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Friday, 17 June 2011

Fried Noodle : Cheating

Emergency dinner with Emma

I went to Em's condo after work to watch Lunar Eclipse,
we were sitting in balcony of her 27th floor (I was hoping with higher the place, I can see it even clear)

when I arrive.. we start set up all of our "watching" equipment
I have my camera toy Nikon D3000, and she has her Canon something something with a big big lens.
One telescope and quarter bottle of tequila.

I hate tequila..
definitely I HATE...

because once i take it, i will end up with never stop drink it..!

Ok, back to food.
visiting Emma is always fun. She loves home made cute food, but she hates cooking **just like me..
And the result she always try to create to decorate our quick food to make it pretty (and look healthy)

From her I learn a lot how to make a good food in cheating way.

Our fried noodle,
isn't it look cute too...?

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