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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bihun Goreng : Cheating

touch up your instant food
to create extra ordinary one

what you going to do if you have unexpected guess visiting, you don't have ready to eat food to serve,
you don't have time to create from scratch (***or you don't know how),
yet you are too embarrass to serve the ordinary instant noodle soup..

here is the answer :

touch up your instant food..!! 

It's happen to me on Saturday while I've been too lazy do anything except cleaning the house. And just spent most of my day rolling on the bed play with my laptop and watch movie stream online.

An office member visiting to do paperwork together  (even I haven't shower yet, awww...!!!)
With a speedy shower for the first, 
instant drink.. (lemonade-lime, will post later)
Oh, yeah.. can't be bother to boil water and make a proper green tea to the guest. Some more the day is too hot for tea.

I was thinking to bring them to KFC for lunch (but, is it polite..?) bahahaha, I don't know..!
I'm hungry, they also hungry.. 

but I don't want to serve them an ordinary Magi instant noodle.
here what I made,
An Instant fried bee hon, touch with  vegetable, omelet , and sprinkle of fried onion.

nobody asking whether it was real fried bee-hon cook in a wok, or instant bee hon :)

happy weekend  ^_^

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