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Friday, 3 June 2011

Paratha Egg Roll

Inspired from  Abang Mat Gebu and this blog Kitchen Snipet

Many many times i would wrote again and again,
I love good food, I love to cook.
But spending an hours in the kitchen to create "a food" has never been my passion.

The blog above and many other food blog has inspire me more and more to create new simple food and share the experience no matter it is work good or failed cooking story.

Paratha egg roll is not a new dishes in Malaysia,
many people been trying and I've been seeing them made in front of my eyes.
Been thinking to try to make this dishes for long time, but only tonight i have time to make it.
=> ahaha, actually i always forgot and finished the whole eggs stock for another cooking.

the difference between my Paratha egg roll and Snipet kitchen's Egg roll is,
mine still soggy (because i don't have any idea what is the sign that i need to keep the pancake on top of the fire, and when I have to take out for rolling)

I guess mine need to cook longer before I start take and roll it. The eggs still wet and soggy, the Pharata bread still wet too..
We need to cook the bread separately until crispy before stick it on top of the eggs omelette.

And my egg roll unable to stay rolled, so that i have to use toothpick to support the form (next time i will use angel hair spaghetti, which is safer and invisible)

another cheating secret,
the original recipe should use spring onion in the egg batter.
Since i don't have any fresh spring onion i use iceberg lettuce for the green colour :D

Hows the taste :
Oh well, not bad. Not killing, and I still alive :)

Happy trying,
share us what is your "durhaka" cooking story

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