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Thursday, 29 December 2011

weekend wish

+: what is your wish to have a good weekend...?

-: Lie on a soft bed
   and have sexy man rub my back

+ : Valentino Rossi? Justin Bieber..?
- : Nope.. I want him... him.. him..!!

#unbearable back pain :'(

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion


We went to Pavilion to buy some undies for us.
Parkson Pavilion always have cheaper undies for women if compare with other Parkson.

It was jammed, 
full of people when both of us arrive.
Usually I crazy taking picture about anything, include Christmas decoration.
But not today,
I am too lazy, too hot, too thirsty, too hungry..

Chicken Burritos (RM 20++)
Nice sauces, too thick pancake,
too little chicken
and left bloated feeling in my stomach
(oh well, i ate one of them after I eat all of my Tacos)

Not sure, 
whether people eat too little or I eat too much..

my half eaten beef tacos with lot of cheese, meat, and all its friend & family
nice and filling...

(RM 28++)

Friday's version is more shredded vegetable than meat, and soggy tortilla.
Carlos has more meat and crispy tortilla

 bubble tea for the companion
(RM 18++)

hunt for good stuff after lunch,
there we go..

Nice Day Off.. 
Good to cheer up the
no-party-no-activity-no-family-no-friend-no-vacation-no-outing-presentless Christmas...

Monday, 26 December 2011

today Quote

Christmas Brunch in Pavilion with buddies,
and she taught me one good quotes when I told her about my down story.


#or get better replacement for the thing you fail to get :-)

I believe its true,
but I don't know..

we'll see

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Reza B'Day

I think Im genius, I set the hospital appointment same date with Reza's birthday. So I took half day leave for many purposed.
Back from my appointment, continued the trip to Uni submit my school work,
followed by buying this and that.

The balloon already arrived when we reach home.
Like it..

some of the ammunition,
I am very ready for the battle..!!

I love celebration,

Balloon everywhere... friends, family..
talk rubbish..

Hope my birthday would be like this too...

give a pose when the house is still clean,
before the guest arrive

I am too excited,
thought it was my birthday.. :-P
(I also want this kind of birthday.....!!!)

Couple snap of myself with my long hair,
(won't have it tomorrow)

(next month might wont have all of them, hopefully not that bad)

sexy asses competition?
I didn't feel any ass when I touch it, 
it was bone!

this one I can say yes..
pretty isn't she?
the smartest student in class

another misbehave kids

K-pop pose is very popular tonight

Nissan Fairlady Club
(except me, I join rapidKL club)

two cakes for one birthday boy,
very lucky...

hang on.. the other one is Christmas cake :D
I don't eat them, my stomach almost exploded tonight
( as an excuse, If I said I don't eat chocolate, they call me weird)

we should bring swim suit tonight,
the pool is warm and just nice..

cute Birthday cake..

the mess

the animal kingdom member
try to behave as we could for photo session

we just eating too much, 
and become too cranky..

then Mr Mustache suggest to move the party to Hard Rock Cafe
because the house getting too crowded and the neighbor start complaining.

sign that we drunk and high have fun and happy...

we brought our baloon to HRC


(My head busy think about my work in office while doing this)
but I still can take nice picture without blurring it.

too early to be wild..?
Oh what to do..
can't help it

Blame open Tequila at 9pm...!!!!

the band is great,
plenty nice song.

But I noticed, the music and the song always repeat from pub to pub. They sing almost similar song.

the lil bro, passed out..
he is half dead.

the party is not finish yet,
but I have to leave early for work tomorrow.
they move to Port Dickson for sunrise (sounds weird eh, sunrise on west coast)
but oh well, what you expect from wasted group...

Nice and Fun..
It's good to have it once in a while :-)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hermione and Bella

same drama, 
act differently

I believe both has the same hurt feeling,
but they face it differently...

I don't know if I'm Hermione or Bella..
but plenty list to be done, no matter how sad I am..

wish me a bit smile to color my Christmas..
**miss him a lot :'(

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2012 to - do (New Year countdown)

Day - 11

Not many thing I need to do for 2012,
can I call it new year resolution..?

