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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekend Yang Lemau (Stale Weekend)

The Little pleasure of doing nothing

Do you ever feel that you have more than enough of something...? I do many times...
It was a hectic month at the office. Everything seems too much for me that time..
Went to office with scared feeling, nervous what crap going to happen once you clock the card...
Went back home already dark, super tired without energy... nothing much you can do but shower and sleep...

No quality life... #deepcrap

 The only thing makes me bit smile is my order and my cargo.
I just back from KLIA yesterday with a big box on my hand with my full body scrubs. Excited finally my cargo arrive safely without any problem, yaiy...

Half of those belong to customers, 
After finishing up the transaction I just want to sleep...

So yes, today is a weekend.. a time where I really look forward to.
Purposely I cancel all the invitation, say NO to annual dinner, say NO to meeting up friends, say NO to movie with the gang, NO to any shopping mall hopping...


I just want to stay at home and being myself..
To have quality time with myself...

Sorry all....

Stay at home in a quiet weekend...
In the rain...  I start to  finish up the packing.
Ready to send to post office on Monday

Then shower and cooking....

sambal kering tempe..
My fave..

sreng.. sreng.. sreng...

my own recipe..
*pls don't follow my recipe
totally resipi yang derhaka

the result
Kurang Masin
not salty enough

goreng- goreng telur...
use the same wok,
tak payah cuci lah.... save cooking oil

then makan dengan nasi goreng panas

huhuhu... entah...
x sedap langsung

My fave part when all the work done is warm and nice tea,
Wide open window with the noise from the rain
Jamie Oliver in cooking channel...

a little pleasure in my daily life

peeking at the hamper I received a while ago.
I am eyeing the lovely bath salt from Earthcaresoaps home made artisan soap.
I like her product, especially the body soap is made from real oil which leave my skin still moist after shower. Tonight is lavender foot soak time I guess...

Enjoy my tea, my tv and my foot soak
I can't complain more about it

Totally enjoyable

looking at my old photos
I miss her all of the sudden... 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip 5: Dungun

Another beautiful spot we found in Terengganu mainland

Heading to Marang

we cross the bridge and I saw lot of Mosque by the river.

Mr. turn the car left and went accross the narrow road in kampong so we can see it clearly and took a better picture.

Please forgive me I F-ed up the pictures with silly editor

Enjoy the coconut trees

And the beautiful water

not much thing I could said but bliss

Lunch in Kelantan and heading to Tok Bali

Monday, 22 September 2014

Experience of using Papulex

Papulex is a brand I never heard before,
Selalu kalau berjerawat kan pakai Oxy-10 betul tak...

kasih jerawat tu terbakar, pastu tunggu kering, pastu tanggal....
lepas 2-3 hari OK balik..

tapi kalau kulit sensitive sangat, jangan pakai Oxy-10 terbakar satu muka kang... siapa nak jawab.

My friend gave me this papulex sachet as sample for me to try,
Tapi karena kulit kita dah gebu dan mulus... tiada jerawat satupun.
Kita suruh ofismate kita untuk cuba...

3 Step of Papulex to clear up the acne
1. Face Wash
2. Face Cream
3. Face Gel only letak kat atas pimple je

My officemate and her pimple...
she hates it so much..

Benci betul dengan jerawat kat muka ni...
rasa nak picit picit... nak kuis kuis...
nak garuk-garuk

The soap free face wash is actually not so foamy
It cleans the face softly without dry it out

lepas basuh muka, lembuuuutttt je....

Jerawat dah start kering, dan warna dia pun gradually fade away
I gain my confident back

Day - 5
Warna jerawat di muka dah sekata dengan kulit muka...

Happy.... hihi..
muka dah cantik balik, kulit sekata, tak de la rasa kering atau panas terbakar
thank you papulex..

sample awak sikit sangat, sabun muka dia 3 kali pakai dah habis
nanti kita beli kat watson...

