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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weekend Date : Underworld 3D

Spend weekend in Kuala Lumpur
too lazy to go out and roam around.

Finally we just stay at home, cooking, cleaning, laundry-ing..
and lie around watch dvd on computer..

When the sun bit cool down,
we manage to crawl till Mid Valley Mega Mall

yes we watch underworld 3D,
RM 20 for each ticket, include the glasses.

EXPENSIVE....!!!!! *sigh..

then we start blame each other, who take too long to shower, who take too long to make up
and who too busy eating till forgot shower.

anyway, we want to watch this.
And we don't want to change to other movie

pop corn set..
coke set..
seat, set

couple pose before the movie start

this is my lil sister, she is cool..!!

the big sister...!!!

Underworld is a good movie from my view,
I like when the Vampire woman slash the Lycan's head "just like that"
Died in one second.

Better than thriller movie where we can see people die slowly and full of pain
(I am not a fan of those kind of movie)

Better than Twilight, where the vampire very pale
and look not enough food. And too much silly love story.
Bella-Edward, very gay.. (lol)

we watch this next time we have extra $$.. =)

Monday, 30 January 2012

Kuantan Trip 1: Telok Cempedak Beach

Yaiy, i checked one of my 2012 travel list
Telok Cempedak...
Finally I visit this place.. :)

Kuantan is only around 3-4 hours from Kuala Lumpur,
Convenient place to make a trip from non-driving human like me.

3 hours bus, from Pudu Raya Bus Terminal (Kuala Lumpur)  to Kuantan Terminal (RM 22.20)
15 minutes taxi from Bus terminal to Telok Cempedak beach (RM 15.00)
get taxi in the counter to avoid killing your pocket if you not sure about the price.

But if you think you are sure,
You might stop taxi on the street, and the cost should be less than RM 15.
(Telok Cempedak, is less than 10 minutes taxi from the bus station)

not really..!!!!

I was too frustated look for a place to eat, where all the places still closed :'(

footprint and the sunrise
(and my vincci sandal too)

quiet beach, with lot of sea shell
I was plan to collect it, but I forgot
I was too busy think about where is the foooooddd....!!!

no one wake up yet I guess,
the beach very quiet with one or two chinese couple walk around to take some picture.

they are enjoying the morning breeze like me :)

I guess that guy also hungry like me,
he sat very quiet and hold his stomach..

tried hard to convince myself that I do not really need food this early,
look at my chubby toes and all the finger.

remind me with the coctail sausages..

finally able to capture sharp picture..

many locals here,
seems like Telok Cempedak is a place for weekend getaway for people from Kuantan city, and Kuala Lumpur.
I spot camping site. Which is great too.
very savvy, and I believe it's fun!!
Can do BBQ, Chit-Chat, Gossip, Eat, Drink, Drunk (the local not drunk, woops)

End of the river, goes to the sea..
clean water

blue sea and no sign "beware of Jelly fish"


I can stay here all day,
just sit, eat, and slurrpeee my ice lemon tea

and being lazy


Will go here again next time..
With better option of the hotel.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bubur Ayam : Chicken Porridge

Another rest day for abuse stomach

then I created this one :

Chinese New Year Lunch, CNY Dinner,
Birthday lunch, birthday drink, birthday dinner,
makan this, makan that...
chewing this, chewing that..

December - January - February are abuse season here..
I feel my mouth and my stomach like grinding machine. 

And today,
we decide to do not go anywhere and just stay at home. Eat home food, in a very light way.
Hide all the tidbits, cookies, and crackers balance from CNY hamper.

CNY Oranges..?
doooh... please.... no more..
I've had ulcer, sore throat and cough from too much eating Chinese New Year Oranges.

Now the questions,
Oranges should full of vitamin C and cure sore throat, ulcer or anything related to those silly problem.

don't asked me..
ask the chinese oranges farmer why they can creates
hundred containers of tangerines and ripen at the same time.

What I am talking about..
out of topic eh...? ha ha ha..!!

my recipe is quite out of the topic because all I put inside was totally different with any recipe in internet.
The key of nice porridge is how you make a good plain porridge,
the condiment and topping could be whatever you found in your fridge.

