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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Perhentian Island 4 : The Restaurant

Sri Tanjung Restaurant
Belong to Coral Bay View Island Resorts


Many people said that Perhentian Island's food are very expensive.
Well, maybe it was couple years ago when not many investor came and open business here.

Yes, we are agree the food price in Perhentian is not as cheap as the food on the land. 
But I still feel it's quite normal...
not like umm.... RM 34++ for Char Kwey Teou, something like we paid in Hyatt.

some of the food and the price,
range from RM 6.00 - RM 15.00

not bad..

Bihun Curry  RM 12 nett

came in a decent place and taste...

bihun radna (bihun kung-fu) or whatever the name
RM 15 nett

plenty prawn and squid

Jumbo Smoothie RM 18
which can satisfied two adult 

quite good.. and tasteful

this stuff is not worth...

low skilled of marinating, grilling and presenting western food...
salad was looks like wilted leaves..
squid was chewy like an old tyre..
beef also

nothing went right on that food 

my dinner on the other night when we had sands storm
complete fried rice RM 8 nett

(lucky Mr has a sixth sense, when he asked me to move inside.
People were look at us with weird eyes, why we bother to move inside when dinner under full moon
was very sweet and romantic..

around 15 minutes after, all the rice, steak, salads and BBQ pit filled with sands..

we were so happy watching them suffer from the sandy food.

Sizzling steak on (I forgot the price)
around RM 30 

*happy face,  watch party was chaos by sands storm followed by heavy rain

Breakfast set,
bean on toast, sausages, fruit platter RM 15
came with cup of coffee and fresh juice
(the real fresh squeezed oranges)

the cheaper version RM 12 nett

2 soft boiled egg, French toast,
coffee and orange juice (cordial)


overall the food was ok and decent,
the price not so freaking out, where we can budget ourselves how much and what we going to eat  to survive in the island.

The service was good,
most of the worker were not local. I reckon they from Myanmar and Thailand.
Friendly, nice and polite..
Just I guess the chef were not skilled enough to cook western or maybe they couldn't get a good quality meat
from the land to bring around to island.

I still suggest to order local food than tried to force yourself eat in western style.
not worth...

what I like about this restaurant is they have my fave drink :TEH TARIK

will go here again..?   YES
will eat here again...?    YES

Monday, 24 September 2012

Start Cooking Again

From Article

Main Reason :

- My waistline expand too fast these couple months
- The wallet shrink too fast each month
- School book getting more and more expensive

NO CHOICE LAH.....!!!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

I Must Been Crazy

 what else................................... ?!?!??!?!

Dear God reader,
*God don't have Blog OK

I think I go crazy...

apply this, apply that
register this, register that,
join this, join that...
doing this, doing that...

everything seems happen uncontrollable...

how lah...

what to do lah...

how to arrange lah...

not enough MONEY time lah....

dunno lah.....

stress lah.....


Monday, 17 September 2012

Pecel : Javanese Style Salad In Peanut Sauce

Pecel, Pecal,
Pecal Sayuran

*sayuran means vegetable

If you asked Indonesian, most of them will know what pecel is.
Traditional food based on boiled vegetable and spicy peanut sauces originated from Javanese community in Central Java then become popular all over Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

We can find it from street stall up to high class restaurant.

For me, pecel is the easiest way to enjoy the benefit of tropical vegetable
(Spinach, water spinach and all those boring greeny stuff)

In one hot Sunday me and my sister cook pecel for our lunch,

we had :
- Julienne Carrot
- Bean Sprout
- Spinach
- Water Spinach
- Fried Tofu and Tempe
- Rice Crackers

Just boil or steam them
*don't over cooked it

Easy, yes..
Delicious, yes..
Full of Vitamin, yes..
Good for daily diet and fibre intake, yes..
Low Calories? not really, I love this food with deep fried stuff and chips as the company..

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Perhentian Island 3 : Tuna Bay and Shark Reef

In a sunny afternoon

we walk around to another side of the beach in Pulau Perhentian Besar
Besar = Big

Tuna Bay
clear sky, hot sun..
camera test

found a good angle..

then I post myself there..

one more shot

shark reef during low tide
many people said if you pee there, the shark will come after you within 15-30 minutes
and swim around.


another self posting


can't get enough take picture here..

Mr ask me to try the water, but I was so scared with the shark

I am in paradise..

Try to be cute, but fail.. haha


last pict before we look for cold drink and something to munch

It's getting dark and we argue what time to back to the resort..
After 7pm, water taxi charged us double price and we can't be bother to do jungle trekking again
it's dark and the mozzy as size as Buffalo

so we just sat here in restaurant deck
and enjoy the colour change on the sky


Friday, 14 September 2012

Perhentian Island 2 : Coral Bay View Island Resort

Pulau Perhentian Besar
Terengganu, Malaysia

Coral View Island Resort was our last option when we tried to book a place.
We thought we going to take either Abdul Chalet or Tuna Bay Resort.

We were bit suspicious because this place is not famous at all and from water taxi stop (the place where the boat drop us off) the place look not so appealing.

But after check-in and step into the chalet area we feel so lucky.
The Chalet is worth more than what we expected.