Monday, 15 September 2014

Mee Siput dan Sambal Goreng Jawa Khas Johor

Yang pernah duduk Johor esp Muar, pasti tahu this food.
Makanan yang di jual di kedai-kedai kat Sekolah, di letak kat atas news paper lama.
Then top up dengan satu sudu sambal kicap or sambal tumis...

Apa cube......

This is Mee Siput special noodle made in Muar, Johor. I used to call it Mee Gelung. Made from special noodle (I don't know) but only people from Johor who made it. None other region ever produce or have Mee Siput factory.

the original look of mee siput, with newspaper as the wrapper

I had this the first time in 2007 when my best college mate brought them in our study group, since then I am so addicted and everyone I knew back to Johor I will ask them to brought me some.

This is how the before fried mee siput looks like. And actually we can use it like other noodle such as Fried Noodle, Sizzling hot plate, or Noodle Soup.

But of course I like it crispy deep fried with sambal tumis as "pencicah"

Enjoy my mee siput at the office.
I bought them already goreng with sambal tumis extra pedas RM 1.50 each

Too lazy to mess around, I smash and mix with the sambal in the plastic

Now, nak tahu where I can get it in Kuala Lumpur?
I bought it online... hehe...
See.. how convenient the technology pamper us we can buy anything we like online.
Include Mee Siput siap goreng,.... NOW NO MORE KIRIM - KIRIM...
just order and deliver

P.s : she take order all day, but delivery only on Sunday and Monday 
Just to keep the freshness and Quality

first time makan sambal goreng paru at friend's open house.
Then I start search website who can send me Sambal Goreng paru online

Another food I knew from Javanese-Johorean is sambal goreng paru Jawa, 
to be honest, this kind of sambal goreng is actually not exist in Java Island Indonesia.

We have sambal goreng kentang, and sambal goreng hati. But not sambal goreng paru

Here is sambal goreng Jawa looks like, 
made from Thread Noodle (Sohun), tempeparu (beef lung), cabbage, long bean, and crispy tofu.
All fried separately, then cook again together with the seasoning.

Don't asked me how... in the cooking that need more than 3 steps, I am fail.

So yes, I ORDER ONLINE... again..!!!

Here is the sambal goreng Jawa looks like

RM 10 / 300 gram.
Boleh makan 3 kali untuk lauk nasi.
I bought 5 package, freeze them.
Each time I want to eat, I just defrost them,


Just order by call / whatssapp the number in the sticker.
And you can enjoy your old memory Johorean Food on your table.

(If you nice enough to her, she will make the best ayam ungkep I ever taste too)

Friday, 12 September 2014

Cerita Hari Ini, Cerita Minggu Minggu ini

Tengah malas cerita pasal travel dan makan yang ala-ala heaven, kali ini nak share luahan hati sikit.
Cerita the real me and apa yang sebenarnya hati ini rasa.

Office memang macam tu je... makin hari rasa makin tak best dan meluat kerana bes-fwen dan geng-geng makan berkurang satu demi satu kerana resign, satu melahirkan... satu lagi dah nak pergi.

Awwh..... sedih..?? of course, We life at one roof 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week. Means I spent my time with them more than I spent my time with family. They noticed thing without I told them.

Kepenatan bekerja melanda, mood pun jadi tak ada. Sib baik ada kawan ajarkan berniaga online sebagai pengisi masa. Kalau tak.... huaaah... bosan gila kat ofis ni.

Talk about online shop,
Happy jugak la I got a chance to learn how to sell. Thanks to my officemate yang super inspiring dan rajin mengajar kita macam mana nak berniaga... (bukan senang, bukan instant, dan bukan talent... its a something you need to learn and practice everyday)
Memang memenatkan... memang banyak pening, dan sangat complicated.
Kekadang I think... why lah.. people ni.. rajin sangat nak berniaga just for RM 3 profit.
Untuk nafas pun tak cukup...

