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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ovale Lulur Bali

After experiencing the benefit of Ovale Lulur Bali exfoliates dead-skin and all the dirt.

There are 6 variant of Ovale Lulur Bali available in Malaysia

The picture I copy from Webstagram
and its 6 traditional body scrubs 



Ancient Javanese used to use ground coffee and tamarind (Asam Jawa) to scrub their body before the shower, this recipe was copied from the Royal Family where their maid prepared fresh body scrubs to rub over their body to keep the skin clean and fresh.

The mix of coffee ground and soft sandalwood aroma is always reminding me with the Balinese SPA in Mont Kiara. The difference is that now I need to pay nothing to enjoy it cos I am doing it at home :)

Honey Coconut


The concept of Honey Coconut and Chocolate almost similar, which giving a deep moisturizer while the scrubs exfoliate the dead skin. The difference is that Honey Coconut use coconut oil as a moisturizing agent, while chocolate use cocoa butter. We all know the great benefit of coconut oil and cocoa butter to our skin :)


Bengkoang / Yam Bean / Sengkuang

Milk and Bengkuang has a similar effect when they apply to our skin. In old day we used to grate yam bean to make yam bean paste and applied to our face after outdoor activity to prevent the skin getting darker from the sun.

Or our elder sister and aunties applied fresh milk to their body with baking brush, stand in front of table fan to make it dry before shower (*yes, they were really doing it in the old days).

Ovale lulur bali adopt the old-folks recipe to their modern body scrubs.
I am lucky that I don't have to brush my self with fresh milk.


Boreh is a traditional Balinese Mixed Spice which then pounded, blended with olive or coconut oil which then rub over the body before a massage session. What I can remember from the aroma, boreh contain of a lot lot lot of ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Boreh giving a warm sensation to our body. 

Boreh spices together with massages will improve blood circulation, reduce the stress and give extra relaxation.

Here is the Malaysian seller for Ovale Balinese Scrub :

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