roti  plain, served with dhall curry  and sambal

It's a nice simple treat for Sunday after morning run.
Reload calories back..? :-P

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer on Instagram

Tanjung Biru
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan

What is the meaning of summer for you?
in four season Countries, summer mean everything.
Picnic, afternoon nap, BBB (Beer, BBQ and Beach), sip cold Sangria and read novel,
or simply walk around to nearest forest.

I am lucky enough live in a place where I can get all year round summer, but stil..
June and July is the hottest month in Malaysia.
Almost 33 Celcius at night, and half cook at noon. You could feel the heat
till you get headache or bleeding nose if you stay outside too long.

Mr Traveller promise to bring me out of Kuala Lumpur for picnic if I don't have class on weekend

And my wish granted..
I start dream to have very nice picnic, include chilled wine, raspberry, selection of cheese, hangi BBQ with 2 Maori chef, a nice lamb legs and sweet corn roasted in the ground full of hot rocks..
Complete with little tent to hide..

But once I went down for groceires, I can't even think what we gonna get.
I always confuse in grocery activity without having list in advance.
So yeah, I bought what I could remember... No Hangi BBQ, No chicken strips, no long island iced tea,
no sangria..
just simple wine and beer..

Here some of the picture we took..

Drove to the nearest beach..
enjoy the nice breeze all the way..
This time I made better preparation. Put load of sunblock onto my skin.
All over.. nothing missed.
I am dark enough, I don't want to be invisible during black-out night.
Mr convince me that I didn't need that much sunblock and lotion. I would still visible during blackout
night if I stay around him because he glows in the dark

find a shade under the trees,
spread a mat,
strecth the legs  
took cool drink out of the cooler box





this is what we called relax..
*I learn how to..

watch kids pedalling canoe,
sip my chilled wine and read novel

I am in extra lazy mood

allow myself very lazy and don't have to worry about everything is priceless luxury..

and I really appreciate it

small nibble..

we didn't bring much food from home because Malaysia is paradise of food.
we plan to stop in cowboy roasted chicken if we feel hungry
(no, coz I f-up with groceries... couldn't figure out what to buy)

chilled beer from cooler box
love it..!

Bored with books, 
we walk around to the shore soak our tired feet in a warm salty sea water.

little catch


another tiny crab i took..

we went home when the sun goes down.
to watch football tonight..


Friday, 8 June 2012

Ben's Cafe Publika

Solaris Dutamas

This is the problem if you live in an apartment attached with shopping centre,
business centre, and hang out centre.
Everything can reach just by 5 minutes walk.
The temptation to eating out and spend all the pocket money on food is always there.
Bad huh...?

Just like this afternoon when we are too lazy too cook and I want to eat something big.
Convince Mr Traveller to shower and drag him to walk down,
Finally we got our food :-D

My Burger,
Nice Patties.. Normal Bun
(I almost never eat burger bun anyway)

served with bunch of fries and salad..

2500++ kcal..

melted onion on top of the cheesy patty..

Nice rabbit food..

Mr's Tortilla wrap
taste better than my burger.. :'(
1000 kcal

Mr Traveller going to join Penang Marathon in November, so he allow to eat as much as he could coz
he run and train himself regularly.
I train myself in front of my laptop, on the couch (remote control lifting) and on my bed (snor) ?

Time to flirt with my running shoes I guess....

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Me on Instagram : The Result

Two months pigging myself with any food I want,
gulp alcohol like a fish
do not bother any exercise

here is the result :

Golden Cow..

So? BBQ tonight?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Minimum Steak


No class, no work, no travel...
and I am not battle in assignment or fever...
stay at home and allow myself to be lazy
EXAM..? still next two weeks lah.. can allow myself to be lazy lah...

OW...WO.. WO...
weekend with do nothing


This weekend have my sister came down from Penang to spent time with me.
Both of us agreed that we wont go anywhere but home, mamak restaurant, and groceries place.
Anything in walking distance.
She is been crazy with her new office and project too..

For whole two days we lazy-ing ourselves where we left the house just to reload chips stocks only.

100 % lazy 
 breakfast in front of TV
not even clear up my cosmetic thing

Totally lazy, till I can't  be bother to go down to pick up some milk
or bread, or went down for coffee, 
or sit on the restaurant to eat some Nasi Lemak or roti telur

I can only crawl from bed to fridge and cook whatever I left there..
so yeah...
we have steak for breakfast.
With mashed potatoes and steam carrot.
Served with hot chocolate..
(She drink her hot chocolate, I drink my wine straight)

she doesn't complaint.. 
so, I bet it taste OK

time to back on the couch, being lazy and watch Discovery Channel...


Friday, 1 June 2012


Not bad price, but I wont eat here now...
we going to have home made roasted chicken which taste way way way better than restaurant cooking

Chili on Instagram

Been a month I am begging for home made chili,
Mr Traveler promise me he will cook once after he back from Everest.
Since then almost everyday I remind him about the chili,

"I want chilis.. but home made one.."
"Nachos in Social used to be my favourite, but it taste weird nowadays..."
"So, when we will cook chili again..?"



I think his ear start bleeding, and finally he said..

OKE...!!!!!   WE COOK CHILI TONIGHT...!!!!

yooo hooo.....
I start imagine where I will put my chili on..
Bowl of Bashmati Rice..
Jacket potatoes..
Warm Tortilla...

really can't wait to go home to start cooking it..

When I reach home, all the ingredient already there. 
Mr Traveler took an effort to do grocery shopping.
He know, if he asked me to do I will spent hours and end up brought home a stuff which not far
from Pringles, Eggs, Steak and Potatoes.. lols

wminced meat
kidney bean
onion, garlic, and seeded red chili pepper

Key Success Factor :

High Skilled Chef

Sautef Onion, Garlic and Seeded Red Chili together until soft,
Add in Minced beef
until cooked

Add in tomato pure, tomato cubes, and all the friends

Leave it on fire with little bubbly
the longer you cook, the awesomer the taste (correct grammar, no?)
ouch.. yumm yumm...

meanwhile you can watch Game of Throne you've downloaded before..

sprinkle on top of Tortilla Chips and Cheese...

baked for 20 minutes...

served with dollop of sour cream,

You have wonderfull Cheesy Nachos...!

Baked some Jacket Potatoes..

Squeeze it

You Have this awesome dinner..


Thank You for the effort.
You are the best friend ever..!