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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mongolian Beef

Another made up menu I found in internet :P

Mongolian beef or chicken is quite common food in Chinese take-away menu.
The recipe quite easy, not so many ingredient and fast cooking.

We tried to copy the recipe for our weeknight dinner.
Well.... since we don't have enough meet in the fridge, I throw in blanched cauliflower, carrot and yellow onion to make it look more on the plate. 

200 gram beef, slices nicely. Dust with corn flour, set aside.
1 cup cauliflower cut and blanched for 30 second
1 carrot, peel and sliced
1/2 yellow, cut in big slices

2 cloves garlic, 1 cm ginger => slices all
3 dried chili
1 tbs cooking oil

1 tbs oyster sauces
1 tbs dark soy sauces
1 tbs light soy sauces
1 tsp sugar
*mix all with 1/2 cup water
*If you are indonesian, you can change the dark-light soy sauce with just kecap manis. And remove sugar from the recipe.

1 tsp corn flour, mix with bit of water (I use about 1/4 cup)

Heat up wok, add in cooking oil. 
Stir in garlic,ginger and dried chili, cook for 30 second.
Add in beef. Cook until beef start browning.

Add in the sauce mix, and vegetable. Cook for about 1 minutes until carrot start soft.
Add in corn flour mix and onion, stir until the sauce thicken.
Taste to your preference, Mongolian beef should be a bit sweet, spicy and tasty :)

Served with hot steamed rice.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sop Ceker aka Chicken Feet Soup

Some people might frown when I mentioned about eating chicken feet. 
But for Asian, chicken feet is common food to enjoy.

Chicken feet is non-meaty part of chicken, more to bone-y and lot of collagen make it jelly-ish when we boil it for long hours.

Chicken feet always good to make anything with gravy, or just simply stir fried, or deep fried.

I like chicken feet to make soup broth since it has no fat content, makes my soup less greasy yet still taste very nice.

This soup is very simple and quite low fat-low calories, you can eat as much as you like :)

Seger untuk teman makan siang terutama di hari yang panas terik, dimakan dengan nasi dan kuah yang banyak untuk dihirup.

6 chicken feet, cleaned up, cut the nails. Blanch with boiling water for 1-2 minutes, discharged the water.
1 carrot, peel and slices diagonally
1 corn, cut into 5-6 pcs
2-3 leaves of cabbage, cut but not too small

- 1/4 tsp fenugreek
- 2 cloves garlic, crushed
- 1/2 teaspoon white pepper
- 2 liter water
- salt, pepper to taste

Add fenugreek, corn, garlic and blanched chicken feet into 2 liters of boiling water.
Cook until chicken feet soft.

Add in Carrot, leave for 1 minutes till carrot half cook.
Add in cabbage, cook for another 1 minutes.
Add in salt and pepper to taste.

Sprinkle with minced chinese parsley and spring onion for better aroma.
Served immediately :)

Dare to try?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ayam Kecap

Ayam Kecap / Ayam Kicap / Braised Chicken in Soy Sauce

Another simple yet very satisfying dinner for easy weeknight meal.
I choose chicken breast to cut of cooking time instead of yummy drumstick.

Simple Ingredients

2 Chicken breast, cut into 4
Mushroom, potato, tofu puff (all optional)

5 Cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp ginger, minced
lot lot lot of chili (as per your spiciness level)

1/2 cup water
3 tbs light soy sauce
1 tbs dark soy sauce (kicap manis)
1 tbs palm sugar
salt, pepper

1/2 yellow onion, sliced
1 star anise


Pan Fried 2 chicken breast (i cut each breast into 4)
=> I like to pan fried chicken before cook to another dishes just to lock the taste.
also to prevent the meat from falling apart.

1. Heat up 1 table spoon cooking oil, add in onion and ginger. Cook till fragrant
2. Add in water, soy sauce, star anise.
3. Add in chicken and stir a bit make sure the chicken well covered.
4. Cook in low simmering fire. 
5. You may add mushroom, tofu, potato anything you like

Couple minutes before finish, add in onion.

Enjoy Chicken with some salad and steam rice.

I have my steamed vegetable with peanut sauce :)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Easy Potato Cabbage Soup

Sup Kentang dan Sayuran

Basically I've been the one who take over the home kitchen. Leave Mr no choice but eat
on whatever I desired to cook. Luckily he is not a fussy eater.For him, as long is the food is not too weird, It should be fine.

Usually the conversation about dinner will start at 4:00pm, where I got myself kinda weird food menu I found on internet. Like usual he just YES-ing on whatever i type on whatsaapp.

This soup is kind of effortless cooking yet giving enough nutrition to keep us alive without any excess fat or oil. Chinese and Indonesian love this soup so much for their lunch, dinner and midnight snacks.

1 Cup Napa Cabbage (cabbage to make kimchi) cut
1 Young carrot, peel and slice diagonal
1 Potato, peel, cut cube
1 spring onion

2 tbs minced chicken (to replace MSG)
2 cloves garlic
Salt + white pepper
1 tbs cooking oil

2 cup water

How to:
Heat up 1 tbs cooking oil, fried minced chicken.
Add in water and  potato,  boil till the potato soft.
Add in carrot, leave for 3 minutes till carrot half cook.
Add in garlic, cabbage, salt and pepper.

Taste to your likeness.
Sprinkle with spring onion and served with chili-soy sauce.

Since potato already full of carb.
We don't cook rice tonight.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


I couldn't find the part where I could enjoy my pregnancy so far...

