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Monday, 20 June 2011

Brownies Ice Cream

Was the favourite for everybody on the table,
they had it like 3-4 bowl each person.. except me.

Not a fan of this,
I would prefer fill up my stomach with another portion of steak, Briyani, mutton,  and another meaty product than this sweet thing.
I end up with play around with this dessert instead of eat it..

I'm sorry.. pity food..

but not tempt me at all

look moist and nice,

I bite little, not too sweet. Should be eatable for me...
But, it just not me... not me at all...

**give me another Nasi Goreng please...



BuzyBugz said...

iki tuku opo ngawe dewe??hehe ojo pake garnis bunga., aq wis iso koment haha aq pake mozilla xixiixi bisa orek2 blog mu wkwkkw

Kelley said...

makan di restoran. feel free to orek-orek.. i like it haha

BuzyBugz said...

hahhaa iku nek aq ning kono tak cari yg punya restoran, trus aq bilang, "emang aq kambing apa km suruh makan bunga?"wkwkkwkw, bs dicontoh dirumah ini ya simple

Kelley said...

kamu doyan manis-manis..? klo iya nyetok es krim aja di rumah, ama brownies. aku enggak suka manis, jadi aku nyetoknya Indomie buat cemilan. haha