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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

RIP Marco Simoncelli

too young to die..

crashed in the circuit

but that is racing 'bout

they would never stop and no fear..

Rest In Peace young man...
you did a good job..

and that is Michael Doohan, 
my lifetime hero...  
I watched him race since I was kid i think..

Rossi did a good job too, but I never found a racer as brave as him (Simoncelli try his style, but he failed and lost his life)

and this is Ian, my friend...
(Racing no more, now scuba diving...)

smart choice, and safer..!!

ME..? i don't dare to ride anything except my train and buses.. 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stupid Jobs

nice joke..

my friend post this picture in facebook a while ago,
make me smile..

I love the idea..!

It's ok if you think there is no such funny stuff in that picture
for me it is really funny..


Friday, 21 October 2011

New Disease

some kind of creative way to naming activity disorder

where actually happen to me too,
As a student who has very very very limited $$$ I have to squeeze everything to fulfill my unlimited desire.

I wish I can do more extreme like in those article, I might get size 4 and I can go to Ukraine, Moscow, Tibet, or North Pole next year. Save money, save the calories..

Too bad, Mc.Donald, KFC, Nasi Lemak, Pringless, Mr. Potatoes, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Spring Roll (you name it) are too good to ignore..

If I stop eating and save money for travel,
would people start said I have some kind of TRAVELOREXIA..?

will I become famous if I introduce that name in media?


# I'm thinking now...
# Use my brain to think, always makes me hungry.. 

# Let's go to eat... :)


Bye Bye old Office..

Welcome new office


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bitchy Comment..? who cares

the most ridiculous way to make people feel guilty

just not work on me

when my friend asked me why I disagree with this ads spread on facebook.
I said :

1. Steve jobs create something to make our life easier, those people's parents do not create anything except hijacking my tanker, my container and other ship.

2. Steve Jobs do not kill his family or his people, those people kill their own people just because of different skin colour, religion, or little piece of dessert land.

3. Steve Jobs work and feed his family, those people expecting food and medicine from UN, UNICEF, WHO, and us.. (you & me) by name of humanity.
Since I was child, this story been like this.. COME ON..!

4.  Steve Jobs will follow govt rule if they asked him or his family do HIV test, those people's parents or brother or sisters refuse did HIV test by name of Human Right.
Why I said so, because my friend work in UN in Africa and she cried, how hard try to teach this people about the important of having HIV test, faith to your partner, or using condom.
Asia was had high HIV case ten years ago, but our people follow what govt said. 
And the disease do not spread as high as before now. People have willing to listen.. THEY DO NOT...

5. Boy.... ask your parent to stop selling your diamond, gold, oil, Elephant's tusks, import gun...
and killing each other.

6. Boy.. ask your elder sister and brother, when they come to Asia.. ask them to stop bring in and selling drugs, and abuse their student visa. 

NO.. I don't feel pity on them.
their government need to grow up,
stop war among themselves and cultivated their land to feed their kids...


we upset because we are jealous

we jealous because we feel insecure
we feel insecure because too many questions mark in our head
then we guessing, fill up our head with plenty negative things, suddenly we afraid loosing you

we afraid loosing you because we love you

sounds stupid, yes..

but believe me that feeling is not easy to handle...

If you care to her,
tell her how do you feel..
don't let her stay in question mark..
having those kind of feeling is hurting and torturing..

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Vietnam (Dreaming)

I should do my demographic analysis for my marketing group,

but this channel been hypnotized me

yes Anthony, not only you...

I also in love with Vietnam for the first time I slurp my Pho (beef bowl soup).

The feeling is same like when you met your first love isn't it..?

me too...

retired and stay quietly there...?  maybe :)


Vietnamese Spring Roll (Gui Cuon)

after the Vietnam trip,
I am in love with the local to their food especially Gui Cuon (read : ghoi kun)
 brbrpp.. #hard to pronounce...?  YES..!!!

#ask the local to pronounce it for 
you several time, and repeat it... 
your ear will used to it and easy to repeat


Mike bought a pack of rice paper sheet in a store next to hotel in Vung Tau for me to learn how to make this spring roll in Malaysia, to make my mouth stop whining "I wana spring roooollll......."

nice isn't it?
and easy...
and no need to cook...
and cute..!

Add in lettuce, boiled vermicelli and carrot.
Make sure all the ingredient are chill, to avoid the rice paper melt.

add in any meat you like.

Chicken, Beef, Buffalo, Lamb, Pork, Deer, Rabbit, Iguana, Godzilla.. anything you wish to eat.
I put boiled chicken
(Sharon put grilled Orang-Utan in her spring roll)

top with two pieces mint leaves 

choose the best leaves you could find, because the appearance give big impact to the taste (especially if you want to serve it to your guest)

rolled it nicely 
(use the instinct)

this is what inside :)
#I'm such a champion.. Wink

Oh well, if you can't make a nice roll for the first time.. DON'T give up.
I finish almost whole package (50 sheets) and force myself to eat spring roll almost every night just because I want to learn how to roll this bloody food in a nice way.