NO, we call it checklist

OK, If I said i want to do diet, I want to exercise more, I want to quit drink alcohol,
I want to study harder, I want to loose weight, I will stop drama...
=> what a bullshit checklist

here is the checklist need to be done :

- HPV Vaccine x 3
- Change new glasses (my glasses been chipped  for too long, and disturb the eyesight)
- Change Linux back to windows
- Change new phone
- Cut my hair
- Visit Hua Hin vineyard
- Got a new color for my hair

Some bullshit can't promise to do resolution are :

- Swim more
- Stop Thai-boxing and Join yoga to ease my back pain
- Stop whining and being grumpy
- Grow up a bit ( honestly I don't even know the definition of grow up)
- Stop Less Alcohol
-Stop Less Swearing
- Eat more vegetable

that it,
not much plan for 2012.
I just hope I can focus more on study and just study, work and my future.

And wish that 2012 as beautiful as 2011,
would not refuse if God give me a better moment each day though..

Monday, 19 December 2011

School Luncheon Talk

Johor Baharu
17 Dec 2011

I'm not a fan of my back-pain,
swollen and red. But travel must go on...!

4.30 am, I still crawl on my bed. 
The alarm ring like firefighter, bloody annoying. And the hot shower couldn't kill my sleepy.

It was still dark when I stop taxi to send me to University,
where we have to meet and take Uni bus from Johor to KL.

here is the fact :
- Uni's bus is crappy, make my back feel separate into two
- I am hungry, and I can't find any places selling food
- I am sleepy
- My assignment not done!

yes we finally arrived,
after long-slow-with no aircond drive.

very late and very tired ( I HATE THAT)

the happy classmates

Nice hotel, have nice swimming pool too..
and beach view.

maybe I will stay here on my graduation day if I can afford.
cool place..

tiny lobby



the gank..

the food,

I like this kind of arrangement. Everybody can take what they want, and leave what they don't want. How much and when.

nobody feel rushed by the waitress took their fave food away.
Rest of the dishes served in a buffet table on back of our seat, we can take or do not take what we want.
Nobody rushed, nobody waste food, and no waitress walk around annoyingly.

OK, I banned the way Chinese buffet served food..

Serious listening the speech,
I don't even bother to touch up or make up,
or even brushed my hair.

Sameera and Mehroos

spa.. spa.. spa..

some of the classmates,
maybe it would be the only picture about Christmas this year.

My heart is too blue to walk around taking picture in a place where his name are there.
I can't step Bukit Bintang and KLCC area.
Maybe next Christmas I will take picture again.

Miss Indonesia,
the only Student from Indonesia in our batch..

my fave pic from the whole event,
my hair stay on the right place...

after the speech, we continued to visit the site. The real properties..

new estate in Johor..

 study harder, work harder...!!!
catch your dream..!!

When the guy give a talk about business, Johor etc. My brain stuck into flag A, B, C,  and D.
plenty nice place will build there...
near Batam and Karimun Island too (my next plan to buy some land, and make resort there, and I can retired peacefully)

I think I should study harder, work harder,
earn more $$ so that i can buy a house around that area for my kids in future..

Nice place, Well Develop, and Near Beaches..
Near Indonesia, Near Singapore..

what a perfect plan..!

the marketing lecturer, 
his brain is awesome...

best classmates ever,
Nana_banana and Myrna

wow wow wow...

forget the Pavilion view, KLCC view, or whatever view in Kuala Lumpur.


peaceful yacht parking area

I'm in love with this place,
don't want to comeback to Kuala Lumpur :'(

Let me complain about my back pain, let me complain about I hate wake up early in the morning,
let me complain about the crappy bus,

But this trip help me a lot...
Will join another class go here again soon.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


seashell imported from Vung Tau Beach, Vietnam

Women are not as beauty as they look..
as they dress
as they talk
or as they walk...

Women are beautiful as they love
as they sincere
as they care and as they share..

(women are crazy too sometimes...)