My IG Shop yang sangat ku sayang

My Online Shop Address

Having online shop, dah macam having two jobs. Satu adalah kerja pagi yang sememangnya first priority dan Online shop sebagai 2nd job.

yer... bukan dreaming about money je u ols.... penat itu memang memenatkan.
Luckily, I am surrounding by people who has online shop, real shop and regular job too...
So, tak rasa teruk sangat la. Because when we surrounding by orang-orang yang menderita,
penderitaan kita jadi tak terasa... betul tidak?

Satu niaga kain, satu lagi niaga pandora, dan me adalah pupuk-bawang yang baru cube-cube berniaga body scrub.

First batch of selling, memang tak menjadi huhu.
Semua carut marut tah pi mana. Stock dan duit tak taw kemana larinya....

Anyhow, I am not give up. Because berniaga online ni we learn a lot of thing about reality.
About how "money-is-not-free-petik-dari-pokok"
and how much sacrifice and effort I need to invest to make the business run.
Alhamdulillah, it start establish dan ader je customers yang datang nak beli ini dan itu.

So yeah, macam ini lah most of my daily activity.
Leave the house in Mont Kiara at 7.20 am, take RapidKL no U7 stop in Segambut.
Sampai KTM segambutnaik train until Mid Valley yang sampai sana about 8:30.
Lepas train, sambung balik naik RapidKL ke Old Klang Road.

Barangan untuk cust COD  after office hour

The journey is not done yet yet, lepas turun dari bas... kena jalan kaki lagi about 500 meters to the office.

Berpeluh..? YES
Penat macam lepas marathon..? YES
Bahu sakit bawa banyak muatan...? YES 

Sempatkan minum coffee untuk tenaga the whole day

Belum habis lagi, time lunch hour we all kena  pergi post office untuk post kan barang-barang yang cust dah bayarKalau tetiba ada emergency order, post barang akan bersambung pada petang after ofis hour kat Mid-Valley pos office kaunter (they open till 8:00 pm)

Balik rumah dah lewat gila....
Sampai rumah dah azan Maghrib, kekadang Maghrib pun masih kat jalan.
Sampai rumah.. mandi, sembahyang, basuh pinggan, masak....

Habis makan je dah pukul 9 malam.

After 9, ingatkan boleh relax eh.... Actually NOT.
Sambil tengok TV, sambil lipat baju... we did promotion dan reply-reply

My daily transportation

Sometimes terfikir juga,
alamak... tak cukup tidur...
alamak... tak cukup makan...
alamak... tak leh focus tengok tivi...
alamak... tak larat nak masak...

but again, its all fun and producing money..
Time cing... cing.. cing... arrived on my account, hilang la sudah kepenatan itu berganti dengan ucapan syukur.

Bersyukur kerana Tuhan bagi saya chance untuk earn rizky lebih...
Bersyukur kerana Tuhan tak bagi saya give up, dan choose untuk kerja lebih daripada melepak main henset...


Keropok pemberian another IG Shop

 Again, with having a super hectic work and life I learn to appreciate my free time more.
Kalau dulu, minum teh afterwork adalah daily activity yang normal dan "sememangnya macam tu.."
Now I feel that minum teh panas after work memang sangat enjoyable....


My mini pleasure collection

Having hot shower is kind of a big relief and enjoyable too...
I feel how happy I am can reach home in one piece, having hot water ready to splash my tired body, remove all my whole day problem.... Replaced with something what so call it...                                  


Dulu-dulu, weekend adalah perkara yang membosankan. Tak tahu nak pergi mana,  tawaf kat shopping mall pun dan berkali-kali sampai bosan. Now, weekend is something I really appreciate and look forward....

Jogging, mengemas rumah dan grocery shopping become new thing I really look forward,
Even lipat baju become so stress-relieving... (how weird I am, lol)

Anyway, itu saja yang boleh kita tulis untuk hari ini...
mengarut pun mengarut.... *sabarjela....

Nanti kita tulis lagi yang lain... Eh.... babay....