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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Shrimp Congee (Bubur Udang)

a masterpiece in a sober weekend

I feel this is the best weekend i ever had on July.
First weekend failed with I got poisoned by painkiller, 2nd weekend wasted.. (don't want to tell anyone why)

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, I said NO to everybody invite me join them roaming around or hang around near "dangerous" temptation.

Just stay at home after English class, went out to met Julian pick up some book school.  And met classmate to pick extra IELTS book.

thats it.....

rest, I stay at home.. pamper myself with long hours sleeping, cooking , and proper shower.
Oh yes, I'm study too.. ^_^
not so much... I keep feel i waste too much time play around with PC, chat online, browse rambling stuff rather than practicing my English.

I should focus more on my IELTS preparation. Band 8.0 is not easy to get...!!!!!

3 weeks left. I should keep myself sober and being a good girl.
Stay in the room, making hot tea, and study... (eewwkkk.... )

I know it's ewwwk, but I've choose this.
So i have to responsible with create a good score.

and today.. I manage to cook something fancy

i've been follow PATY'S KITCHEN blog.
This blog give me lot of inspiration to cook something.
I love the recipe she has.
Fancy, delicious, but simple and easy to follow.

I love the idea of making prawn congee (prawn porridge)
and only this weekend I able to copy-paste her cooking idea.

with extra modification to make it extra simple of course ;-)

mine is not as complete as her.
I made with stuff I could find in my fridge..

but still taste good,
get the recipe here

back to study Engrish... Engrish... Engrish....


Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Hey..this look's so tempting and thanks for the strong remarks made on my blog..I'm happy that you gain from my blog...continue to follow i have more for you and it's good that you balance up study and leaning to be a good cook. Liitle Chef in you will make you a good cook in the future.

Kelley said...

yes Kakak, I am big fan of your blog.
give me lot of inspiration what I'm going to cook with what I have in my fridge :)

Toko Online Kalistajaya said...

siip mantaap..