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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ice Calamansi

Summer is not perfect without fresh home made drink..
**lebay semacam.. Kuala Lumpur is all year summer lah...!
OK lah, mean i can make all of those fresh drink all year too ler..

this sweet, tangy, freshy juice are perfect for life balance. 
Cleanse the body,
adding vitamin C..  **wink, me being so scientist.. ;-)

Calamansi, Limau kasturi, Calamondin, are fruit orange-like with a very very sour taste.
I don't think I can bear to eat them just like that.

Calamansi has a special fragant which different with Lime and Lemon,
I sniffed my finger after cutting them..
It is smell so MALAYSIA..

why I said that..? here we use Calamansi in many dishes.
Fried Noodle, Laksa, Kerabu, Grilled Fish, Grilled fish chili dip, sambal, Thai salad, Mie Mamak, Limau ais, Te-o ais limau, or used to marinade fishes, chicken and any other seafood too...

slice Calamansi, squeeze the juice with hand.
add a bit sugar, honey or maple syrup
mix with cold water  or black tea and ice cube.


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