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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Short Trip To Cherating Malaysia

It gonna be a trip which I would never forget in a sad way.
I was become the worst ignorance angry parent ever for the whole trip while my 18 Months old baby really tried hard to pleased me.

Marcella just had very bad cold after Indonesian trip, almost 20 days she had a sleepless night. When she look much better and us the adult start worn out we decide to have some vacation. Just to give her some sandy-outdoor play and give us some rest.

Marcella had a light fever day before we went, and we take it as the end of her cold. So we didn't check further, and keep going to the plan. We drove to Cherating Beach, East Coast Malaysia.
And stayed at Holiday Villa.

Marcella with her swollen cheek I wasn't realize that she had something wrong in her mouth.
I kept thinking myself that her fever and her mouth pain was caused by teething.

I can see it now that she was really tried hard to pleased me and tried to stop me from getting mad at her.

For a moment she forget about her pain and enjoy her afternoon.
But it wasn't last long because I started to feed her (which most of the time she said NO and made me mad),

the battle continued to brushing session.
The drama getting worse, she cried and cried and cried and cried.
And I lost my sanity

Like usual, mom-kid battle.
Dad came as referee.
He took Marcella and brought her to swim. 
To cool her down and give me some times to rest.

Swimming pool in Holiday Villa Cherating

On the next day she just stuck with her Dad.
Refused to stay closed with me unless breastfeeding and sleep time.

She look so traumatize with me.

we bought batteries powered cat just to cheer her up a bit

She smile a bit with her swollen mouth

No smile for Mummy.
(I don't deserved it anyway)

Stop over in Teluk Cempedak Beach for lunch and to check around.

Teluk Cempedak has more beautiful beaches and plenty amenities to served us (thats my favorite thing) the convenience.

Enjoyed playing kite with Dad.

The next day we went to pediatrician, and we were shock that she got mouth infection.
There were white thick fungus covering almost every single space of her mouth roof 
(I bet my half-force-brushing was make them spread faster).

We have to go to hospital to get her lab test.
mouth swab etc.

And very glad that was only fungus, no other microorganism to make it complicated.

Pediatrician gave us wide range of anti fungus.
It took us another 10 days to clear all the infection.

Moral of the story:
Listen to your kid, don't stubborn yourself and force them to do what you want just because to make the task done on time.
Often we need just to put all our mind and work aside (leave the house messy, leave the washing undone, leave the dirty dishes as it is). Sit next to our kid and watch them mindfully (not watch and twinkling of the phone).

Listen to what they tried to tell you.
Clearly Marcella said that she had problem in her mouth, all pain.
I just refuse to look further and make stupid assumption it was her teething problem.
Instead I keep brushing her tiny mouth. Make the wound bigger and infection spread faster.

I just couldn't imagine the pain she cried but half force herself to eat the food I gave her.
I bet her mind was saying "just so Mummy didn't mad at me

Am I regret...?
Every now and again, I just often randomly leave my task just to hug her and apologize.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Mee Goreng Mamak Simple

One of my favorite meal in Malaysia. It so cheap, simple yet delicious.
Stir fried yellow egg noodle with plenty filling and condiments are common ordered in "Mamak Restaurant" (Indian Muslim living in Malaysia), or Nasi Kandar Restaurant.

However since I tried to reduce weight, I couldn't dare myself to order it again cos I'm scared with the amount of cooking oil used to make the dish. And for sure I can't share the meal with my toddler.

Lucky enough the internet shares us plenty recipe, but I am comfortable most with recipe from this pispterian blog the ingredients and seasoning written complete just like the original recipe in Kedai Mamak.

However I will share my version which less filling (fridge aku tak selalu ada benda semua tu, ha ha) and tiada cili so its friendly enough for 19 Months old baby.

Key Ingredients:
1/2 pack yellow noodle (saya pakai mee kuning cap wau)
1 yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tomato, cut into 4
2 tbs sweet soy sauce
1 tbs oyster sauce
1 tsp light soy sauce

bit of sugar, white pepper.
1 tbs cooking oil
50 ml water
1 egg

White tofu, cut into cubes
1/2 cup cabbage, shredded
boiled potato, prawn, squid, fish cake, sausages as per 'fridge stock'

*potato, sausages, fish cake need to add after sauteed the onion. To make it bit charred and crispy. While prawn and squid only add at the last part before adding water and egg to avoid overcook.

1. Heat up half of cooking oil, put in tofu. lightly fried until bit yellow. Add rest of oil, sliced onion and minced garlic.
2. Add in tomato and cabbage. stir fast. Then add in noodle.
3. Keep stiring fast, add in all the sauce, sugar and pepper.
4. Keep stir the noodle until fully covered with the sauce.
5. Add in other ingredients you might want to put, stir for another 30 second.