I use 1/2 cup of rice with 4 cups water,
click in rice cooker.
Add in chicken bone ( boil first, or left over from roasted chicken).
Not from raw chicken, I hate the "chickish" smell on my food.

Add in :
- Ginger slices
- Salt
- Pepper
- Soup powder (something like this) to add the aroma. Oh well, the correct amount of salt and pepper are already give a nice taste of basic of the porridge though (according to my tongue... heheh)

When the rice and water start boiling in rice cooker,
switch the click from "cook" into "keep warm"

wait until the water do not boiling, stir well. And repeat click the "cook" part
Cook - stir - warm - stir - cook - stir -warm -stir..
till you find the thickness you desire.

For condiment, I have :
- Half boiled eggs
- Shredded chicken meat from left over of roasted chicken
- Deep fried sliced chicken sausages
- Crackers (keropok)
- Fried Onion
- Black pepper
- Celery
- Curry gravy (balance from last night's Roti Telur)

sometimes recycle food could be very interesting to served


Saturday, 28 January 2012

I am 29

I AM 29


Thanks for give me a chance to see this world and give me a very sweet life with sweet people, friends, family and
sweetheart around me..

I will do my best :-)

Friday, 27 January 2012


Been 6 years in Malaysia, living in Kuala Lumpur,
work and study in several company and university
jump here and there like a grasshopper.

Many people keep asking me, why I choose Malaysia not Indonesia.
Why I love Malaysia too much, not my own country.
Why I happily stand my foot in a land who loves call our people "INDON"

oh well,
haha.. I just dont understand why the Indonesia become way too sensitive when they heard Malaysia call them as "Indon"

when I asked the Malaysian, what is their intention to call us Indon.
They just answer, there is no intention. We used to shorten everything like
JB => Johor Bahru, KL=> Kuala Lumpur, Indon=> Indonesia,
Malay => Melayu

Indonesian love to shorten their call as "INDO"
and Malaysian, make the cut with additional "N"


I believe not all Indonesian like that, some of them are just don't care or don't even think what is that.
And too busy work and try to make money to pay the kid's school.

Some people are just have too much time to talk and to hate,
for something they don't even know what is that...

(And I have so much time to wrote about it... ha ha )

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Trip To Kuantan

Teluk Cempedak,

(**Iman, makmur, takzim, I don't know which one and too lazy to google)

morning walk before look for nasi kerabu and teh tarik for breakfast..

I went to this place during Chinese New Year Holiday
but too lazy to write the story,
I am tired from work :'(

good night..

Friday, 20 January 2012

My Best 29th Early Birthday Present

Counting Day to say good bye to 28 year old Kelley
Counting day to welcome a 29 yo Kelley

some present arrive early...

1. Sharon and Me bought this :

to replace this :

**yaiy, finally we have flat screen TV
 more comfortable to eyes when we watch football, 
 badminton, animal planet, or Korean drama.

2. And I got this  

hand bag from my little sister.. 

3. This is my awesome present :


(Thanks a lot....)

the present arrives in a correct time,
 replaced my old-pinkish-broken-hand-phone
you always know what I need... :-*

I love my new phone A LOT....!!!!
like having mini computer on your hand.

look at this,

facebook, Yahoo Messenger, twitter, skype, gmail, office mail, hotmail,
google.. (you name it)

anything you want,
just download the application.

this is my favorite application...

see.. see.. see.. 

ho ho ho (you just have no idea how happy I have this..!!!)

blessing life :-)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dumpling Soup

Enough with stomach abuse,
stuffing my mouth with anything I wish.
Make me end up with additional 3 kilograms in my body, weewww...

The thing about living in a multiracial place,
festive season celebrates all year round.

Just yesterday we done with Christmas and New Year.
Bloated with Turkey and Roasted Meat,
Now we have Chinese New Year which another big dinner and lunch invitation everywhere.
(not Include my birthday, where I celebrate whole January)

I should rest my stomach and my fat reservoir,
otherwise I will turn like a hippo by end of the year.

so yeah...
I back to the kitchen :-)

Dumpling soup tonight,
my hand made dumpling cook in a clear soup.
I copy from here for idea, but of I minimize what inside of my bowl to make it less crowded.

