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Monday, 14 August 2017

One Busy Sunday for My Little One

It was a very busy day out for Marcella today.

We made a special treat to celebrate her recovery after long weeks of cold,  cough and mouth infection.

Finally we got rid of those nasty thing...  Yaiy...!!!

She is much healthier and back to a happy kid.

Had a nice Tosai and Fried Chicken for her brunch. Tosai is an Indian thin pancake made from rice flour batter served with coconut chutney, curry and dhall (lentils curry).
She munch a lot without hesitate, and of course fresh coconut to wash down all the food.
We went to Buk it Kiara Park, some forest and hill nearby the restaurant to watch monkeys
Wild monkeys and birds around the park.
Watching Turtles swim in the pond.

We back after a she start all over the place.
She was watching baby monkey breastfed by its Mom,  and that makes her want to go home and having the same LOL.

We took the car keys and drive home :)

When we reach home day was still hot and sunny, so we brought her to swim.

Her picnic meal aka early dinner  and some snacks for me to munch.

Keropok rebus (Malaysian steamed fish cake)
Original from Terengganu,  North East Malaysia where all the area surrounded by sea.
With plenty fishes products around.

Mini roll cake we bought from Bakery nearby.

Macaroni soup with bean and carrot for her dinner.

Munching my Keropok rebus while watching Marcella swim with her Dad.
A good way to relax.

Had my rest time and just watching them.
Had my evening tea with her watching ipad.
Funny story Daddy read to me I couldn't stop laugh and giggling.
After swim we had an easy evening.
I had my tea while Marcella is having her 15 minutes allowance of watching whatever she wish from iPad.

When the Maghrib prayer call announced that is her "sleeping call"  lol.

We all went to bedroom and read some books. Hoping that she will had a good dream about all the beautiful and fun stuff she had one whole day.

I just hope she will forget about her suffer and how many times a day she has to cried and fight with me about medicine,  cream time,  mouth gel time,  brushing time.  All seems so frustrating and traumatising to her.

Hope you have a great weekend too just like her.

Friday, 4 August 2017


My little girl is now 18 months old,
Good bye those cutie pie giggle and laugh.
Welcome to screaming angry little monster.

Parenting is tough shit...!