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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Langkawi Eating Place : Oasis Restaurant

Pantai Cenang

We had lunch at Oasis restaurant twice,
At the first day we arrive and the last day we need to back to Kuala Lumpur.

Beside of locate just next to the hotel, 
we reckon Oasis restaurant has the most sensible food we ever found there.
(*Mr call it close to real food)
But the beer not so cheap compared to other Bar. RM 7 for draft Tiger and Carlsberg. RM 9 for White beer.

Twice we went there, the waiter are sober and dress "ok".
Area was ok too...
Next by beach and quite clean too.

Restaurant has two specialty, Indian (Yellow menu) and Western + Local dishes (White menu)
Each day they only serve one colour , according to the chef working shift to avoid food error.

First day lunch

To be honest, I like the cheese mixed with some Indian herbs, wrapped in some sheets and deep fried.
Greasy but I can't help it taste good. Not cheap for food in Cenang area, it was RM 19.00 for 4 pieces of tiny cheese.

Tandoori chicken pizza was satisfying too, soft pizza base and generous filling of tandoori chicken and cheese (RM 21.00) good value for good pizza.

After so much bad experience in every bar and restaurant, finally we back to Oasis for our last lunch in Langkawi.

Like usual, food came in the way we expected it going to be.
My Mojito was nice (RM 16++),  Mr' Long Island Ice Tea wasn't enough alcohol in it (RM 16++)
Fish & Chips taste good, just not enough fish for such a big person like me (RM 22++)
Chicken Satay was great too (RM 15++)

All over the price we pay are worth the food we ate, and no complaint from us about the food quality.
But again, I always wonder with most of people in Langkawi,
they were not bother to clear up dry leaves, tidy up the bushes or branch,
trim overgrown trees or repaint the building to make it look more appetizing than just leave it shady.

Don't forget the nice view around the area...
Its worth try 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 1

We landed in Langkawi at 15:30 Friday.
This is our first trip together on 2013. Exciting? yes of course.
We book some cheap ticket from AirAsia, and it took only 1 hour to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi island.

However, typical me..
Always have problem that I always worry to be late,
we reach the place 3 hours earlier.
*wasting time eh?

I've been way too busy with work, study and my own family till I don't have time to arrange some trip.
Anyhow, we glad we made it.
First in mind when we landed in Langkawi was : cheap alcohol...!!!
Say "hi" the island with checking beer price at airport shops. How amazed me they sold Tiger at RM 3.50 per can. Cheap already compared with beer price in Kuala Lumpur. We bought one to drink in taxi.

Taxi in Langkawi is quite easy to get around airport and Cenang area. However in most hotel they provide taxi on call too.

Check the Beer price...!!!
RM 2.00 for Tiger, RM 3.70 for lovely Hoegaarden
and some of the good we bought on groceries :-P

Taxi from airport to Sunset beach resort was RM 20 for 2 person, and we got the whole minibus for us (not sure how that stuff works).
It took around 15 mins to reach hotel.

Check in to the hotel was quite fast. Not much hassle or questions.
Room was fine. Clean and cold. Everything work in proper way.

couldn't stay long in the room,
we straight away check around soon we put the luggage in.

Beach View from the hotel restaurant

we decide to walk around to checked the area from beaches to restaurant, then lunch in Oasis restaurant next door.
Beaches around the hotel was good.
The water is quite clean. The sands nice too.
But the Jelly Fish sign is bit annoying.

nice quiet beach just at doorstep

Lazy chair to snooze

I just get myself lazy before get ready for dinner.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

14-15 Feb is.....

On 14-15 Feb...

world turn into Pink

Pretty Roses are everywhere
I can smell love in the air

I got new friends

been long time I nag about having pet, but yes...
have a pet is like have a kid.
once you have emotional attach, it will really break your heart when you have to separate with them.

Have fishes is a good option,
having pet but not much emotionally attached.

Had a birthday Lunch
plenty food and smiles

Lot of cakes...
and chocolate too

good thing at home :-)



Happy first half of February,
Classes and hecticness will start very soon.
And travels too...!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Could Be Easier

Life could be easier when we expect nothing from others...
Or should I expect nothing from myself too...???

wonder if age factor could reduce the brain working capacity
or I am just simply stupid

I expect I could get at least 3 A's

what a disappointing result

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chinese New Year Day Off

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Happy New Year everyone..

It's a snake year and I don't even know what that mean

like every believes,
New Year means new beginning. Fresh start..
remove the old crap, close the old file before open the new one (really...?)

we start with doing spring cleaning at home
yes, spring cleaning for new year..
to bring in a new fresh more prosperous business and money (Amin)

anyway, we don't really know those believe are true or not,
but cleaning and make the house fresh are always bring positive feeling.

my multi -talented man

continued with breakfast in the corner

Journal by Plan B

in the afternoon I have to out to pick my sister,
she is arrived from Penang to spend days off with me.
And we had lunch in Mid-Valley

Public holiday in Kuala Lumpur is one of luxury for the local to roam around with car,
the road are empty and very convenient.
But disaster when we use public transportation.
All buses, monorail and train filled with foreign worker all of the sudden.
Far away from comfort but close to yucky....

Secret Recipe

we decided to just visit Mid Valley instead of Pavilion for lunch
I could imagine how people will flood around the city area just to spend days off like us.
chicken cordon bleu... OK la... not bad (but the home cooking roasted chicken taste better)

Mid Valley

couple snap of pictures before we do grocery and go home

steamboat for dinner

the easiest dishes ever
just cut, dip, boil and eat

we didn't buy much thing since just two of us having dinner at home

*Here is the tips if you are not steamboat expert.
Making the soup base could be very tricky.
If you don't know how to make soup base it is highly advisable to buy pre-mix soup base
rather than experimenting DIY like mine which is end up with
- too much black pepper
- too much garlic
- no salt at all
my soup base that night just taste so retarded

*Another shortcut is to use seasoning powder from instant noodle.
Choose chicken soup, meat ball soup or any soup flavour of you favourite
Add in bit of garlic, salt, pepper and celery to give more aroma. 

*Tip number 3:
you don't have steamboat pot?
don't be sad..
We use rice cooker to cook it
(we learn it while we are in college where we could only smuggle very limited electronic appliance in the room ha ha)

some of the ingredient
no vegetable, woops.. :-P

The next day we shop around in Time Square.
It's a bit quiet now, not as crowded as yesterday.

Berjaya Time Squares

couple snaps before we had lunch

Kenny Rogers

cheesecake, hot chocolate and muffin

was short but fun day off.
rest enough, eat enough, walk enough, shop a lot...
tomorrow we start work and study again.

My literature review is waiting....!II erggghhh....