Crowd make me headaches..!!

I thought make dumpling or meatball, wantan, and their familia is very difficult,
but actually simple and effortless.
Just need to practice more to creates a sexy shape of dumpling.
Also, we can make dumpling a lot at one time and  stored it freezer.
Defrost and throw to soup anytime we want to.

dredge the bottom of the bowl,
and I found this cutie slices..

Should sluurrp these home-made soup and stop high-carb dinner for at least one week, check Paty's kitchen more often for the home-made dinner idea and more work out.

hope I can lose some...
Prepare my stomach for next festive abuse season

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chinese New Year Dinner


It's been our company culture to have annual dinner each year,
and its happen a week after or before Chinese New Year.

Just like tonight..

If you noticed, I brought paper in front of me. 
Yes I had exam the morning after CNY dinner.

But this dinner is compulsory, and we can't escape..

watermelon Juice for Fika

Mango Juice for me

Yee Sang to mix around,

Celebrate Chinese New Year with mix Yee Sang only happen in Malaysia and Singapore.
I don't see something like this anywhere.

Yee Sang is vegetable salad mixed with nuts, crackers, salmon, prawn and plum sauces (I guess)

a very colorful food

toss the salad, and yell some kind of Chinese words or phrase where where most of them means :

Money, Rich, Gold, Money, Dollar, Ringgit,
Rich, Money, 

we serve ourselves after toss the salad,
this is mine..
taste good I love it..

I love the fun of mix around and yell around about something which is I don't even know what was that.

And, like usual..
Sigh... I hate myself sometimes.
Been in Malaysia for almost 6 years, and mixed with Chinese community as well.
My brain, my stomach, and my psychology still can't accept the way Chinese style dinner party.
With many kind of food,  many people, crowded with lot of noises, and confusing..
Everybody seems too rush take food to their plate, and I keep too busy between 
serve myself - eat - or take picture
(frustrating, I know)

This restaurant is better than last year,
the food do not serve in pile..
small amount, and not so many food
(means, I less confuse)

Chicken Soup for starter
(They agreed to do not serve shark fin soup)

taste blend
**more to tasteless

I like it..

easy to gulp

Stuffed Chicken Wing, taste good...

Duck jelly Soup..
I can't figure out who invented this kind of food.

hearty-meaty-sup tulang taste like in a cold jelly pudding..

can't even swallow it.

call me Kampong gal, I don't mind..
But I just can't eat something too creative.

fish cake inside of chicken wing..

steam fish with black fungus

the waitress took my plate before i ate it :'(

salted napa cabbage, abalone and broccoli cook in a slimy gravy ,

want to know what inside...?

after the surgery,
you can see the inner part

its a crab meat (or crap meat)
with Abalone and broccoli
served with slimy gravy

(don't asked me how the taste, I din't even try)

Bachang, or Bakcang,

depend on which country you are in, and what language you use.

Indonesian call it Bachang, made from fragant rice filled up with minced chicken cooked in 
sweet soy sauce.

Malaysian call it Bakcang (hokkien dialect) or other thing,
made from sticky rice (glutinous rice) filled with chicken, mushroom, salted egg-yolk, 
barley, nuts, everything you could find in your fridge.

sticky rice filled with salted eggs, peanuts, mushroom,

wrapped in bamboo leaves, and steamed.
I love the smell of bamboo leaves stuck on the rice.


I like this desert,
snow fungus and pear boiled in "not-too-sweet" syrup

the whole family member

can you spot who has been drunk..?

Was really fun and nice, the end of the dinner we have lucky ang-pau 
where everybody don't know how much inside of the red packet.

I win RM 50 for the lucky ang-pau,
nice one.. haha
was hope that the grand prize would be one trailer-hopper dredger (1 Million Ringgit) haha..
then I will  just rent out my dredger and register to PhD next year.
(apparently not, grand prize was Rm 150)

still hungry, so I went to to eat shepherd pie in KLCC

Happy Chinese New Year...
I'm glad I have a proper holiday...