6. Add in water, stir very quick. Push the noodle at the side, and crack an egg in other side. Scramble it fast, then mix with the noodle.
7. Serve immediately.

I even have the noodle for Marcella's lunchbox for her to bring to day care :)

The key of good Mee Mamak depend on the size of the wok.
I think the bigger the wok is, make it easier to stir and mix and we don't have to scared if the noodle will splash over the floor (well, it will splash anyway).

Use big fire and stir them fast.
The cooking time shall less than 10 minutes. 

Friday, 25 August 2017

Mie Kuah Cap Cay

A very simple made up recipe which I really like.  I can mix and match the ingredients according to the fridge shelf *wink . Cap Cay or Capjye or Cap Jae on whichever region or country you are coming from.  Basically stir fried mix vegetable,  seafood and other protein in starchy gravy.

Is almost similar with Malaysian dish called Mie Kungfu,
however in Indonesia the vegetable and seafood egg-y gravy served with rice instead of noodle.


1 cup cooked eeg noodle
2 pcs chicken sausages or chicken breast.
1 carrot (wortel) iris bunga
1/2 cup sweet corn kernel (jagung manis pipil)
1/2 cup frozen peas (kacang kapri)
1/2 cup prawn (udang kupas)

seasoning (bumbu)
1 tbsp oyster sauce (saus tiram)
2 tbs sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
1/2 yellow onion (bawang bombay)
2 cloves garlic (2 siung bawang putih, geprek)
salt, pepper, sugar to taste (merica, garam, gula)
200 ml water (air)
1 tbs corn starch (tepung maizena/tepung jagung)
1 eggs, beaten. (telur ayam)

1. Haluskan bawang putih. Bawang bombay diiris tipis.
2. Panaskan minyak 1 sdm, masukkan telur ayam. Buat orak-arik sebentar. Kemudian angkat dan sisihkan.
3. Panaskan sisa minyak, tumis bawang putih hingga harum. Masukkan wortel, sosis, kecap manis dan saus tiram. Aduk kembali hingga rata.
4. Masukkan air, tutup kuali. Dan biarkan hingga wortel setengah masak (5 menit).
5. Masukkan jagung dan kapri. Masak sebentar hingga kedua bahan empuk.
6. Cicipi kuah, kemudian masukkan merica bubuk, garam dan gula sesuai selera.
7. Campur tepung jagung dengan sedikit air, masukkan ke dalam kuah.
8. Terakhir masukkan udang, aduk sebentar agar udang masak.
9. Tuangkan kuah capcay ke atas mie telur yang telah masak.

Taburi bawang goreng, irisan seledri dan cabai rawit jika suka.

Mudah kan....
Very easy...

even my 19 months kid love it too.. :)

Sorry for mix-max language, secara otak sudah bercampur aduk seperti cendol.
Kalau kurang faham, please use google translate.

Monday, 14 August 2017

One Busy Sunday for My Little One

It was a very busy day out for Marcella today.

We made a special treat to celebrate her recovery after long weeks of cold,  cough and mouth infection.

Finally we got rid of those nasty thing...  Yaiy...!!!

She is much healthier and back to a happy kid.

Had a nice Tosai and Fried Chicken for her brunch. Tosai is an Indian thin pancake made from rice flour batter served with coconut chutney, curry and dhall (lentils curry).
She munch a lot without hesitate, and of course fresh coconut to wash down all the food.
We went to Buk it Kiara Park, some forest and hill nearby the restaurant to watch monkeys
Wild monkeys and birds around the park.
Watching Turtles swim in the pond.

We back after a she start all over the place.
She was watching baby monkey breastfed by its Mom,  and that makes her want to go home and having the same LOL.

We took the car keys and drive home :)

When we reach home day was still hot and sunny, so we brought her to swim.

Her picnic meal aka early dinner  and some snacks for me to munch.

Keropok rebus (Malaysian steamed fish cake)
Original from Terengganu,  North East Malaysia where all the area surrounded by sea.
With plenty fishes products around.

Mini roll cake we bought from Bakery nearby.

Macaroni soup with bean and carrot for her dinner.

Munching my Keropok rebus while watching Marcella swim with her Dad.
A good way to relax.

Had my rest time and just watching them.
Had my evening tea with her watching ipad.
Funny story Daddy read to me I couldn't stop laugh and giggling.
After swim we had an easy evening.
I had my tea while Marcella is having her 15 minutes allowance of watching whatever she wish from iPad.

When the Maghrib prayer call announced that is her "sleeping call"  lol.

We all went to bedroom and read some books. Hoping that she will had a good dream about all the beautiful and fun stuff she had one whole day.

I just hope she will forget about her suffer and how many times a day she has to cried and fight with me about medicine,  cream time,  mouth gel time,  brushing time.  All seems so frustrating and traumatising to her.

Hope you have a great weekend too just like her.