Now I can make the "looks like" a normal spring roll...


p.s : if you wish to eat the spring roll in original taste, please do not follow my recipe
        HERE is the original one :)


Monday, 17 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Imperial Beach Club, Vung Tau )

It is totally different with Beach Club we have in Kuala Lumpur.


here we are, a building next to a nice swimming pool with nice view

find a shade and place to eat..

I'm in love with the wall decoration. Especialy the light house miniature. Cute isn't it..?
wish they have it here

a nice and simple table setting

a list of the seafood menu, but I can't figure out what I'm going to eat.
My brain only can mentioned one name : Vietnamese spring roll...!!

can you believe how much the price of this stuff in Vietnam...?
USD 0.40 in Saigon supermarket, USD 0.75 in a local beach restaurant, USD 1 in room minibar, and USD 2.00 when we order by the pool.

what an awesome price...!

our prawn.. nice..!

a happy prawn..

everybody agree that the rice in Vietnam are just nice and different with what we had in Malaysia and Indonesia. Fragant, sticky and just nice in the mouth.

Mark's stir squid with pineapple (I steal his pineapple while he was too busy talking)

my first Vietnamese beef soup PHO, (Read : Foa)

It taste awesome. The soup's broth is clear and light, with  plenty white spices and herbs.
No bloated feeling.
They give additional herbs who knows I want more leaves for fiber source.
I don't think so, I don't need that much fiber in my body

Pho's company,
dark liquid in a tall glass is a MUST
FYI, that is the best ever antiseptic ever for your stomach. To prevent food poisoning..

don't believe me? try it..!

bored with local, order Steak Sandwich before sleep to company the animal planet night
what a western food...!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Imperial Hotel Vung Tau )

I feel like in Vegas...!!!

I feel lucky to be me now :)
having this short wonderful vacation, and we stay in a great fancy hotel.

Marriot? Ritz Carlton? Four Season? yes, they are expensive hotel.
But all of them don't have fancy interior like Imperial Hotel

When I stay here for the first night, I feel like I was in Disneyland, haha.. (what a kampong gal)

antique table clock with roaring lion on top of "marble" like table and fake orchid 
**please ignore the cashew nut, and all of those silly drink i had.

Look at the sugar, even they design the package in a nice way. With English style picture.
Bit racist though, haha... but nice

the first swimming pool behind the room

look further,
the hotel try to build new things

I love the feeling of walk in this hall..
Like I am in the different world, not in 2011

the room number, and the sign of "do not disturb"

very unique.. hey Marriot use piece of paper hang on the door..
so, Imperial Vung Tau win.

nice antique lamp

the hall in front of lift

old style phone, old style side lamp, old style side table
bed..? wahahahha.... sould not take  a pic of my bed... always messy like a bear' nest

look at that...

an antique table and tiny TV
plasma OK

antique sink cover (I hope the name is correct)

i love this small unique design of the wall

empty street
compare with Saigon.. CHAOS

pose in front of the famous statue with my cherry dress.
Im size 6 now.. weee hoooo...!!!

the lobby hall with another golden statue

Harry Potter..? Maybe!

and I'm in love with this fountain hold by two angel

and the Dome

the fountain view from 2nd floor

the lobby from the 2nd floor
do you notice the painting on the roof??

Am I too much took and upload the same pics..?
I don't care.. I enjoy it.. :)

I Love this place...

I will go here again for sure...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vietnam with Love ( Giant Jesus Statue )

checking the camera, batteries, and the lenses..
all work fine..

We going to visit Giant Jesus today,
a very famous statue in Vung Tau. It is 10 minutes taxi from Hotel, and cost us VND 40,000 (USD 2)

snap before breakfast..
I Love my Kylie Lang dress!
cool and soft material, nice for sweaty-tropical-armpit like mine.. lol

look at that stiff stairs..

I doubt I can go there at the first time, and start whining "can we go home...?" 
answered by => HOME...?!?!? what home...?  Malaysia..?

"Is there any cable car..?"
"Any way the taxi can go up..?"

but actually plenty pit-stop to rest and breath..
and lot of nice statue to take a pic along the way

and the view under there are nice too...

the Sea look really clean, just my camera can't catch nice picture as great as him

pose in front of massive stairs before step
(Now I love my gladiator style sandals... very helpful)

couple snaps during pit-stop for breath,
no we didn't bring water..
Next time we will fill up the picnic bag with 333, Saigon, or Tiger

Nice religious statues...
don't really understand what is that about..

we almost there..!!
go go go...

keep walking..!

Mike  : do I look like the statue yet?
Me : Almost.. if you put a lightning rod on top of your head, you looks like that statue

nice relief surround the wall

I don't know what is the name of this stuff, something to put on top of tank and to explode a bomb.

ah, we meet our friend here... :D

he also want to pose in front of the statue..

all strange name carved on the bank (maybe they donate to make this place come true)

the trip closed with red wine and couple bottle of Saigon

and being lazy here...

relax a bit next to the pool before catch ferry to Saigon