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Sunday, 12 June 2011

IBS-UTM Reunion : IBRA's Farewell Party

Madi Hadramawt,
Yemeni restaurant
Near Sucasa, Jalan ampang
Kuala Lumpur

International Business School - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Kelvin for the opening part,

Kelvin and Rita,

Kelvin used to be my group leader in Marketing paper. Where Rita was living on the same building with me. Me and Rita were like Spoon and Fork, never separate. We always hang around together..

Do assignment together..

Ibra the serious guy,
Julian.. our little brother

Rita and Mary

don't they look pretty..?
everybody look pretty tonight..

Me and Julian

we sit next each other because we plan to share our meal. But then he betrayed..! he mentioned that he want to eat all the food.. hmmm, now I confuse what i should order..!

Bloody Julian..! haha..

here we are..
eating lamb and lot of rice
and drink lot of mint tea

the table before the fellow arrive,
clean and neat

Mary and her awesome nail do..
you are not allow to join me Thai Boxing Mary...! :P

Mary, Sufiena, Han
Han fly from China just to have dinner with us..!!
pretty awesome!

My Food,
Lamb Kebab

Mary's Food
Shis Tawooq (Grill Chicken and Feta Cheese)

Davood's Food,

Grill cubed lamb (or Cube grill lamb..?)
English native speaker, please correct me..

Rita's Chicken Mandi
the Chicken expose her thigh, sexy... oouwww.. ouwww...

All of this belong to Prof. Hamid,
he finished all himself..!!!

ha ha, off course not..
we share the mountain rice..

Eating session, nobody bother to talk or make a speech

Left to Right..
Han Rong, Nahar, Amalin Davood

Another photo session..

Yeah Nahar..
Eat your food..! don't keep pose

all of us, minus me and Sopian

everybody look handsome and pretty on my camera..
don't you agree with me...?

another session..

Ibra's speech..
about organic food, import to Uganda, Mc Donald in Uganda, and...
ummm.. couldn't really remember I was too busy chit-chat with Siti. I noticed he said,
there are Nando's, Secret Recipe, Domino's but Uganda doesn't have Mc. Donald and KFC.

Economic, population, properties, politic.. => I'm sorry Ibra, I can't remember  your speech. Don't give me any review questions next time we all meet again, definitely I can't answer.

Not only tonight, even in class often I can't remember what the lecturer said because I was too busy chit-chat with someone else..!
later on class discussion, i was blank and fool..


I can't focus in the speech, and make myself busy with camera..

cool shoot ae....?
not bad..!

Me & Siti

we were like milk and cookies...

The meeting are high worth to me,
Many people Include my own boss  said that I'm weird, I waste my time with study, messing around with paper case, study case where I still don't know what I'm doing next after I finish study.

But hanging around with them,
make me feel normal. Because all of them (Include Prof. Hamid) doing the same like me.
Messing around with article, paper, study case, assignment, research, MBA, MM, DBA, PHD and whatever we call...

They thirsty of knowledge,
and they never whining of activity between work-study-assignment-family at the same time.
They said "This is life, and It's normal"

So yes,
I feel good..

thanks to Rita for arranging this reunion, and thanks for invite me..
Even you know that I am not graduate yet..


Anonymous said...

Diyan...gambar tu make me look fat :)...I like that reunion also...nice meeting with everybody after so long....should do the karaoke session in the future....

BuzyBugz said... your "poni"..pretty :)