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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Banana Pancake

a good breakfast,
filling up until lunch hour coming..

Pancake is a simple breakfast dish that always taste good to me,
light but filling.. or filling but light. Plain pancake very easy to mix with any other fruit of flavour we have at home.

Today i made Banana Pancake for brunch,
after exercise i can't eat too heavy stuff to avoid vomit or get stomach cramp.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Stir Fried Snap Peas and Sausages

The crispiness of sugar snap peas mix well with sausages..
a very easy food for dinner or lunch.
well matched with steam rice and any other side dish.

Peas never been my favourite vegetable since i was kid.
But snap peas give a different sense, the crunchyness and the fress feeling when we eat totally different with muching a little tiny green balls.

Still try to lower down my calorie intakes for sexy belly *winks  (oh well, at least i tried :)
and slashing my eating out budget for school fee preparation..
this dishes give me a special satisfaction,
full of fiber, little protein, and plenty vitamin.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mini ELT Sandwich on crispy Baguette

ELT stand for : 
Egg Lettuce Tomato

Emma was the first person introduce me with this name. She used to make BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomaotes) for jungle trip lunch. Since i do not eat bacon (real bacon) i change with anything matched with my tongue.

Both of us love the mini version where we change the toast with baguette.
we love the crisp of the skin against the inner soft. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Begedil Kentang (Indonesian Potatoes Patties)

Heavy and filling up patties are good to served with spicy soup (Soto, etc)
 as sancks or as side dish

Begedil kentang, perkedel, begedel... whatever the local name is a famous side dishes in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Usually this food served with Soto (Indonesian spicy chicken/meat soup) and rice, or just as snacks.

I call it Potatoes patties,

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brunch in Dome (And New Handbag)

Another weekend in Kuala Lumpur,
Gosh... I should get award.

I am not travelling for almost 2 months :O

yes, from now onwards i will very very very seldom travel.
I need to slash my travel budget for school which is will start this coming September.
I need to be extra wise with every single Ringgit i spend on.

but not today...
we need to do lot of things. Brunch, Movie and buy handbag. I need handbag due to i start sick bringing my old converse bag everywhere.
I used to feel like army ready to war rather than office girl, ha ha

another brunch in Dome Pavilion, not sure why i love to hang around in Pavilion area.
Great big cup of cappuccino warmth my stomach. 

Beef bacon for appetizer

Egg I don't know...
nice :)

no more toast and sausages, 


water for Elephant.

very drama, and nice...

I got new handbag, ta daa... happy :)
No.. not gucci, not LV... But it is nice,
i've been tired using backpack and my converse canvas bag.

need to be look girl now..
and now i can go to office with a "girl look"

Happy weekend everyone...




** i am not sure,
i can't upload anything, or post anything more there

hopefully here i got more space or memory to upload any picture i have :)


can't wait to write..