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Friday, 24 June 2011

Soya Cincau : Jelly Grass with soy milk

Been almost 4 days i am meatless ( steak-less is the correct word)
where I ate very little amount of red meat, in order to avoid increasing of body heat.
Kuala Lumpur as hot as half boiled eggs now, my lips and skin start cracked (for no reason).

As not an Ice cream and totally lazy-to-do-anything person, 
I keep search on internet what dessert or drink I can take to cool down the heat on my body.
and i found this another easy-made drink or dessert for summer..
to cool down the heat of Kuala Lumpur.

Jelly grass is famous to cool down the heat on stomach,
widely used for dessert in Asia.

It's black, It's shiny and it's jiggle..

just mixed ,
ice cube, cubes of jelly grass, pour with soy milk..

source of fiber..!
(I think i can skip my veggie tonight, eh..? )


BuzyBugz said...

look yummmm , tp aq gk suka hiasannya bunga, lebih menggoda kalau strawberry xixixiixi :))

Kelley said...

haha, thank you.. garnish ini saya sahut dari rumah tetangga. Ala kadar :)