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Monday, 6 June 2011

Food Rally

another weekend in Kuala Lumpur,
nothing much we can do except Mall-ing and Eating
(**that was the only things we can think right now)

I've been waste my whole Saturday with stay at home and being lazy.
Let myself sleep almost 20 hours like Koala.

It was regretful, where I seldom to get full 2 days off (I only got that  luxury off day on weekend, not other days)
and we spent it only for sleeping where actually we can make a lot of story with doing outdoor activity.

Today is Sunday, A last day for weekend....
I should go out, and breath a fresh air.
I should go out, and eat something pampering.
I should go out, and drink creamy coffee..
I should go out, and meet people "LIVE"

with an old gang Marissa **minus Intan
We met for lunch in IKEA.
Both of us love the meatballs (i love the Ikea's Curry puff too)

IKEA Fish and Chips, not bad..
I wish i could get more tar-tar sauce

Our lovely meatballs,
pampering the tongue

Ikea places in other corner of KL called Damansara-something. The place has no LRT, no Monorail, the only public transportation is Bus and taxi where we spent hours to reach the place.
That was the reason I seldom go there, because I can't be bother to spent hour in bus just for meatballs.

But today we make it..!!

my coffee, 
freshly brewed.
perfect thick
just the cup are too small, I wish they had the jumbo size cup

we eat and talk about whatever came across in our mind.
Share a news, 
share a gossip,

after sipping my last coffee, we went to the shopping place to buy some stuff.
Oh well, we actually need nothing for the house.
We just too itchy to leave the shop without buy something.

touch, pick..
ask questions to ourselves "do we really need this..?"
then put back..

walk away..

stop in Starbucks for another coffee, free couch,
and another talk about life

and photo session

and me...
I noticed that I need to cut my hair and change the style..

tomorrow after work i guess

bored with Ikea, Ikano, The Curve..
we move to Pasar Seni..

watch some traditional festival a while..

then back look for a food...

oh yeah,
We have es teler 77 in Kuala Lumpur now.
I've been thinking to try, but many Indonesian told me that the taste are not same with Es Teler 77 shop we had in Jakarta.  

But again,
nothing wrong to give a try..

Marissa and her Blackberry autism

The Es Teler came in a small glasses 
(in Jakarta we got a jumbo-mambo size bowl until you can dip your face in it)

too much shaved ice, less fruits.. :'(

Bakso (meatball soup)
again, the taste are modified.
They lost the authentic taste..

at least they have our tea..
and taste same

the things i found in my es Teler,
avocado and young coconut..

Was a nice weekend,
catch up with a friend, even though both are busy we still make a time to meet.
Thanks for give a time to meet up...

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