Beginning of the pregnancy is the worst experience in my life.
Before I knew that I was pregnant, I got like one whole weeks back pain and all joint pain.
(Rasa macam orang lepas kena langgar Yamaha EX-5) I couldn't sleep or enjoy my day. 

I thought I had rheumatism or going to have very bad flue cos the joint pain was unbearable. I couldn't sleep at all for like a week. When I went to the nearest hospital to (plan to get pain killer jab) there I came to know that my back pain was the result of pregnancy.

We could't any medicine but bunch of vitamin instead. I can't go to normal massage centre too… No reflexology either.

Mr became my private masseur at time being to rub my neck and shoulder. I had to give myself extra gua-sha massage (scrap myself with coin and hot oil). It was relieving, but the pain back again on the next day. Most of my night were shower in extra hot water, and rub myself with either minyak angin  or counter-pain.

After a while the joint and back pain reduce, but theeeenn………. I have another issue:

1. Sleepy
I am struggle in keeping myself awake. I almost fall asleep at the office, Often I skip lunch just to have some nap during lunch hour. I had another nap soonest I reach home from work while waiting Mr. back from afternoon run.

Dinner have to served early like 7:00pm, or else someone have to eat alone cos I already ran to bedroom. I guess at least I had 10 hours night sleep, 1 hour lunch nap, and another hour after-work nap.

2. Muak on certain food, smells, person
The most struggle thing I almost couldn't face.
I used to be fine with soy sauce, nowadays whenever I smell food with soy sauce I feel yucky.
(Ayam masak kicap yang sedap tu boleh muntah mak tengok… huhuh)

Smoke.. from BBQ, Satay, fried onion, all make me want to pingsan.
paling benci kalau Mr. masak… hrgggghhhh….. satu rumah bau asap.
Rasa nak tercekik vampire.
tapau tak boleh ke bang?
so yes, most of the time I always make excuse  so we don't have to light the stove, instead we tapau (take-away) or have sandwich for dinner LOL.

There were some food (Random) i can't even describe which one.
Whenever I saw it, I want to vomit.

I hate cheese all of the sudden, I hate red meat (I hate all animal-made food), I hate buying food served by male-foreign-worker (macam itu pun ada), I couldn't stand looking at food cooked in coconut milk, it makes me faint.

The only food really appetite me is kind of taste-less food like
- steamed ubi kayu
- steamed sweet potato
- bread, bun
-anything mixed with lime juice and chili smells good to me.

3. I Crave Certain Food
There are plenty days, time and hours I think about specific food I want to eat and I can't get rid of them from my mind.

- Mee siput + sambal tumis: ooohhh…mak…aiiii….. I can imagine rangupnya kerupuk mee siput, pedas manis nya sambal…krap-krup-krap….. fyyuuuuhhhh…. makan tu je dengan nasi putih pun dah serasa surga dunia. Terimakasih kepada kak MIAW, she is happily to bring it from Muar sekali dengan sambal tumis yang sedap.

- Nasi Jagung + Urap: Nasi jagung yang tasteless, kasar dan pera macam pasir… ditambah dengan urap daun pepaya dan sambal kelapa yg pedas, rempeyek kedelai atau keripik tempe…..HOMAIGAWD…… kat mana kucari makanan itu!!!!!

- Buntil Daun Pepaya:  its a humble food made from dried anchovies and grated coconut tidily wrapped in bitter papaya leaves, and simmered in light gravy. Buntil is nasi jagung best friend.

4. Badly Miss Coffee So So So So Much
I felt part of my life is missing without coffee. Many article said pregnant women shouldn't touch coffee, cos it caused miscarriage for beginning of pregnancy, and make the baby malnutrition.

Other said, when the mother took coffee, the baby get the same effect. When they arrive in the world, they will awake more often, couldn't sleep, and cry all night long.
Ibu ngantuk, tak boleh tidur pasal anak tak tidur... aiyaaaaaa

so yes, I didn't touch coffee.
Menderita ke kak...? Ho Iya... menderita sekali...!!!
Last last, dah tak boleh tahan... buat juga di kantor.

Kali ini buat yg sangat encer, 1/4 cawan.
Selepas dibuat, bukan terus diminum, tapi letak di tepi meja.
Hirup-hirup je bau kopi panas tu.... (tak minum)

kalau sudah sejuk, cawan dimasukkan dalam microwave biar kopi hangat semula...
hidu-hidu bau kopi... letak tepi...

sejuk, microwave balik...hidu.. microwave...hidu..microwave..hidu...

kalau dah tak tahan sangat, ambil teaspoon, cedok kopi pakai teaspoon,
enjoy satu dua sudu...

sometimes I talk to myself..... what I did eh.... kenapa la I feel stewpit panaskan-hidu-panaskan kopi dah macam orang bodo.... hahahha

Tapi mahu macam mana... sudah menjadi part of the process,
sabar je la...
Lebih baik tahan kopi, daripada nanti anak keluar tukang menangis tak mau tidur kan...

KORANG KAN especially lelaki,kalau tak sayang dan kesiyan kat ibu, perempuan, istri, hidup memang tak barokah...huhu

Banyak perngorbanan untuk menghasilkan satu insan manusia ke dunia ni.... belum lagi dapat 3 bulan dalam perut je dah macam-macam cobaan dan dugaan yang mak rasa.

Marcella at 10 weeks in my tummy

Minta maaf la nak,
Ibumu ini memang langsung tiada pengalaman dan degil.