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Friday, 3 June 2011

My 'Lil bro

A little gift for getting great GPA

A while ago I got my little brother a small camera.
It is Old series, Sony Alpha a200 with the kit lens as a gift for him getting -Three point something- on his first semester in Uni.

I was thinking it is a better gift than bought him new cellphone, PS3, Xbox or Wii.
I need to find a stuff so that he can use his brain to produce something while he have fun.

( Well, my real reason was I almost fed up learn how to use camera. I can't produce a picture where I feel satisfy on it. I can't be bother play with ISO, shutter speed, etc etc.

With got him his own camera, now become his responsibilities to learn how to use it and how to create a good picture)

Then next time we back home again,
He is the photographer. I will just pose for snap :)

Am I smart sister..? OH YES I AM..!!

couple snap he made

around the house

and garden

not bad,
he is fast learner.
Worth cancell most of my travel to got him this toy.
**I'm such a good big sister... :)

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