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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pregnancy Problem: Is it happen to you too….??

Many people said pregnancy is the most joyful moment in their life.
I have two side of opinion

One side 
More than miracle that I have a chance to have a child of my own. Something I've been dreaming for many-many-many years, till I reach the point that I might never able to have a kid on my own.

Other side 
Not much thing I can enjoy. Here I describe myself during my whole 6 months so far.

1. I turn from smart to dumb
I can feel my brain having less connection to my body, esp during work or conversation. I noticed that I work slower (not my movement) but how my brain catch the work.
At this point I often hate myself, its kinda sad and depressing while I keep heard one or two colleague make comparison of their pregnancy condition with mine.

2. Breathing problem
Many people said, at the middle to last trimester of your pregnancy you will start snoring and farting without control.
Rather than feel embarrassed, I feel more suffer cos it wasn't a snore, what happen to me more suffocating during my sleep. I have breathing difficulty since my 5th Month of pregnancy. Often in the middle of the night, Mr. have to stay alert just to change my head or pillow position so I can breath well.

3. Sloppy
When your mind and your body dis-coordinate and work at their own without control. Hundred times I spilled from drink, porridge, rice, sauce, ketchup on my shirts, floor, pants. Drop my dinner or lunch on the floor, Leave me as the messiest girl at the office.

Yes, basically I turn into toddler. I can't control my body movement. I often close door before my body leave, end up with I  hit myself (many times), and uncounted of dropping keys, phone, book, anything I hold.

4. The dis-function of my palate
 Whenever I cook, most of the food turn into disaster. Either I couldn't figure out what I was cooking, or forgot in the middle of the way, or throw too much salt, etc.

5. Exhausted from doing small things
Many people keep said to me to "Please take a lot of rest"
"Please don't work too hard"
"Please don't carry to much thing"

Where the rest just said it on their mouth, in fact they still load me with (normal thing)

My energy level drop up to 75%, so yes.. Most of the time I can only cope with 25% from my daily routine.

And I will just sleep or lie down for the rest of the day. 

I just hope that people around me will understand my situation and stop compare me with them, their wife, their neighbor, the article they read, etc.