The Seaview area

our chalet on top of that hill with lot of stairs
very quiet during day and night
just me and squirrel

the scary stairs with lot of water tap around make us easier to clean up sandy feet and sandals

the chalet from aerial view

The Room,
Good and satisfying

The bed is clean, pillow fresh, all sheet fresh, the blanket not thick enough, air conditioning very noisy, 
I didn't see any ants or bugs roam around in the room (means the housekeeping really do their work)

No hot shower here, but it's ok
our skin will full of sunburn later on, we will need icy cold shower only to soothe it

Indoor balcony or living room,
don't know what should I call..

I guess in any emergency case I can put emergency bed here and put the extra guest here.
Creative, no..?

view of outdoor balcony from indoor terrace

the outdoor balcony

is the place where I have my rest, read my book (more to facebook actually)
munch my pringles and chat around with the squirrel


our new friend

two of them

Langkawi Island and most of the resort places have too many monkeys,
I am very glad that Perhentian only have squirrel.
Once they are cute, second they less dangerous than monkey.
*did you ever heard people got attacked by squirrel

the restaurant

on the deck

by the beach :-)

view from our resort..

if you notice lot of small boat park at the similar place that is the place where sea turtles come down for seaweed
*I never know turtle eat seaweed, what I know my turtle last time ate turtle food only :-P

The dark spot on the blue colour is coral reef, What I did most of the day is snorkeling with bag of chips.
Sprinkle the chips around, and fish will come to you. In any colour.
More you go to deeper area, the fish more beautiful. Then you can start take a good picture of very colourful water creature.

Just don't stay too close with parrot fish, as they sometimes try to bite your skin
Hurt you know....

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Perhentian Island : Day 1

We got a good cheap Air Asia ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu.
Yes, we plan to go to Perhentian Island, a place where everybody always talked but I never been there.
Thanks to my best friend, to spare his time to send me there (I will only know Langkawi, if you don't show me)

Thursday Night, we took last flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu (approx 1 hr),
we stayed one night in Dinasty Inn recommended by one of our friend.
It wasn't as shiny as Renaissance or Marriot, but it pocket friendly for us.
RM 150 nett for 1 Deluxe room + 2 bfast
*Superior room should only RM 108, but we were arrive late so the hotel cancel my booking (sigh..)

notices to the beer drinker
Kelantan is very Islamic states where we can't really find a place selling alcohol freely,
but we still can have in a-not-so-expensive in Chinese restaurant.
We went to one of them, where the restaurant just next to Grand Riverview Hotel. It was just 10 minutes walking distances from Dinasty inn, walk toward the river.
Operated by Thai Family, they cook me a good bihun radna (bihun ladna, or bihun kungfu) a noodle cooked in thick egg-y gravy with lot of seafood, chicken bits, meat and veggie.

p.s I wore these clothes since yesterday morning in KL, last night in Kota Bharu and today evening in Perhentian Island

my room,

basic, clean, nice and comfy

nothing really special... but I really appreciated with friendly services and the cleanliness.


 not much choice but hey... it's complimentary better I appreciate it rather than run around in a strange place look for a food..

I like the people in this hotel. They are friendly and polite. 

After say Goodbye, we take taxi from KB-Kuala Besut Jetty Point (approx 1 hr, MYR 70-80)
According the likeness, normal price is RM 75
ENCIK SYAIFUL 013 9367 511
he will drive you from/for Kuala Besut to Airport
in his brand new taxi (not the old square pants)


I never been to Kelantan before, 
this place is amaze me. How different with Kuala Lumpur
(some people answer my statement with : of course, lot of kampong  in Kelantan, also in other states I believe amaze you because KL is bandar and you compared with kampong)

You are wrong,
in Kelantan I didn't see palm plantation.
(well, as long as I took 1 hour taxi from Kota Bharu to Kuala Besut)

they have real coconut trees...
remind me with my grandmother'village, where most of the place covered with coconut trees

beautiful view..
so I bet this states has more squirrel than monkeys

no palm plantation pleaseeeeee...... so uglyyyyyyy......

upon arrival to the Jetty, we were bit upset because we missed the first boat
(first boat 9am)
so... next time, please get yourself bit hurry and walk faster..
not keep snoozing on the bed.

Boat transfer RM 35/ person / way

we have to purchase this ticket to conserve the coral and beautiful fishes...

Crowded Jetty
very happening

with too many white people around..

The Boat

my best friend
filling up the amunition..
(in my lunch bag..!!!)

I am get too excited about this trip

we go to Island.. we go to Island, we go to Island....
ho ho ho ho ho ho.......!!!!

the Journey took around 1 hour from Kuala Besut Jetty to Perhentian Island
all the way around you will entertained by blue colour water.

super clean...

is that our resort...? woooo hoooo

water taxi

actually not.
I made mistakes..

My resort is coral view island, and the first stop of the boat was coral bay.
I wasn't really understood, i thought both were same place. So I took off in coral bay..
But actually totally different place..

When we realize,
we have no choice but took water taxi from coral bay to coral view
RM 15 pp

yes, a bit.. :'(
I can buy 6 cans of pringles with RM 30 which I waste for water taxi.. my bad...!!!!

This is the common mistakes for the first timer in Perhentian Island.
Where they got too excited looking at clear blue water,
and they just jump out of the boat without asked the driver is it the place of their resort..

That is our resort...

we have 3 exciting days ahead...